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WWD [11/20/18, via WWD]
Victoria's Secret Is Bringing Back Swimwear Victoria's Secret will also add items like Ugg boots, eyewear and other licensed brands to its stores and web site. The lingerie Comparable sales at Victoria's Secret, both in-store and online, fell 2 percent during 2018's third quarter — on top [...]

Business Insider [11/27/18, via Business Insider]
13 worthwhile Cyber Monday sales and deals that are still going on right now EyeBuyDirect is one of our go-tos for stylish and affordable eyewear. If you like to . That's why Bombas spent two years perfecting their socks, with features of smart and unique engineering made to provide the most comfortable, supportive pairs [...]

TechCrunch [11/01/18, via TechCrunch]
Custom eyewear startup King Children raises $2 million King Children, a custom eyewear startup emerging from stealth today, aims to give everyone unique, custom designs made for them, by them. Harnessing the power of 3D Within two weeks, you'll have your new pair of glasses. “One thing I personally [...] [07/20/18, via]
New 'glasses' allow blind woman to see her baby for the first time LOUIS - Revolutionary eyewear has given a legally blind metro east mother an incredible gift: a chance to see her newborn baby for the first time. Twenty-three-year-old Heather Buffey gave birth to her baby girl April 5. However, she didn't see her [...]


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@kellyabsher @EyeglassWorld @nicolebyer Been there 2 times walked out 2 times go to Luttrell's Eyewear in Bearden they are awesome

RT @ModernFrames: Go with an undeniably classic look. Model: Uplifting (Genevieve Boutique Collection) • View our new releases: https:…

Go with an undeniably classic look. Model: Uplifting (Genevieve Boutique Collection) • View our new releases:… 

Cult Eyewear Cult Eyewear
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Song Reader Song Reader
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Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion
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Justin Leov's Diary - Back on Track -

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The silver lining is, I went back to New Zealand and got organized with a top surgeon who I have used previously. Fortunately, he was able to fit my surgery in straight away, this may have been helped by the fact he is mad keen on mountain biking. Although it is an open surgery, this should be a more robust solution for the long term and allow me to take a fall on it without any problems. The idea is that following the surgery the shoulder is reduced from the risk of future dislocations due to the bone being in its new place. My coach put me on a good regiment of walking, indoor bike sessions on the erg and strength training. I've been busy in the gym doing what I can to maintain muscle in my upper body and build more strength and power in my legs. One of the biggest problems with an injury is how it can send you into a dark place.


Stem Cells Regenerate Human Lens After Cataract Surgery, Restoring Vision - UCSD Medical Center

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Researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Shiley Eye Institute, with colleagues in China, have developed a new, regenerative medicine approach to remove congenital cataracts in infants, permitting remaining stem... The treatment, which has been tested in animals and in a small, human clinical trial, produced much fewer surgical complications than the current standard-of-care and resulted in regenerated lenses with superior visual function in all 12 of the... The clouded lens obstructs the passage of light to the retina and visual information to the brain, resulting in significant visual impairment. Most pediatric patients require corrective eyewear after cataract surgery.


[03/16/16, via IBN LIve]
3 ways to enjoy VR-like experience without burning a hole in your pocket But you won't go broke, either ... Cardboard can also be challenging for those with glasses. Pricier headsets offer greater comfort, and ones from Oculus, HTC and Sony promise more sophisticated apps. 2. On smartphones You can get a VR-like experience ... [...]

[03/15/16, via HitFix]
New 'Daredevil' bosses: getting Punisher & Elektra 'was a pretty big Christmas morning' So we just knew we’re going full, all-in on what we wanted to do season 2, and then season 1 was ... credibility to a certain extent, to go seven seasons and not have Lois Lane realize, "Wait a second. Take those glasses off. Oh, shit. [...]

[03/16/16, via Quadrangle]
Did 'Pretty Little Liars' Just Kill Off a Major Character? For six seasons, PLL has delivered madcap twists and game-changing surprises at a breakneck pace, culminating with heart-pounding finales that leave us aghast - and searching Tumblr for fan theories until 2 a.m. The ... Spencer and glasses-wearing Toby. [...]

[03/16/16, via Tri-County Sun Times]
'Pretty Little Liars' Shocker: The Biggest Moments From The Season Finale Some light French flirting ensues between Spencer and glasses-wearing Toby. AB ... "Thanks for giving me Hanna". You're free to go. Are Mary and Elliot out of the running as uber-A? A lot happened in the final moments of the 6B finale, but one of the ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Tech Times]
Doctors Say National Napping Day Should Be Everyday: People Should Be Allowed To Snooze At Work According to both Dr. Robbins and her, this makes the ideal nap time window from 2:00 pm to ... blocking glasses when it's nap time. So the benefits of nap time can be had throughout the year and not just on National Napping Day. So go ahead, catch some ... [...]

Today's Wine Glasses Are Almost Seven Times Larger Than They Were in 1700

Scientific breakthroughs of 2017 truly spanned a gamut, manifesting themselves in nearly every discipline—cosmology, biology, and anthropology, to name a few. They ranged from astonishing revelations about Jupiter's famous rings to discovering a new continent on our own planet. Human cellular and embryonic sciences were in the limelight: Researchers fixed a disease-causing gene in human embryos in one experiment and grew human cells in pig embryos in another. Here on Earth, scientists...

Can these ‘smart glasses’ make cyclists go faster?

If you have kids or grandkids, you hear the term “screen time” an awful lot. How much is too much? Is reading a book on an iPad bad, or maybe a bit better than watching YouTube videos on dad’s phone? Popular Searches The tech industry has been pretty successful at selling us all kinds of screens, from laptops to 60-inch TVs to smartphones to e-readers to Apple Watches. And each successive wave of technology is hyped at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which opens on...

Do Computer Glasses Really Work?

Dear Lifehacker,My eyes often feel tired after staring at the computer all day. So I'm wondering if glasses designed for computer use actually help (for example, those yellow-tinted computer/gaming glasses I've seen mentioned on Lifehacker or regular glasses with special coatings). They seem pricey and I'm a little skeptical about all the claims, but I also want to protect my vision. Should I buy a pair of these? Signed,Sore EyesDear Sore,Vision problems are unfortunately one of the hazards...