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How to : Open, Store, Clean, Check, Put On, Remove and Re-wetting Contact Lens

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[11/01/18, via ]
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Coloured contact lenses left girl temporarily blind Emilie was one of six friends who bought similar costume lenses for the Halloween tradition of trick or treating. She wore them for about four hours at school, before taking them off for dinner. Emilie then put them back on to go trick-or-treating with [...]

Daily Mail [10/30/18, via Daily Mail]
Girl, 11, is left blinded for FOUR days after she wore colored contact lenses as part of her Halloween costume Emilie Turcotte, of Blainville, Montreal, wore colored contact lenses as part of her demon costume for Halloween last year; After trick-or-treating, she woke up the next morning screaming in pain and complaining that her eyes were burning; Optometrists [...] [10/26/18, via]
Halloween costume trend can cause 'severe and sight threatening reactions' to the wearer Wear any contact lenses, including novelty lenses, that have't been properly fitted to your eyes; Put water or saliva on your lenses orin your eye when you're wearing them; Pick up a dropped lens and put it straight back into your eye without cleaning [...]

LADbible [10/30/18, via LADbible]
Girl, 11, 'Almost Blinded' By Halloween Contact Lenses The day after wearing them, the little girl woke up screaming, with her eyes 'burning like fire' [...]

I’m practising putting in my coloured lenses for the Halloween party and I caNT DO IT how to do people put in lenses every day wow

Small States in Europe Small States in Europe
Published by Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. 2013
ISBN 9781409499589,1409499588
248 pages
The Photographic Dealer and D. & P. Trade Review ... The Photographic Dealer and D. & P. Trade Review ...
A History of French Passions 1848-1945 A History of French Passions 1848-1945
Published by Oxford University Press 1993
ISBN 0198221789,9780198221784
1216 pages
Colour Coding for Learners with Autism Colour Coding for Learners with Autism
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2014
ISBN 9780857008121,0857008129
208 pages

Emily Ratajkowski shows off her underboob in a sexy bikini - Daily Mail

raw pentaxk01 sears50mmf20lens deitz2880mmmacrolens manualfocuslensonapentaxdigitalslrsamsung4perdaygroup Photo by WELFL on Flickr

Model Emily Ratajkowski showed off her incredible figure when she posted a very sexy picture on Instagram on Wednesday. The 24-year-old flashed her cleavage in a patterned bikini which had a cut-out detail in the middle and flashed a hint of underboob. Now, woman is confronted with the necessity of emancipating herself from emancipation, if she really desires to be free. Meanwhile, Emily was pictured on a caffeine run with boyfriend Jeff Magid in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Her raven-coloured locks were worn down in a middle part flowing over her shoulders as she sported.


The Good Life: How to rediscover your inner child - The Tennessean

canon Photo by MINZ PHOTOGRAPHY on Flickr

I remember the way I would throw my body around the front yard — flipping and twisting, landing carefree into backbends. Nothing hurt me then, because there was nothing to hurt. My heart was un-struck, my mind was open and my body was like that of a Gumby doll. As I grew, I began to realize how fragile my heart and my body really were. After being made fun of for having boobs by 12, I felt ashamed of my body. And after having my heart broken a few times, I became afraid of love. That I wouldn’t need to worry about pain or suffering, because one day I would learn how to heal all of the things in my heart that made me sad.


[03/16/16, via Variety]
Galvan, Arreola on Shooting ‘The 4th Company’ in Mexico’s Most Notorious Penitentiary We used 4K and 6K RED cameras, with anamorphic lenses. We did that with a particular aesthetic in mind, where the use of light was especially key, as were the mixture of temperatures and the color pallet ... and walk again. This put the entire project ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Racked]
Vintage Superstar Natalie Joos's Bag Holds an 'Amazing' Camera, Hair Balm, More Street style star Natalie Joos possesses the enviable skill of being able to put an outfit together in a way that looks ... It's an amazing digital camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and built in WiFi so you can send pictures straight from the camera to your ... [...]

[03/15/16, via The Tennessean]
The Good Life: How to rediscover your inner child Put down the weight of the “real world ... Tom Robbins 5. See the world through rose-colored lenses. When you’re a child, you see the world as brand new. Everything is beauty, everything is made of kindness, everything is inherently good. [...]

[03/15/16, via]
5 + 1 things teachers can do to close the math achievement gap Jo Boaler, author of a new book Mathematical Mindsets, envisions an academic world where everyone can learn math equitably regardless of their skin color ... “New Lens on Learning: The Hidden Value of Motivation, Grit and Engagement” put together ... [...]

[03/15/16, via PetaPixel]
I Made a Photo Mosaic by Shooting 1,000 Portraits Once I had the images in the correct place I selected the backdrop color and deleted it ... When talking about the right kind of lenses, there are some characteristics that people should not be buying for most photographic practices. [...]

Color Contact Lenses Could Cause Cornea Ulcers, Other Horrors

Just a heads up, but if you were planning the perfect lizard/cat-person costume this year for Halloween, you might want to consider forgoing the hyper-creepy vertical-slit pupil contact lenses that will really put your getup over the edge. It’s just not worth it because (spoiler alert) you could scratch your cornea or blind yourself. Like, forever. Then you’d have to go to your neighbor’s Halloween party in a last-minute Teiresias costume.A suitably alarmist report from CBS about the...

Beyond Exteriors: How to Photograph a City’s Soul

Every city has its own unique character. Whether you’re shooting with a pro-level SLR or the simplest point-and-shoot cellphone, the most impressive cityscapes you capture will be the ones that say something about the cities you visit. If you take time to hunt down an original angle and adapt to circumstances, you’ll consistently get the best images possible under a variety of conditions.As an assignment photographer, I’m often sent by magazines to capture the soul of a city through my camera...

Lensabl makes it easy to put new lenses in a favorite pair of shades or glasses

Optometrists don’t make it easy to buy new lenses for a favorite old pair of glasses or shades. Especially shades! Who even does that? Lens replacements through an optometrist can cost more than a new pair altogether, especially when it comes to sunglasses.A new startup out of Westwood, Calif. called Lensabl is on a mission to keep your favorite frames on your face. Whether the old lenses are damaged, you need a new prescription or you want to switch to a different tint, the...