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Shoryuken interview: L.E.S talks about Northern Arena, M. Bison, and the rising Toronto scene

Hailing from the Great White North, a new dictator is preparing a reign of terror. Elias “L.E.S” Tsidku from Toronto has begun taking down foes left and right in a dominating fashion with his amazing spacings from his patented M. Bison playbook. He fought his way into an invitation to Northern Arena Knock Out — via the Canadian National Exhibition Open in Toronto — where he took out Montréal’s Drae “Yomi” Games in a nail-biting grand final. He followed that up with a top 8 spot at...

Murdoch Mysteries' Yannick Bisson raises a glass to the detective show's 11th season

The Montreal native returns as erudite and dashing detective William Murdoch, and has revealed one of the character's rare failings.

Cinema Eye Names Subjects from ‘Faces Places’ and ‘Jane’ Among 2017’s ‘Unforgettables’

The nonfiction organization Cinema Eye and its nominations committee of top international documentary film programmers, curators, and filmmakers has picked their annual list of “Unforgettables” who helped to define documentary cinema in 2017. They selected 30 individuals from 15 different films to be in the running for this year’s Cinema Eye awards. Like the DOC NYC shortlist, many of the films on this curated list are in the running for the year’s top awards, including the Oscar. “Jane,”...