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Serving Colorado Springs For 30 Years. Come See Why We're "The Best In Sight" Multiple Locations Call Or Come By Today 1847 S Nevada Ave, Colorado ...

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[11/30/18, via ]
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Longmont Times-Call [11/24/18, via Longmont Times-Call]
Christopher Watts' two lives leading to murder A divorce attorney recounted a chance encounter with Shanann Watts at a Japanese steak house in Westminster in the spring, during which she inquired about child custody laws in Colorado. The file contains dozens of letters sent to Watts at the county [...]

Boulder Weekly [04/26/18, via Boulder Weekly]
Best of Boulder 2018 — Retail Their staff opticians are board certified by the American Board of Opticianry, and all of their employees are trained to understand your prescription and help you find the best glasses (or contacts!) to suit your needs. To top it all off, they're [...]

Orlando Sentinel [09/25/18, via Orlando Sentinel]
2018 Orlando Sentinel Best Bets Winners For those interested in LASIK, Eola Eyes works with top surgeons who can provide consultations on the procedure, a popular choice for those who want to eliminate the need for glasses or suffer from myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. Minimal downtime [...]

Colorado Springs Independent [10/18/17, via Colorado Springs Independent]
2017 Best Of Colorado Springs V.II: Welcome and Winners Index Or Google "Colorado Springs attorney" and see how many pages you click through. Read on and check out an award-winning place you haven't been to before and find out exactly why they've been voted the best. Speaking of the best you should start to  [...]


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Express Watch & Jewelry Repair We repair on site, while you shop!! Our jeweler is always in for your connivance. We have been operating on your broken watches and jewelry since 2010. We are proud of our quality service to the citizens of Colorado Springs. Thank You for your continued ... [...]

Inside: SRM's Colorado Springs assembly facility

Back in the mid-80s, a young Uli Schoberer created a cycling power meter so he could better measure his training efforts as an amateur rider. Fast forward to 2013, and SRM is an international company boasting a dominant presence among professional cyclists. SRM established an American office in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which first began producing mountain bike power meters, but now also assembles about half of the company's product, according to sales and marketing director Mike Hall. Hall...

Four Great Myths of the McCarthy Era

Walt KellySixty years ago today, the ABC and DuMont television networks began their live broadcasts of the Army-McCarthy hearings, a two-month Senate soap opera that marked the final stage of the Wisconsin Republican Joseph McCarthy's period of power. The hearings are most famous today for what happened when the senator tried to make hay of the fact that Army attorney Joseph Welch's law firm employed a man who had once been a member of an organization with links to the Communist Party. The...

Proposed border tax worries U.S. retail industry

CHICAGO | Some of the loudest opposition to a proposed tax on imports has come from the retail industry, which sent a handful of top CEOs to meet with President Donald Trump in February and has warned that bigger tax bills could mean price hikes for customers.But the proposed border adjustment tax, part of the House Republicans' tax reform plan that would also lower the corporate tax rate, is making some smaller businesses that proudly tout their American-made status nervous too.Although the...