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We Are The Mighty (blog) [10/31/18, via We Are The Mighty (blog)]
This is why the BCGs aren't really all that bad The glasses weren't too out of the ordinary style-wise and they served a dual purpose of acting as thicker-than-average eye protection while improving a troop's sight. For the time, the glasses were aligned with fashion trends and, frankly, style wasn [...]

Bustle [11/01/18, via Bustle]
The Fall 2018 Beauty Trends Bustle Digital Group Beauty Editors Can't Wait To Wear This Season In fact, Digital Group's beauty editors are not particularly excited about any of those fall beauty trends (myself included). I'm not saying that we don't appreciate a sexy smoky eye or a beautiful brick red liquid lip — we'll always love those [...]

Investor's Business Daily [11/02/18, via Investor's Business Daily]
National Vision Stock Unites Boomers, Hipsters, Walmart | Investor's ... Eye care company National Vision Holdings stands to gain from an aging population and a younger generation. National Vision stock is highly rated. [...]

StyleCaster [10/29/18, via StyleCaster]
A Crash Course on the Wellness Benefits of Chromotherapy Glasses Not only are tinted lenses an eyewear trend I can take part in, but with chromotherapy glasses I've found a viable stress relief plan that takes very little effort on my part. Once you've found the color that works for you, all you do is wear a cute [...]

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bCA Galleries focuses on emerging Indian contemporary art by promoting upcoming artists and trends internationally. In addition bCA promotes established international artists in India.The bCA vision is to take a global approach to contemporary art. We see ourselves as the bridge between the Indian artists and galleries and their counterparts in the West. We feel that many promising artists do not get their due recognition because they do not have the right channels for promotion. Indian art is getting its due recognition in the global arena and this is the right time for young artists who wish to make a name for themselves internationally to venture beyond the boundaries of their home country. Needless to say, this would be an investment that will reap rich dividends. We are looking for...

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Style is what YOU make it. Which frames would you choose? Leon Max 057/CE/140 Swarovski SK5256/028/53/16/140… 

New Trends in Geometry New Trends in Geometry
Published by World Scientific 2011
ISBN 9781908977885,1908977884
328 pages
Trends and Topics in Computer Vision Trends and Topics in Computer Vision
Published by Springer 2013
ISBN 9783642357497,3642357490
357 pages
Human-Computer Interaction. New Trends Human-Computer Interaction. New Trends
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Eat's recipe for success - Retail Gazette (blog)

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In 1996, Niall and Faith McArthur founded Eat, the sandwich retailer chain now frequented by busy urbanites. In June 2013 the McArthurs stepped back from the day-to-day running of the business, choosing to remain on the board in a non-executive capacity. When Wilson joined as CFO, Eat was a classic entrepreneur’s business. No big deal for the 5-store company that Eat once was but impractical and cumbersome for the burgeoning chain it was becoming. “It was a nightmare,” Wilson tells Retail Gazette , “We had around 27 barely interlinked spreadsheets across three completely unrelated planning horizons. Part of Wilson’s brief was to professionalise the business and gear it for growth, which he has done.


Voxiebox makes virtual reality without goggles - Mashable

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Unless, that is, you're using Voxiebox, which employs biology and physics to create live holograms that you can see with your naked eye, walk around, control and almost touch. The bottom is a powerful PC with a small display and at the top is a display roughly the size of a 7-inch tablet. The screen points up at the ceiling, which would seem like a useless configuration, except that when the Voxon team that built the device powers it up, the screen starts fluttering up and down at a rate of roughly 3,000 frames per second. The image, which can be anything from a car, to the human anatomy, to a game of Tetris, is rendered as an object that you can walk around and that is controlled via a joystick connected to the PC. What you're seeing, though is an.


[03/14/16, via The Vancouver Sun]
Spring 2016 trend report Here are the five biggest spring/summer 2016 trends that got our hearts racing ... “The bowl cuts, the big eyeglass frames , the Little House on the Prairie references — I thought, that’s incredible and I love it,” enthuses Tant. [...]

[03/15/16, via Digital Trends]
Prototype ‘omnifocal’ lenses can auto-focus on whatever you’re looking at Move your eye out of that area and you’re likely to find things a ... How does Deep Optics’ technology know where you’re looking? Sensors in the glasses track the pupils, which is then sent to a processor built into the frame to deliver the necessary ... [...]

[03/12/16, via Mashable]
Voxiebox makes virtual reality without goggles AUSTIN, TEXAS — Virtual Reality is one of the hottest trends at South by Southwest ... biology and physics to create live holograms that you can see with your naked eye, walk around, control and almost touch. See also: Google releasing virtual reality ... [...]

[03/11/16, via]
Launches galore at 100% Optical Charmant UK launched its new ‘Ad Lib’ collection, which is inspired by trends in fashion ... is the perfect shape for the eye socket.” UK practitioners were able to see the new spring/summer collection of 16 frames from l.a. Eyeworks “before ... [...]

[03/06/16, via Stuff]
Face fashion market hots up with arrival of new optical chain from Australia Since the $60 fee was dropped in mid 2015, eye exams for this age group have jumped from 209 to 902 per week, and a third of the 30,677 youngsters tested bought glasses ... was likely to reflect Australian trends where a recent study showed a doubling ... [...]

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HI-TRAC: The author's shorthand for Happiness Index, Infrastructure, Talent, Regulations, Access and Capital. The six pillars that make UAE a great place for a startup. This week's article is about an exciting startup that is accessing the GCC market and bringing happiness to its team and customers by transforming a mundane buying experience."Why didn't I think of that?" A common refrain amongst wannabe entrepreneurs. Eyewa ( is one of those startup ideas that prompt that...

Ace Eyewear’s $100 camera sunglasses will live-stream your POV to social media

Shooting live video from your own point of view hands-free could soon be the work of a pair of $100 sunglasses made from a company primarily known for electric skateboards. Ace Eyewear from Acton is the latest pair of camera-clad glasses ready to jump into the market, only this pair can live-stream on your pick of three social networks.Equipped with an eight-megapixel camera with a 120-degree wide-angle lens, Ace Eyewear can capture both stills and video for sharing. When connected through a...

Eyewear market analysis, outlook and forecasts to 2021 just published

The latest report “Global Eyewear Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2021)” provides an extensive research and detailed analysis of the present market along with future outlook. The report discusses the major growth drivers and challenges of the market, covering Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific along with the global market.- Agency -.The report profiles key players of the market including GrandVision, Luxottica, Essilor and Safilo Group.Complete report on Global Eyewear Market...