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BO2: 120 FPS vs 60 FPS | Is there a difference? | * How many FPS can the human eye see? *

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Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Review The GTX 2080 Ti is the first consumer graphics card I've seen that's capable of running Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 60 frames per seconds in 4K with graphic settings maxed out. On average, the GTX 2080 Ti's average FPS benchmark was just shy of the  [...]

PCMag [09/27/18, via PCMag]
The Best 17-Inch Laptops of 2018 That's fine for the human eye—television is 30Hz and most movies 24Hz—and for 90-plus percent of applications and users, but not for fanatic gamers who've invested in graphics chips that can crank out more than 60 frames per second. Hence the  [...]

Austin American-Statesman [09/28/18, via Austin American-Statesman]
Westbankers launch artifical intelligence security system Ciabarra says his company utilizes Computer Vision to process, analyze and extract high-dimensional data, much like the human eye does. If you look at a scenario of 60 different frames over a two-second period, you can rule out a lot of false [...] [10/04/18, via]
Latest Production Tech: ABB Variable Frequency Drive, Yokogawa Power Analyzer & More Functioning as an autonomous driving system, the RS-IPLS features real-time data pre-processing and a “gaze” function that is similar to the human eye. The RS-IPLS system, based on MEMS solid-state LiDAR, outputs the color point cloud data by merging  [...]

@charlieINTEL The human eye can not see past 60 frames so I never upgraded from 60hz

Number Freaking Number Freaking
Published by Red Wheel Weiser 2006
ISBN 9781609259044,1609259041
208 pages
Introduction to Light Introduction to Light
Published by Courier Corporation 2016
ISBN 048642118X,9780486421186
228 pages
Head's Broadcasting in America Head's Broadcasting in America
Published by Routledge 2016
ISBN 9781317347934,1317347935
335 pages
Handbook of Surveillance Technologies, Third Edition Handbook of Surveillance Technologies, Third Edition
Published by CRC Press 2012
ISBN 9781439873151,1439873151
1040 pages

Persuasion Learning! Introducing “The Watchman”

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Persuasion in Learning is about the ways in which we as trainers can assist our students to access their learning state through ethically applying influence & persuasion techniques. In fact I was a trainer of trainers who trained and qualified ski instructors. In that context I was fascinated with learning styles and accelerated learning and being on the mountain every day gave me ample opportunity to test theories I was exposing myself to in readings, discussions and courses. Observing ski instructors on the mountain, I began to ask the question “What defines a good instructor from a bad one. I began to realise that the relationship between the instructor and the learner was far more important than the content in the learning journey.

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UX for Brains: Let’s Be Honest, People Suck

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If you're a designer or work in the web, what I'm about to share are some basic ways to leverage psychology in your work. Understand Psychology To Understand People Using a psychological perspective to approach design problems isn’t meant to side-step UX practices, but actually enhance them. I think of it as adding dimension to your practices and teams, by allowing you to see out of two eyes, instead of just one. As a designer in this ever-evolving technical world, it is essential to have a core understanding of the fundamentals of human perception, cognition, and behavior, especially as they apply to how humans use websites. Utilize psychology as part of your own design practice to better tap into your users.

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[03/16/16, via Pittsburgh City Paper]
In Hong Kong and Appalachia, two photographers explore home Silver Eye Center for Photography, 1015 E ... All portraits but one are set outdoors, and all capture subjects starkly alone (or alone together) in the frame. Given the backdrops of huge high-rise apartments (these streets should teem), that visual ... [...]

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Breivik to address court in human rights trial Appearing in the public eye for the first time since his conviction ... "inhuman" and violate the European Convention on Human Rights. Breivik is the only inmate in a high-security wing of Skien prison, 60 miles southwest of Oslo. Government lawyers ... [...]

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This Bionic Eye Lens Can Give You Superhuman Vision With An 8-Minute Surgery! 2.2k Shares A perfect human eye is supposed to have 20/20 vision ... A person with 20/20 vision would actually be able to read what's written 60 feet away and it'll be crystal clear. That's even more than the length of a basketball court (50 feet). [...]

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Many say they are blindsided by accusations made against Ingham Co. Prosecutor “Because of the nature of human trafficking, it also involves many jurisdictions ... reveal he was allegedly engaging in criminal acts himself during that same time frame. “When you go to someone for protection and they do everything but protect ... [...]

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To Scientists' Surprise, Even Nonvenomous Snakes Can Strike at Ridiculous Speeds Depending on the species and the situation, mammals can react and make an observable motion anywhere between 60 and 395 milliseconds. An average human eye blink, for instance, spans a leisurely 200 milliseconds. According to the new measurements ... [...]

6 Frame Rate Facts You Didn't Know

Gamers will vociferously defend the superiority of 60 frames per second over 30. Moviegoers will lament the loss of that cinematic feel when watching The Hobbit at 48 FPS rather than the traditional 24.With frame rate issues once again in the headlines, I thought this an opportune time to revisit the great frame rate debate in video games and cinema. But we'll take a different angle - rather than try to convince you that something is better or worse, here are six facts about frame rates that...

Why Frame Rate Matters

GIF We all know the motion picture is a lie. That movement on screen? It's just a bunch of still images. Still images that seem more like believable, realistic, lifelike motion the faster they flicker along. Faster is better, and that 48 frame-per-second version of The Hobbitwas just the beginning.What is frame rate anyway? If you understand how film projectors work, you'll know that the individual images that make up a film strip are run through a projector assembly and flash consecutively...

EnWave mit Durchbruch - erster Produktverkauf

EnWave Provides Progress Update on Advanced Development Project with US Army to Create Nutrient Rich Field RationsVANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - January 29, 2018) - EnWave Corporation (TSX VENTURE: ENW) (FRANKFURT: E4U) ("EnWave", or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has achieved a series of positive product development results in partnership with the US Army Natick Soldier R&D Center ("US Army") as part of a project to create superior, phytonutrient-rich field rations for...