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18 Awesome Low-Budget Camera Lenses! (for Canon, full-frame, and APS-C)

This video covers the lenses I most often recommend to people who, like me, are not quite swimming in money, or who are simply aware of the concept of value ...

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WebEyeCare is an online retailer of discount contact lenses. WebEyeCare was founded in 2009 in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA. The company was established to provide a cheaper alternative to other online retailers of contact lenses. In addition to providing contact lenses, WebEyeCare also carries various brands of frames.

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Need glasses? Use this discount link to get #quality #glasses for less than $50 for frames and lenses! 

For the month of December Receive 50% off when you a COMPLETE pair of Cosmopolitan Eyewear or PUMA Eyewear! (*D… 

For the month of December Receive 50% off when you a COMPLETE pair of Cosmopolitan Eyewear or PUMA Eyewear! (*D… 

Need glasses? Use this discount link to get #quality #glasses for less than $50 for frames and lenses! 

Need glasses? Use this discount link to get #quality #glasses for less than $50 for frames and lenses! 

Guilford Residents Save Big on Prescription Drug Costs -

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GUILFORD, CT - The Town of Guilford, through its association with the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM), the statewide association of towns and cities, has already saved Guilford residents over $118,000 in prescription costs since... The program is free to any CCM‐member municipality, providing savings on any prescriptions not covered by insurance. “Even if you have prescription insurance, this card can help residents save when their current insurance card doesn’t cover a medication, or if their pet needs medication that is humanbased,” said Shari Fiveash, CCM Director of Member Services... “Plus, there are vision and hearing services available as well that have discounted exams, frames, lenses, and hearing aid devices.


Canon T6 brings the ultra-popular, entry-level Rebel into the connected age with in-camera Wi-Fi - imaging resource

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And beneath the skin, the new model also shares much with its predecessor, retaining the same 18-megapixel resolution, ISO 100-6,400 equivalent sensitivity range (expandable to ISO 12,800-equivalent), and modest three frames-per-second burst... There's a new DIGIC 4+ image processor, though, and this helps the new model remove the limit on JPEG burst capture depth. There's also a new, higher-resolution LCD monitor on the rear of the Canon Rebel T6 , providing significantly higher resolution than in the T5. And other tweaks can be found here or there, including a new white balance mode that aims to...


[03/16/16, via PetaPixel]
Panasonic GH4 Firmware v2.5 Adds Post Focus and 4K Photo You can use this feature to capture still photos with an ultra-fast frame rate of 30fps ... and now the first photos of that component may have surfaced on the Web. Cheap lens aficionado Mathieu Stern just released this 2-minute video review of the ... [...]

[03/16/16, via The Independent]
10 best advanced compact cameras But while cheap compacts are no longer popular ... It’s a fixed 28mm lens, so a wide-angle. And the sensor is huge: 24 megapixels and full-frame, the same size as on a professional digital SLR. It’s not as small or light as others here, but it is ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Daily Local News]
Consumer Reports: Need eyeglasses? Don’t overlook this Picking eyeglass frames that look right is tough enough. Consumer Reports offers steps that will help. The two best-selling lenses are the most basic ones ... Ask your optician for a discount. “Prices are not set in stone,” says Steve Kodey, senior ... [...]

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How To Tell If Your Sunglasses Are Actually Protecting Your Eyes And what better bargain than the cheap-as-chips sunglasses you can pick up from ... has nothing to do with UV protection," Kessell said. "Many fashion frames have dark-tinted lenses that may cut down on glare, but won’t provide enough UV protection. [...]

[03/14/16, via The Huffington Post]
How Retirees Can Save on Prescription Eyeglasses Prescription eyeglasses today aren't cheap. You can easily spend $200 for a basic pair, but if you want designer frames or need bifocal or progressive lenses the price can more than double. Here are a few different options that can help you save. [...]

Five Best Online Glasses Stores

Shopping for glasses used to mean dealing with salesmen and the meager selection at a store in the mall. Now you can order better frames online, for less money, with better customer service. We asked you for your favorite stores, and here are five of the best, based on your nominations. Earlier in the week we asked you to nominate your favorite online stores to buy glasses. You replied with tons of contenders, from simple frame manufacturers to high-end sports glasses companies. We only had...

This Polaroid 100 Land Camera Prototype is Going for an Insane Price

This Polaroid 100 Land Camera Prototype is for serious vintage camera collectors with deep pockets.Vintage cameras can go for insane prices — either insanely cheap or insanely expensive. Many of our latest ebay finds seem to be on the latter side of the spectrum. Case in point is a possible prototype of a Polaroid 100 Land Camera listed at a whopping US $6,000.01.That asking is price is crazy if you consider that Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Cameras are a dime a dozen now and can go for...

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Suggestions to Use Now for Nixing Stress and becoming Healthy Many folks are so consumed by trying to live a healthy life that in the end they will really inhibit themselves in order to live the home chef. The explanation for this is because stress may be defiant against any stabs you adopt at bettering your personal health. The reality is that we now have lots of small steps that one could consume order to better your overall health Air Jordan 13 For Sale Online , that do not effectively...