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Keilah Jude in an America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses commercial

Keilah Jude appeared in a commercial for America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses. She played an interviewee who lets her "hopeful future employer" know ...

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[10/15/18, via ]
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Papermag [10/09/18, via Papermag]
John Waters on Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian The space between good humor and bad taste is a line as thin as John Waters' famous pencil-stash, but the Prince of Pervy Polymaths has been straddling that  [...]

CBR [10/12/18, via CBR]
Big Dang Theory: 20 Things Fans Never Knew About The Cast Of ... The Big Bang Theory has one of the most famous --and highest paid-- casts in all of television. Hidden behind that fame, though, are some secrets! [...]

Forbes [09/24/18, via Forbes]
CMO Next 2018: The Full List Of 50 Chief Marketers Since joining the meal-kit startup in 2014 and rising to CMO, Cluff has advocated for referral, immersive or influencer lead generation as opposed to heavy-handed approaches such as 30-second video ads. He wants the product's greatness to While [...]

The Guardian [05/10/18, via The Guardian]
The spectacular power of Big Lens The lenses in my glasses – and yours too, most likely – are made by Essilor, a French multinational that controls almost half of the world's prescription lens business and has acquired more than 250 other companies in the past 20 years. .. In 2014 [...]

Title 16 Commercial Practices Parts 0 to 999 (Revised as of January 1, 2014) Title 16 Commercial Practices Parts 0 to 999 (Revised as of January 1, 2014)
Published by IntraWEB, LLC 2014
ISBN 9780160922497,0160922496
768 pages
Occupational outlook handbook Occupational outlook handbook
Published by JIST Works 1994
ISBN 156370160X,9781563701603
496 pages
Britannica Book of the Year 2014 Britannica Book of the Year 2014
Published by Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. 2014
ISBN 9781625131713,1625131712
882 pages
West Virginia Motor Vehicle Laws, 2014 Edition West Virginia Motor Vehicle Laws, 2014 Edition
Published by LexisNexis 2015
ISBN 9781632804761,163280476X

[03/09/16, via Chicago Tribune]
Proper Title, LLC Expands Chicago Office, Opens New Title Insurance Headquarters The firm's Chicago office contains two dedicated commercial closing rooms ... is the second-largest title insurance agencies in Illinois, and earned the "2014 Rising Star / Excellence in Action" award by Fidelity Investments. With eight closing locations ... [...]

[01/28/16, via]
Eyeglasses that turn into sunglasses — at your command Imagine eyeglasses that can go quickly from clear to shaded and ... They can also fine-tune the color of the lenses to match the full range of hues used in commercial sunglasses. To make the lenses, they say they used a method that could be easily scaled ... [...]

[12/07/15, via Reuters]
Finnish optical display could rival Google Glass The era of bulky, geeky-looking smartglasses might be over. Developers in Finland have created a thin display that fits into ordinary eyewear. Elly Park reports. U.S. [...]

[01/29/15, via Economic Times]
Soon, eyeglasses that turn into sunglasses when you want WASHINGTON: A new kind of lens may allow for eyeglasses that can go quickly from clear to shaded ... The colour of the lenses can be fine-tuned to match the full range of hues used in commercial sunglasses, researchers report in a study published in ... [...]

[12/17/14, via TechCrunch]
Sony Outs Clip-On Smart Glass Module For Sports More Sony news. In a pre-CES announcement ... encourage the development of “new commercial solutions” for its Single-Lens Display Module. So, in other words, where there’s a will there’s a wearable. 2014: 19 million wearables In a wearables ... [...]

Are Smart Glasses Really a Thing That’s Happening?

AllenYang, the CTO of Atheer Labs, helps me play fruit ninja in the air using smart glasses (the far right monitor shows what the glasses are displaying).Photo by Will Oremus.Did you know that there are Google Glass competitors? Other smart glasses that project a screen in your field of view? I didn't. I guess I was vaguely aware that if Google is doing something, other companies must be trying it, too, but I wasn’t focused on it. Which was dumb of me.It’s been a year since I first tried out...

Marvel Digital Features Ultra-D™ Glasses-Free 3D at CES 2014

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Stream TV Networks will announce details about its key alliances and strategies for its Ultra-D 4K glasses-free 3D technology at a 2 pm press conference today at the Venetian Hotel, Marcello Ballroom 4503 during CES in Las Vegas. Stream TV Networks is also pleased to announce that its Ultra-D display technology is being presented by Marvel Digital in the South Hall 4 (35355). By showcasing the 4K glasses-free...

Sony Outs Clip-On Smart Glass Module For Sports

More Sony news. In a pre-CES announcement that’s perhaps hoping to draw eyeballs away from the toxic fallout of the Sony Pictures email hack — or, more likely, hoping to suck up a little oxygenated publicity ahead of the consumer electronic scrum in January — Sony has today announced its own take on Google Glass.Or rather it has detailed a “Compact, Lightweight Single-Lens Display Module with OLED Technology”. So basically a module that clips onto your...