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Eyeglasses Malcolm Frame Hakim Exclusive Browline Glasses 70s Unisex Vtg Eyewear

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Eye Glasses Protection Medical Safety Glass Goggles Eyewear Physician Laser Tech




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The Verge [10/23/18, via The Verge]
North is trying to become the Warby Parker of augmented reality ... A new startup named North wants to put augmented reality glasses on more faces. To do so it's created what it calls the first "everyday pair of smart glasses" and  [...]

TechRadar [10/24/18, via TechRadar]
Focals AR glasses look super-stylish – but they'll cost you When Google Glass first appeared in 2013, the future of augmented reality (AR) eyewear was looking rosy – that is, until our hopes and dreams for the futuristic tech were shattered by disappointing design, privacy concerns, and stubbornly high price tags. [...] [10/25/18, via]
Weyburn Seeing Ways to Give the Gift of Sight Weyburn residents Dr. Beatrice Adamptey, Nadine Eddy and Kathryn Erickson are working with the Lions Clubs of Canada to collect eyeglasses to allow the gift of sight worldwide. The volunteers are willing to pick up glasses from residences, but they [...]

NewsBytes [10/28/18, via NewsBytes]
These Alexa-powered smartglasses look normal, unlike Google Glasses If you thought smart glasses couldn't be fancier, it is time to think again. North, an Amazon-backed start-up, is bringing eyewear that looks normal (a little trendy, if you may) and does everything one expects from a smart set of eyeglasses. Called [...]

Greiche and scaff

Greiche & Scaff is a leading retailer of prescription eyewear that was founded in 1976 and currently owns and operates over 75 locations across the province of Quebec, Canada.

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High-tech meets high-fashion: CBC News - holographic glasses  EW #WednesdayNews #NEWS… 

Song Reader Song Reader
ISBN 0571299407,9780571299409
112 pages
Value-added Taxation in Canada Value-added Taxation in Canada
Published by CCH Canadian Limited 2009
ISBN 155367975X,9781553679752
718 pages
Hats & Eyeglasses Hats & Eyeglasses
Published by Penguin 2008
ISBN 9781440632143,1440632146
256 pages
Virtual Light Virtual Light
Published by Spectra 2012
ISBN 9780307831187,0307831183
368 pages

Seeing Clearly Now: The Future of the Eyewear Industry

2005 people sculpture woman sun canada man rabbit abandoned me broken eh sunglasses animal animals trash forest myself fun mammal persona glasses cool garbage community junk whimsy october desert decay critter wildlife debris ruin roadtrip shades canadian september human abandon views sunglass depressed critters mann member hip damaged popular poutine creatures creature 75 mammals citizenship distressed destroyed deserted bizarre blight humans dilapidated abused crumbling canadien canuck trashed ruined eyewear homosapiens lobok misused dinged lifeaffirming 75views aboot dakaz benthos teashades Photo by Curtis Gregory Perry on Flickr

This is largely due to exorbitant price tags that come alongside designer eyewear found in stores like LensCrafters or Pearl Vision. Thanks to the licensing policies of Luxottica, customers pay between CAD$300-500 for a pair of glasses. However, in the last few years, various online retailers have emerged, such as Warby Parker, Clearly, and EyeBuyDirect, that offer affordable, stylish eyewear options. First, let’s look at the benefits of buying eyewear online. They deploy vertical integration in their business models, meaning they design, manufacture and outfit the glasses themselves. A typical pair of glasses with lenses from Warby Parker retail at CAD$130 and with EyeBuyDirect’s basic lens option, glasses can cost as little as CAD$20.

[via 468 Retail and Channel Management Blog]

Why Eye Protection?

street canada sunglasses glasses market ottawa shades eyewear byward Photo by jfingas on Flickr

Edge Eyewear Canada is committed to maximizing eye safety. Every pair of Edge glasses is subjected to the toughest tests – because tough tests create tough glasses. The Department of Labor has reported that 2,000 of these injuries require medical treatment and time off work, and the Bureau of Labor says 85% of these cases require up to 5 days off work. On the jobsite, 3 out of every 5 people who suffered an injury were not wearing any safety glasses at all because the glasses were “uncomfortable” or “unfashionable. ” Many others were injured while wearing glasses that were not appropriate for their activity.

[via Edge Eyewear Canada]

[03/16/16, via MSN]
India vs New Zealand, World T20: Best frames from the match The lifting of the ban, imposed in 2001, is likely to raise hackles in India, where the organisation is banned, besides Canada and other countries. She looks forward to her trip to India and is eager to initiate a dialogue on human rights and freedom of ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Georgia Straight]
16 things to do in Metro Vancouver on Wednesday, March 16 Author and economist Jeff Rubin shares his long-term outlook on Canada's fossil-fuel production ... director Jack Paterson's production of The List at the Pacific Theatre. Frames of Mind presents a screening of Matthew Bate's documentary Sam Klemke's ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Socialist Project]
Capital, the Financial Crisis and the State in Canada They conclude that economic policy in Canada cannot be credited for Canada's economic durability ... of class struggle and the manner in which this struggle contours and frames institutional configurations in any given conjuncture. The Wagnerian labour ... [...]

[03/13/16, via Toronto Sun]
Jays in no hurry for Bautista's autograph He arrived as Bautista reached his locker in the top of the seventh Sunday afternoon asking for autographs on his red Canada Day Blue Jays jersey ... Bautista to tell plate ump Phil Cuzzi he needed eye glasses after ringing him up on strike three in ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Inside Toronto]
Noise, time violations cited in city’s decision to reduce Afrofest to one-day event at Woodbine Park Ward 32 Beaches-East York Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon said the city made the decision to reduce Afrofest’s event permit from two days to one because Music Africa failed to respect noise regulations as well as exceeded permitted time frames. [...]

Solar Eclipse Glasses in Canada: Can You Still Find Them?

Getty The 2017 solar eclipse arrives on August 21. If you live in Canada, is it possible to still get solar eclipse glasses? Can you see the solar eclipse? Several U.S. states will see a total eclipse, which means the sun will be completely blocked by the moon. That doesn’t mean that Canadians won’t get a spectacular view of their own. They will. “Canadians will see a partial eclipse, with the western coast seeing the most dramatic coverage of the sun,” reports Global for solar...

'We turned glasses into eyewear, from a fix for a medical problem to a fashion accessory'

Peyush Bansal started Lenskart in 2010 when few sold eyeglasses online in India. Today, apart from the online platform, it has 400 offline stores, allows users to do virtual eyewear trials, has a manufacturing facility, and has funding from IDG Ventures, Unilazer Ventures, IFC, and others. Bansal says Lenskart is now ready to start running on its own profits, rather than investor money. How did you think of starting Lenskart?I studied in Delhi, and did engineering in Canada at McGill...

In Canada's Montreal, you may not be able to wear sunglasses or burqas on local buses anymore

If you are in Canada and are visiting Montreal, remember not to wear your sunglasses on the local bus. The Quebec province has passed a controversial law that prevents people from covering their faces in any way while in government building or availing public facilities.Opponents to the new law, called Bill 62, have asked practical questions over whether they would be arrested for covering their faces with scarves in the winter. However, much of the opposition has come down to whether the law...