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[10/12/18, via ]
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Forbes [10/11/18, via Forbes]
Commonly Offered Interview Advice That Is Actually Detrimental To Your Career They do all the work behind the scenes, setting up interviews, gathering feedback, pushing certain candidates forward in the process and denying others. The advice of your buddies is completely backwards. You want to partner with HR and have them like  [...]

ISRAEL21c [09/25/18, via ISRAEL21c]
Digital glasses offer hope of sight for vision-impaired Working alongside a friend who had damaged vision due to a scar on his eye, Chayet realized the technology would have greater impact as an assistive device for many people experiencing vision impairment. “No one else is doing exactly what we do.”. [...]

Patently Apple [10/11/18, via Patently Apple]
A new Apple Patent reveals work being done to integrate a Holographic Layer into a Quantum Dot Display a wrist-watch device, a pendant device, a headphone or earpiece device, a device embedded in eyeglasses or other equipment worn on a user's head, or other wearable or miniature device, a computer display that does not contain an embedded computer,  [...] [10/11/18, via]
"Riverdale" Recap Season 3 Episode 1: Does Archie Go to Jail? Voiceover Jughead lets us know that Veronica is now working at Pop's (which she also owns?), like her mom once did; Betty is interning with lawyers McCoy and Andrews, working on Archie's murder case; the gang hangs out at Sweetwater Swimming Hole; and [...]

How do eyeglasses even work on muzzles

Report Writing (ENHANCED eBook) Report Writing (ENHANCED eBook)
Published by Lorenz Educational Press 1991
ISBN 9781429108867,142910886X
32 pages
86 Health Science Report Ideas 86 Health Science Report Ideas
Published by Milliken Publishing Company 1991
ISBN 9780787720766,0787720763
8 pages
Why Do Some People Wear Glasses? Why Do Some People Wear Glasses?
Published by Gareth Stevens Pub 1993
ISBN 0836808096,9780836808094
24 pages
Do You Really Need Eyeglasses?
Published by Station Hill Press 1991
ISBN 0941683125,9780941683128
144 pages

[03/16/16, via Los Angeles Times]
Oklahoma City bombing left deep impact on Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland Within days, Garland, a short man in black-rimmed glasses, was treading somberly ... and we wanted many parts of Department of Justice to work together smoothly. And [Garland] was the perfect person to do that. He has terrific judgment, he is meticulous ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Fish Wrap]
College and Career Academy to cost $11m Subcontracting costs total up to $10.3 million as price guaranteed for rest of construction Polk School District will soon start foundation work with the College and ... budget which is what we were hoping to do,” Hunter said. Board chair Harold McDurmon ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Inc.]
Want to Raise Super Wealthy Kids? Try Having Sex Between March 17 and May 14 (Seriously) They found some amusing statistics--the percentage of billionaires who wear glasses, for example--and some more serious ... So: 22.5% versus an expected combined 16.6%. How do we explain the difference? Is their future foretold in the stars? [...]

[03/16/16, via The Spectrum]
Americans Can Now Travel More Freely to Cuba While administration officials argued that lifting the sanctions would serve US interests, making it less expensive and easier for Americans to travel to Cuba and do business there ... lack of productivity in Cuba's work force as a major cause of Cuba's ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Entrepreneur]
7 Things Buzzfeed Superstar Matt Bellassai's Learned About Building a Brand While Drunk But even getting drunk at the office every Monday to rant about why you think something’s “the absolute worst” takes work. Related ... He's not sure, but his fans shouldn’t put their wine glasses away just yet. "It’s a crazy risk, sometimes ... [...]

Do Computer Glasses Really Work?

Dear Lifehacker,My eyes often feel tired after staring at the computer all day. So I'm wondering if glasses designed for computer use actually help (for example, those yellow-tinted computer/gaming glasses I've seen mentioned on Lifehacker or regular glasses with special coatings). They seem pricey and I'm a little skeptical about all the claims, but I also want to protect my vision. Should I buy a pair of these? Signed,Sore EyesDear Sore,Vision problems are unfortunately one of the hazards...

6 Tips for Mastering Your Lenses

Most photographers have a favorite lens (you can read about mine here), maybe even two or three. But do you know how to get the best out of that lens? I’ve used lots of lenses over the years. As a result, I know that it takes time to get to know a lens, and longer still to master it. These tips will help you work your way through that process.1. Use the lens exclusively for a monthIn his book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell put forward the now-famous idea that true mastery of a skill takes...

ThirdEye X1 Smart Glasses Impress, Still Have Some Work to Do

One of the things that I set out to discover at CES 2018 was how far the industry has come in terms of developing augmented reality into a platform for all consumers. In the years since Google Glass flopped, we’ve been in a sort of holding pattern, waiting for some company to make a move in this space. But then I ran into ThirdEye and their X1 Smart Glasses at CES Unveiled on Sunday night.These things might be the closest thing to what I was hoping to find. They are smart glasses that let the...