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Review: HD 720P Spy Video Glasses from China

A review of some cheap spy glasses I bought from China on E-bay. They boast 720 HD video quality with the capability to take pictures, as well. I also give ...

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POV ACG27-CA 720p HD Action Camera Eyewear and Webcam (Camo) Sunglasses $90.00

POV ACG27-CA 720p HD Action Camera Eyewear and Webcam (Camo) Sunglasses


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Multifunctional 2 in 1 Clear Sight 720P HD Video Spy Camera Glasses Eyewear - N9,000. Need this? DM or call/whatsap… 

Tactics4 | Excelvan HD Polarized Sunglasses Mini Camera Video Audio Recorder DV Eyewear Camcorder, 720P HD, 5.0MP,… 

5MP HD 720P Glasses Camera DVR Video Recorder Sun Eyewear Hidden Camera #hackers #love $78.99 ➤… 

Multifunctional 2 in 1 Clear Sight 720P HD Video Spy Camera Glasses Eyewear - N9,000. Need this? DM or call/whatsa… 

HD 720P Glasses Hidden Eyewear Camera 

Fundamentals of Wearable Computers and Augmented Reality, Second Edition Fundamentals of Wearable Computers and Augmented Reality, Second Edition
Published by CRC Press 2015
ISBN 9781482243512,1482243512
739 pages
Writing for Television, Radio, and New Media Writing for Television, Radio, and New Media
Published by Cengage Learning 2014
ISBN 9781305215931,1305215931
528 pages
Being George Washington Being George Washington
Published by Simon and Schuster 2012
ISBN 9781451659276,145165927X
304 pages
New Statesman New Statesman

MWC 2016: Epson Shows Off Super-Light Smart Glasses - TechWeekEurope UK

Epson says its new lightweight Moverio BT-300 smart glasses can benefit a range of industries as it seeks to strengthen its foothold in the wearables market. The Moverio BT-300 is Epson’s fifth generation of smart glasses , and improves on its predecessors. Featuring a slimmer and lighter build, the device comes with a 5MP high-resolution front camera, and a full colour 720p Si-OLED display which Epson says makes it perfect for Augmented Reality apps. “Moverio is distinct from other smart glasses on the market where form often supersedes function, to the detriment of the product’s usability,” said Atsunari Tsuda, general manager responsible for Moverio.


OmniVision's High Definition LCOS Solution Brings Immersive ... - Consumer Electronics Net

, a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, announced today from Mobile World Congress (MWC) that Vuzix Corporation, a leading supplier of video eyewear and smart glasses in the consumer, enterprise and entertainment markets, has... "OmniVision's easily-integrated LCOS solution and companion chip bring the display quality and processing power we needed to produce a truly immersive and unique viewing experience. We view OmniVision as a valued partner in our pursuit to develop more innovative ways to interact with movies, games, and the world around us. " "With the iWear wireless video headphones, Vuzix is seeking to change the way we consume and interact...


[03/15/16, via]
Sporty sunglasses that record HD video (VIDEO) iVue on the other hand are sporty sunglasses with interchangeable lenses with a little camera built in between the eyes. The camera records in HD video at 1080P/30fps and 720P/30fps and 60fps. A tiny button on the side of the frame allows you to start and ... [...]

[03/08/16, via Computer Business Review]
The world through augmented reality: 5 AR headsets, what they do and how much they cost Developed by Meta Vision, The device has a 90-degree field of view and a front camera with 720p. It also has a sensor array for ... Sony's SmartEyeglass is an AR eyewear device with a wired controller. The device pairs with Android phones running 4.4 ... [...]

[02/19/16, via Tootoo]
Sunglasses With A Camera RE-SG100-2 These Stylish Sunglass Cameras Could Be Accused Of Leading A Double Life. Not Only Do They Look Good And Protect Your Eyes From Harmful UV Rays But They Can Record Amazing HD Video Footage Whilst You Wear Them. Leaving Your Hands Free, This Camcorder Will ... [...]

[11/20/15, via Silicon Angle]
Augmented reality for the office: Atheer’s 3D smart glasses target doctors, engineers Connected eyewear for the office, 3D smart glasses hit the enterprise ... The device features dual ultra-bright displays with resolutions of 720p (1280 x 720) 60fps, and offers a large 50 field-of-view. The glasses have ToF 3D depth sensor for gesture ... [...]

Forget Spectacles. These Glasses Live-Stream To Facebook, Instagram, Or YouTube

Snap Inc.’s Spectacles were a big disaster. As hundreds of thousands of pairs rot away in a warehouse somewhere, there are some companies out there that think they can make the social hardware concept work.One such company – an electric skateboard brand called Acton – has created a pair of sunglasses that won’t work with Snapchat. It will, however, work with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube – allowing you to shoot and live-stream hands-free POV video.Ace Eyewear has an onboard 8MP...

These video-recording glasses are a privacy nightmare

Glasses with built-in video cameras haven’t been embraced by consumers like some companies had hoped. First was Google Glass, which was discontinued because of privacy concerns among other things. Then came Snapchat’s Spectacles, an intriguing but ultimately failed attempt at appealing to younger audiences.Now another company is throwing its hat into the ring with video-recording sunglasses that let users upload clips to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube directly from a mobile app....

PogoTec Announces Enhancements to Its Channel Partner Program Via Exclusive Alignment with ClearVision Optical

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PogoTec, Inc., an innovator in wearable devices, today announced that PogoCam, the small, light, and easily removable eyewear camera that captures photos and HD videos from users’ unique perspective, and PogoTrack are now available in the eye care channel with PogoTec’s optical industry channel partner, ClearVision Optical. PogoTrack is an elegant metal track embedded in the temple design of modern eyewear that...