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Locnville, DHF, JR, Aking, VCK & Thieve - Sunglasses at Night (OFFICIAL)

In late 2011, a group of South Africa's finest artists worked together on a collaboration of Corey Hart's 1984 classic, Sunglasses at Night. Official video brought to ...

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Full Frame Close Up Portrait of a Male White Lion with Blue Eyes. South Africa. $277.99

Full Frame Close Up Portrait of a Male White Lion with Blue Eyes. South Africa.


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[10/13/18, via ]
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The Newspaper [10/11/18, via The Newspaper]
Torga Optical opens a state-of-the-art store in Somerset Mall From humble beginnings in 1984 when Torga Buchanan opened her first Optometric practice in Heilbron in the Freestate, Torga Optical has expanded to 120 stores throughout South Africa as well as internationally to include stores in Namibia, Lesotho [...]

Quartz [09/20/18, via Quartz]
Quartz Africa Innovators 2018: A list of 30 pioneers South Africa. Africa's health burdens won't be eased by more medical staff and hospitals alone. Across the continent, innovative young minds are working on technological solutions that revolutionize care. At the University of Cape Town's biomedical [...]

Daily Mail [09/22/18, via Daily Mail]
Charlize Theron cradles and kisses her little daughter August as they step out in Los Angeles This summer, South Africa-born Atomic Blonde star was the subject of a swirl of rumors that she was dating her co-star Alexander Skarsgaard. Alexander and Charlize, who were also briefly linked in 2012, worked together this year on an upcoming movie  [...]

Latest Market Reports By Abhishek Budholiya (press release) (blog) [10/12/18, via Latest Market Reports By Abhishek Budholiya (press release) (blog)]
Contact Lenses Market to Witness Exponential Growth by 2024 As per current trend, wearing glasses on a regular basis is a discomfort arena for most of the users especially in developed nations. Also, wearing glass is considered as old fashioned among moderate users and especially youth in between age group of [...]


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Jeremy Corbyn and the Retreat from Palestine

life love face southafrica nose frames eyes eyelashes faces beards ears human ornate eyebrows hairs Photo by Iqbal Osman1 on Flickr

Jeremy Corbyn's recent statements to the Board of Deputies of British Jews, which is a wholly Zionist and establishment group, that he recognises Israel's ' right to exist ' [no one doubts the State exists, the question is what type of State it... When this is coupled with Corbyn's appointment of an overt Zionist Fabian Hamilton, to join Hilary Benn in the Shadow Foreign Office team, it is clear that Corbyn has retreated in regard to his previous support of the Palestinians. Corbyn's overt support for a 2 States solution, which no Israeli government minister supports and which no observer believes is possible, given the extent of colonisation and settlement of the West Bank, is a code for accepting the current status... Giving lip service to a '2 States solution' provides a pretext for the continuation of the present Apartheid situation.

[via Tony Greenstein's Blog]

“Walking on Water”

southafrica westerncape overberg pringlebay enfuse Photo by Steve Crane on Flickr

Suzi Borrett who met her husband 18 years ago said that Gerrith, who is from South Africa, has plenty of Naval experience. In South Africa he started off in the Navy and has been captained 2 round the world yachting voyages. From building models of pirate ships he eventually became the Captain of a real life sailing ship. That ship is The Earl of Pembroke which has featured in many films and TV shows, including Cloud Atlas and Hornblower. “From building wooden ships, his dream eventually manifested in real life” says Suzi. The pieces are constructed by screwing the sticks together with glue and sawdust used only to hide the screws. Smaller sea horses take up to 2 hours to build, the larger ones between 3 and 4 hours.

[via The Chester blog]

[03/16/16, via AllAfrica]
South Africa: Larkham - SA Players Have the Skill After the one-dimensional Springboks came unstuck in the semi-finals of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, the South African rugby public came to a general ... Adopting this new philosophy - hopefully a bit easier on the eye - will be a big part of the task for ... [...]

[03/16/16, via ITWeb]
High-end monitor gives gamers an edge "If you've invested in a cutting-edge rig with the muscle to handle the most demanding games at the highest frame rates and resolutions ... has a 31-year track record as one of South Africa's foremost value-add IT distributors providing hardware, security ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Plainsman]
From the farm to the table Dakota Provisions sells products all over the country and the world — exporting to Mexico, Peru, Haiti, Hong Kong and South Africa. Riverside Hutterite ... a lot faster than by seeing with the naked eye.” Impact of the Bird Flu In 2015, the bird ... [...]

[03/14/16, via The Huntington County TAB]
Roanoke Lions helping community for 40 years The Lions Club also has a program that collects used eyeglasses, cell phones and hearing aids. “The glasses are taken down to Guatemala or somewhere in South Africa, and they’re given to the underprivileged,” Crawford says. “And hearing aids and ... [...]

[03/13/16, via]
From Sekinchan to the world, photographer Zung shows what determination can do At approximately six foot five, with shoulder-length hair, wearing a pair of nerd glasses, black coat and sneakers ... He then honed his photography skill and developing a sharp eye for details. Zung’s popularity began soaring after his clients ... [...]

TOI Exclusive: Sachin Tendulkar on what Team India can expect in South Africa

MUMBAI: As a young Indian team gears up to face the first big challenge of this year, a lot of questions are waiting to be asked, and who better than Sachin Tendulkar to answer? Tendulkar took time out to talk to TOI about the keys to doing well in one of the toughest cricketing destinations. Excerpts from an interview... You've played South Africa right from the time they came back to international cricket. They've always been among the most competitive sides......

Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft enthüllt Änderungen sowie Patchnotes zu „Operation Chimera“

von Bassler | 20.02.2018 - 19:48 Uhr Kommentare (2)Die Verantwortlichen von Ubisoft haben am heutigen Abend die offiziellen Patchnotes zur in wenigen Wochen erscheinenden "Operation Chimera" des Taktik-Shooters "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" enthüllt.Der Taktik-Shooter „Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege“ erhält in wenigen Wochen mit „Operation Chimera“ zahlreiche neue Inhalte. Allerdings nehmen die Verantwortlichen von Ubisoft auch zahlreiche Änderungen am Spiel vor, um unter...

Merck & Co. (MRK) bricht um 30% ein

Merck & Co zieht Arthrosemedikament Vioxx zurück - neue StudienNEW YORK (dpa-AFX) - Der US-Pharmakonzern Merck & Co.   hat sein Arthrosemedikament Vioxx weltweit vom Markt genommen. Das Unternehmen verwies am Donnerstag auf Ergebnisse von Studien, wonach durch das Medikament das relative Risiko für Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen ansteige. Noch im zweiten Quartal hatte der Konzern weltweit 653 Millionen Dollar umgesetzt, im vergangenen Jahr waren es 2.5 Milliarden Dollar.Das...