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The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

Glasses should enhance your face! Not conceal it! So here's a guide on how to find the right glasses for your face shape! Sorry for the late upload. My hard drive ...

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[11/07/18, via ]
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Ophthalmology Times (press release) (blog) [11/06/18, via Ophthalmology Times (press release) (blog)]
Internet glasses shoppers and loaves of banana nut bread Often, providing PDs and adjustments to patients who purchased eyewear elsewhere annoys optical employees. The emotion attached to the task is the real issue. Mac Anderson (founder of Simple Truths and Successories Inc.) might say you can't send this  [...]

TechCrunch [11/01/18, via TechCrunch]
Custom eyewear startup King Children raises $2 million King Children uses “engineering-grade plastic” for its glasses, Zaveri said, which enables the company to “make high-quality frames that are exceptionally light but strong.” “As you can imagine, eyewear for us is only the beginning,” Zaveri said. “But [...]

Mashable [11/03/18, via Mashable]
7 of the best places to buy glasses and frames online If you own more fashion accessories than gadgets and like changing up your look constantly, Bon Look might just be your eyewear soul mate. They offer a wide range of bold, colorful, fashion-forward frames that let you express your creativity. Want girl [...]

The State [11/04/18, via The State]
5 minutes with Frame of Mind owner Mark Plessinger Plessinger is also the owner of Frame of Mind, The Art of Eyewear, an optical boutique and alternative art gallery in West Columbia focused on giving local artists a chance to showcase that they might not normally get anywhere else. Plessinger's belief [...]

Eyewear That Gets You Noticed

Eyewear That Gets You Noticed is a 2013 Telly Award winning ad, created for Optical Arts.

Notable: Award-Winning Work; Award-Winning Work;

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

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King Children, co-founded by Sahir Zaveri and David Lee '14, makes eyewear for every face: crafted to fit, designed… 

RT @eyespace_1: Thank you for the feature today @opticianonline! #AspinalofLondonEyewear #Eyespace #Eyewear #OpticianOnline… 

Thank you for the feature today @opticianonline! #AspinalofLondonEyewear #Eyespace #Eyewear #OpticianOnline 

Cult Eyewear Cult Eyewear
Published by Merrell Pub Limited 2016
ISBN 1858945097,9781858945095
191 pages
Ebony Ebony
160 pages
Discover What You're Best At Discover What You're Best At
Published by Simon and Schuster 2010
ISBN 9781439147511,1439147515
192 pages
How To Buy Eyewear How To Buy Eyewear
Published by Xlibris Corporation 2013
ISBN 9781479771462,1479771465
50 pages

Chanel coaxes Cara Delevingne out of modelling retirement to show off new eyewear collection -

red chart black eye glass lens glasses big check focus looking blind background small large experiment optical science equipment medical vision human correct seeing instrument letter alphabet sight eyeglasses smaller exam healthcare bigger optometrist selective eyewear eyesight scientific expertise eyechart eyeexam ophthalmologist medicalexam healthcareandmedicine Photo by kenteegardin on Flickr

But if anyone can persuade Cara to take time out from her film career for a modelling gig, it's Karl Lagerfeld. The 23-year-old is the face of Chanel's SS16 eyewear campaign, sporting sunglasses and glasses along with tweed and backwards caps from Lagerfeld's airlines-themed collection. The house teased the campaign back in February, but the full campaign has now been released. She has closed numerous of his shows as the prestigious 'couture bride', fronted a number of his campaigns for both Chanel and Fendi - where he is creative director - and now she has 'retired' from the catwalk, is a front row fixture at the Chanel... At the Chanel Haute Couture show in February, Karl even permitted her to bring her dog Leo to the front row. "She's a character," Karl Lagerfeld said of Cara in an interview with The Sunday Times.


Snapchat Is Prepping A Team To Take The Fight To Google Glass - WCCFtech

sunglasses fashion explore eyewear blackwhitephotos monkeyglasses gauharshop Photo by Jonas Tana on Flickr

Snapchat, the company that brought to you the popular messaging app, intends on going after Google Glass, which was labeled as a commercial failure. However, what does the company have under its belt that will allow it to produce a product more commercially viable than Google Glass. A Hiring Spree From Snapchat Shows That It Is Ready To Produce A Head Wearable Snapchat could be secretly working on a pair of smart glasses to give Google Glass a run for its money. Not long ago, Google started putting up job openings , which suggested that the firm could be in the process on working on a new wearable.


[03/17/16, via]
Henry Cavill claims the Clark Kent glasses ‘are enough’ … but are they? Cavill got us wondering though … are the glasses good enough? Join us in this little Internet rabbit hole, won’t you? Christopher Reeve as Superman Richard Donner brought Superman back to pop culture entertainment in 1978 with “Superman” and the ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Examiner]
The house of the rising sun cold frames are a commodity The most enjoyable thing about growing a garden in your own space is that you get to pass on the extra home grown goodness to friends, family and neighbors in the summer. It gives you a chance to talk about growing flowers and food. It gives you a reason ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Lifehacker]
Remains the Day: Facebook Adds Customizable Profile Picture Frames You know how every once in a while Facebook allows you to overlay an image on your profile picture, often in support of a social cause? Now they’ve collected all of those “frames” in one place for you to browse. Facebook now lets you add picture ... [...]

[03/16/16, via WSVN-TV]
Plantation eyewear store burglarized According to officials, the two men broke into the store and worked as a team. One man picked the frames and then handed them off to his accomplice sitting nearby. If you have any information on this burglary, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493 ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Geek]
Geek deals: 55-inch Samsung 3D UHDTV for $1500 with a $400 gift card For a limited time, you can save 62% off the sticker price of this 55-inch ... LED backlighting (with local dimming), active 3D support (with included glasses), a wide selection of streaming apps, four HDMI ports, a component/composite input, three USB ... [...]

Amber Glasses Can Ease Insomnia Caused by Late-night TV, Phone Use, Study Finds

Never mind cake and eating: Do you want to have your smartphone and text with friends before bedtime, without turning into a raving insomniac? Are you emotionally powerless to switch off the television two hours before beddy-bye and read a “book”? You can have it all, if you watch the screen through amber-lensed glasses, according to a Columbia University paper to be published in the January issue of Journal of Psychiatric Research.The study was a very small one, but it could impact the lives...

AR Glasses Coming Soon To A Face Near You

On business trips, Pete Jameson gets odd looks from fellow airplane passengers when he's in his seat typing on a keyboard with no screen to be seen.But Jameson is looking at a jumbo-size display, thanks to augmented reality glasses that project images for his eyes only. His headset looks like slightly oversized sunglasses and what he sees is not visible to others.Jameson is chief operating officer of ODG, one of a host of companies pursuing the emerging market of augmented reality, or AR,...

Trouble sleeping? Wearing amber-tinted glasses before bed might help

If you’re having trouble sleeping, try wearing amber-tinted glasses that block blue light for a couple of hours before going to bed. A new study found the glasses, which are available online and in stores, led to longer and more refreshing slumber, according to a report published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research. With the tinted glasses, study volunteers “were sleeping about 30 minutes extra,” said lead author Ari Shechter, an assistant professor...