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How To Choose The Best Glasses And Frames For Your Face Shape

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[11/03/18, via ]
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The Manual [11/02/18, via The Manual]
How to Maintain Your Silver Fox Looks and Own Your Age From celebrities like George Clooney, Idris Elba, and, the latest addition to the “silver fox club,” Steve Carell, to models like Trey Griley, Eric Rutherford, and Garrett Swann to Instagram influencers Nick Wooster and Anthony Varecchia, older men [...]

The Daily Nonpareil [11/03/18, via The Daily Nonpareil]
It's hard to say goodbye to a furry friend Sometimes in our bed. Not leashed to a tree in the backyard and lonely. The first few days home with a new dog were tricky. He acted as if he had never climbed a set of stairs. The turning on of the television made him cower. He ate my husband's [...]

The Guardian [10/17/18, via The Guardian]
Making misandry a hate crime will embolden abusive men I was sent everything from pictures of their penises and rape and death threats, to comments about my face, hair, body, shape and even my glasses. One man sent pictures of me with my head cut off. Men told me I was so ugly, no man would rape me. [...]

Vancouver Sun [10/09/18, via Vancouver Sun]
Style Q&A: Quebec-based eyewear brand BonLook arrives in BC So, the pair decided to change the way men and women shop for glasses — and BonLook was the result. The Quebec-based company So, whatever your face shape or size is, you can have your favourite pair of glasses. And I think we're one of the only  [...]

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Style Bible Style Bible
Published by Bibliomotion, Inc. 2013
ISBN 9781937134723,1937134725
208 pages
Think & Date Like a Man Think & Date Like a Man
Published by Dating Tips, Dating Advice 2005
ISBN 9780595374663,0595374662
168 pages
Flight Attendant Flight Attendant
Published by Arco Pub 1990
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What to Do If a Bird Flies in the House What to Do If a Bird Flies in the House
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In the Land of Missing Persons - The Atlantic

Then they noticed some bones scattered across a wide grassy area. Fire crews in Alaska are used to seeing the bones of moose, caribou, bears, and other large creatures that live and die in these woods. So it wasn’t until crew members found a human skull that they stopped to consider that the pieces might go together. The skull was resting on its side, the face angled toward the ground. The Alaska State Troopers arrived by helicopter and salvaged what they could. “The bones were close to being ash,” Lieutenant Kat Shuey later recalled. The remains were spread across an area about 60 yards in diameter, presumably the work of scavenging animals.


Black Voters Ousted Two Prosecutors in Tamir Rice and Laquan McDonald Cases - Cocoafab

Cuyahoga County District Attorney Tim McGinty lost his bid for re-election on Tuesday night, less than three months after Cleveland activists began calling for him to be voted out for his handling of the case of 12-year-old Tamir Rice’s shooting... McGinty became the subject of protests around the area for clearing Officers Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann in Rice’s death. Footage showed the boy was shot and killed within seconds of the officers driving up to the boy at a local park, where he was spotted holding a replica gun in late 2014. McGinty has refused to release the testimony heard by the grand jury who... Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez has covered up police killings, condemned the innocent, and doomed children to the school-to-prison pipeline.


[03/13/16, via Iowa State Daily]
Buying Glasses Online They offer frames from every face shape in various colors ... A plus for this store is that it not only for men and women but for kids too. Remember that if anything bad happens to your glasses and your budget is low then these options can be a lifesaver. [...]

[03/12/16, via Lincoln Journal Star]
Modern quilting features 'no rules, anything goes' approach Coming face-to-face ... bring your quilt and share your story. Call Holly Zemke at 919-395-5991 to schedule a time. * Man Made Quilts” exhibition, 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. with Jonathan Gregory, featuring quilts created by men. * Modern Quilting ... [...]

[03/03/16, via NDTV]
From a Click, to Your Face - How Buying Glasses Online Works In the case of Lenskart, a website that specialises in prescription glasses and other eyewear ... parts and leaving the exact shape you need. Then it polishes the lenses so they're ready for fitting." "Otherwise your local opticians will cut the lens ... [...]

[03/01/16, via The Business Journal]
Visionworks Announces Spring 2016 Top Fashion Trends In Eyewear For men, the round shape remains the strong trend and we'll see lots of ... "We have all the top brands in eyewear, but we know finding the right frames for your face is important. That's why we offer the Better You Frame Finder on ... [...]

[02/04/16, via The National]
Fashion notes: Shop for shades that suit your face Spektre and Luxottica (the latter also make men’s glasses) make some classic rectangular shapes. If your face is soft, gentle and circular, with no angles, it’s classified as round. Sunglasses that have sharp angular frames, such as rectangles or other ... [...]

How To Find The Perfect Eyeglass Frame For Your Face Shape

The search for flattering eyeglasses is as frustrating as the hunt for jeans. This style dilemma becomes even more complicated if you wear progressive lenses. Because the lens requires larger frames, it limits the number of styles you can choose from. The good news is that brands like Varilux are making flexible lenses that are designed to fit the widest range of frames including large fashion frames and wrap sport frames. But what type of frame works best for your face shape?Whether you have...

How to buy men's eyeglasses

Eyeglasses, like haircuts, are an easy way a man can charge up his look, but, let's face it, how many guys are willing to change? Most men — looking at you through my 3-year-old frames — stick to one style and don't budge unless forced to because of breakage, a new lens prescription or a bossy partner bored with the same old look.RELATED: TRENDING LIFE & STYLE NEWS THIS HOURBuying new eyeglasses can be easy, really. Here's some advice from men who know, Garret Leight, founder of Los...

Big sunglasses are out – tiny sunglasses are in

In huge news, Kim Kardashian recently declared that small sunglasses are in (her savant husband Kanye West apparently emailed this devastating style declaration to her). So big sunglasses are out.I am unlikely to take fashion advice from any Kardashian, ever, so the pronouncement fell on deaf ears but it’s true that smaller sunglass shapes have been popular for a while now, tiny cat eyes and small rectangle shapes often seen in pastel colours.But a trend in eyewear is one thing that everyone...