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[10/10/18, via ]
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Papermag [10/09/18, via Papermag]
John Waters on Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian In Manson Copies Brad Pitt, 2003, two chromogenic prints — one of the recently deceased serial killer and the other of the aging heartthrob — face off with gruffy hipster beards and aviator sunglasses, somehow foretelling Pitt's involvement in [...]

The Guardian [05/10/18, via The Guardian]
The spectacular power of Big Lens Luxottica pioneered the use of luxury brands in the optical business, and one of the many powerful functions of names such as Ray-Ban (which is owned by Luxottica) or Vogue (which is owned by Luxottica) or Prada (whose glasses are made by Luxottica) or [...]

Business Insider [04/11/18, via Business Insider]
I've been a Costco member for 8 years, and one little-known perk makes it more than worth it Costco stores are more than bulk shopping — they have pharmacies, travel agents, and gas stations. Tucked in the back of my store is also an optical department. I've worn eyeglasses and contact lenses for much of my life. When I purchased my Costco  [...]

Business Insider UK [10/09/18, via Business Insider UK]
A group of Magic Leap alumni are making experiences for 50 pairs of smartglasses at once — and they're working with ... nowhere near London. Inside the smartglasses, you could see the artist, and although there were technological limitations including the headset's field-of-view, cutting off parts of the virtual people in frame, I felt her "presence" in the room [...]

Top Optometrist Eye Doctor and Eye Glass Optical Store in Los Angeles CA 

Hats & Eyeglasses Hats & Eyeglasses
Published by Penguin 2008
ISBN 9781440632143,1440632146
256 pages
Improve Your Vision Without Glasses Or Contact Lenses Improve Your Vision Without Glasses Or Contact Lenses
Published by Simon and Schuster 1996
ISBN 9780684814384,0684814382
128 pages
Vision for Life Vision for Life
Published by North Atlantic Books 2012
ISBN 9781583945155,1583945156
216 pages
Song Reader Song Reader
ISBN 0571299407,9780571299409
112 pages

Smoke and Mirrors with DITTO’s Endless Eyewear

red selfportrait me glasses newglasses sharyn eyewear mattebox mattebox:mbx=w4640e61s71g64v71o4613c3 Photo by massdistraction on Flickr

I own several cheap pairs but I also own some nice designer ones, including a pair of Ray Bans. Question: do they send you just one pair every time or more than one pair each time. Love this edgy look.

[via Kathrine Eldridge]

Glasses – Or Spectacles – Through The Ages! (Or – Be Amazed At How Lenses Have Changed Even Through My Lifetime)

me glasses sewing craft magnifying eyewear optics Photo by B_Zedan on Flickr

I was looking through some more stuff at my Dad’s house today when I found a pair of my old glasses. I hope you find this post interesting and informative – even if you have never worn glasses in your life. I could bore you to death by discussing the practical differences between a Lenticular lens, a Blended Lenticular lens, Fresnell lenses, and Contact Lenses. First off I think I should tell you that – if you are hoping to find any photographic evidence of me wearing contact lenses in this blog post you will be extremely disappointed. (To say I hated wearing Contact Lenses is an understatement – the only thing worse is having to look at photographs of myself during either of those periods in my life.

[via Simple Things]

[03/16/16, via Reading Eagle]
Llama owners put their animals to the test on Kansas terrain “Llamas can do about anything a horse can do, except be ridden,” said John Fant, who lives near Fort Smith, Ark ... As he spoke, Fant fitted a pair of llamas with rigid pack frames, then soft-sided packs. He, his wife, Phyllis, and about a dozen ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Seattle Weekly]
Using Nature as Inspiration, Architects and Designers Are Building Seattle's Biofuture “There’s scientific evidence that just looking at and being near plants does something to the way you think ... A tidy-looking man with very round glasses, Savo is the principal in charge of the Amazon project in the Denny Triangle. [...]

[03/15/16, via New England Sports Network]
Celtics Notes: Marcus Smart Produces Mixed Results In Jae Crowder’s Absence But Boston will need players to step up if the club wants to have success without Crowder, and Smart is near the top of that list. — Isaiah Thomas turned in one of his most dominant frames of the ... that are still lifting me up when I feel like I ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Parsons Sun]
Cards sweep Fort Scott in Jayhawk Conference opener The freshman sat down the side in order just once, while allowing two or more baserunners to reach in six of the seven frames. She finished the day with ... I knew my team was going to back me up,” Selsor said. “I knew that I could come back and ... [...]

[03/15/16, via TrustedReviews]
PlayStation VR Everything starts with the screen, which is a 5.7-inch Full HD OLED with an equivalent resolution of 960 x 1,080 for each eye ... informs me there are guards patrolling all around me and prompts me to duck down behind the desk when they draw near. [...]

Smart eyeglasses bring sight to visually impaired

When she was 7 years old, Yvonne Felix was diagnosed with Stargardt disease, a common form of inherited juvenile macular degeneration that brings on progressive vision loss. She struggled to see people’s faces and had difficulty reading and participating in school.“As I got older, in my earlier teens, I started realizing how it was going to affect my life,” Felix, 36, told Fox News. “Like reading aloud in class, it was hard to make friends. It was hard to get a retail job at 16.”Over the...

Tiny 'Raindrop' implant in your eye could banish reading glasses forever

Procedure would help an ageing patient's ability to focus on close up objectsImplant would combat long-sightedness which is common in over 40s  Would replace laser surgery - which can leave patients still needing glasses Procedure costs £2,495 and is currently not available on the NHS  By Wills Robinson for MailOnlinePublished: 11:48 EST, 24 August 2014 | Updated: 08:07 EST, 25 August 2014 Scientists have developed a new technique that could see reading glasses banished...

Volunteers provide free eye exams, glasses for clients at Tulsa Day Center for Homeless

#ndn-video-player-1.ndn_embedded .ndn_floatContainer { margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px; }#ndn-video-player-2.ndn_embedded .ndn_floatContainer { margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px; }The path out of homelessness is coming into focus for Doris Banks.Banks, who has been living at The Salvation Army Center of Hope for the last several months, said she found herself homeless after her mother died.For the last three months she’s been without her glasses’ lenses.The frames broke long before...