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[10/18/18, via ]
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Free Malaysia Today [10/17/18, via Free Malaysia Today]
Hack: How to buy a pair of glasses for under RM100 Confession: Many of you wear glasses because they're more economical than contact lenses. Can you make something economical EVEN MORE economical? You sure can. Here are three ways to get a pair of glasses for under RM100. First things first. [...]

TrustedReviews [09/28/18, via TrustedReviews]
LG Watch W7 tipped to launch alongside LG V40 ThinQ – will it rival the Apple Watch 4? Elsewhere, the watch was previously tipped to include a 1.2-inch 360 x 360 LCD display, 768MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. Interestingly, it's also tipped to have analogue hands in order to help save on battery life (rumoured to be 240mAh). That would [...]

GearJunkie [10/16/18, via GearJunkie]
Best Sunglasses Under $20: Cheap Shades Showdown Here, we rounded up the best budget sunglasses. Be honest: Do you really need expensive sunglasses? Unless you're in need of a particular prescription, most folks aim low when buying outdoor eyewear. But just because we're on the cheap doesn't mean  [...]

[10/15/18, via Digital Journal] Offering Toric and Prosthetic Softlens Lenses at Nominal Prices The online store is quite successful in providing customers with exactly the same glasses that a doctor has prescribed and delivers the order at the customer's doorsteps safe and on time. In addition to the large inventory and better distribution [...]

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Kalimotxo also known as cocavino due to its main ingredients, is a drink consisting of approximately 50% red wine and 50% cola-based soft drink.
In some areas of Spain (the Basque Country), kalimotxo is served in bars in short glass tumblers. Plenty of ice is added, then the red wine and cola. In other areas the cocktail is served in tall glasses. Sometimes Ouzo or anise flavoring is added. Another variation calls for a lime twist.
A common way of serving kalimotxo is in one liter drinking glasses made of plastic, called minis, cachi, macetas, litros, cubalitros or jarras. The mixture is made directly in this one-liter mini, and often the bottles of cola are reused to make more of the mixture. This is done by emptying half of a two-liter cola bottle and adding one litre of...

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$220 on a simple eye exam with an order of contacts included.. plus $150 for glasses.. being blind is no joke nor is this shit cheap

@PugmomSTC I’ve rescheduled for next week when I’m on vacation. They were kind and gave me my old prescription so I… 

RT @Intifadarling: Heeeeeey if someone needs to order glasses I ordered some from this site called Firmoo and it was p cheap, cute frames,…

You can order cheap name brand glasses online. 

Heeeeeey if someone needs to order glasses I ordered some from this site called Firmoo and it was p cheap, cute fra… 

The Optometrical Record The Optometrical Record
How to Rock Braces and Glasses How to Rock Braces and Glasses
Published by Poppy 2011
ISBN 9780316192897,0316192899
336 pages
Glasses for D. W. Glasses for D. W.
Published by Red Fox 1997
ISBN 0099217325,9780099217329
24 pages
Chalcogenide Glasses Chalcogenide Glasses
Published by Woodhead Publishing 2014
ISBN 9780857093561,0857093568
704 pages

New fish restaurant opens on Upper Street | Islington Now - Islington Now

selfportrait me self photobooth adjusting newglasses sharyn orderedonline zennioptical cheapglasses Photo by massdistraction on Flickr

If there is a street in London with more restaurants than Upper Street, I have not found it in my 27 years living in the capital. So synonymous has the street become with its sheer number of eateries that locals have nicknamed it ‘Supper Street’. So whenever a new place opens, it begs the question: does Upper Street need yet another restaurant. Galley is where the two have combined their cookery and design skills to create a bar and restaurant where the décor is just as important as the food. A friend and I slid into a green velvet banquette, ordered two glasses of the Malbec the waitress recommended and perused the.


How To Housetrain Your New Puppy - Deadspin

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Like anyone who grew up with family pets, wore out VHS tapes of Homeward Bound , and suddenly found themselves in very dusty rooms when Vincent faithfully laid down next to Jack during the finale of LOST , I love dogs. That said, I felt no particular urgency to get one of my own until recently—I knew that my childhood strategy of promising to walk the dog EVERY DAY, and then promptly abandoning that pledge to leave my exasperated mom to fulfill the actual... My girlfriend, however, longed for a dog of her own for years. After much discussion, which included my renewed vow to walk the dog EVERY DAY, I found myself huddled.


[03/16/16, via Chicago Tribune]
7 ways to make your BYO wine experience better Showing up at a BYO with cheap, so-so wine is like going to a Halloween party ... The restaurant still has to buy wine glasses, even if they're crappy. It has to replace them when we break them and wash them when we don't. Servers fill and heft ice buckets ... [...]

[03/16/16, via]
VR on the cheap: How to watch without a headset Fortunately, there are plenty of free, or at least cheap, options that rely on your existing phone ... find your own parts or buy kits for a few dollars on eBay. With an Android phone, you can watch 360-degree videos of news events, rollercoaster rides ... [...]

[03/16/16, via PRWire]
Cheapest Prescription Glasses In NZ At Ezyglasses To this end, the Ezyglasses website has a FAQ page that explains why and how their glasses are so cheap, to which the Ezyglasses team ... Full Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee where you can order the glasses you think you'll love and if you find ... [...]

[03/15/16, via]
How To Tell If Your Sunglasses Are Actually Protecting Your Eyes And what better bargain than the cheap-as-chips sunglasses you can pick up from market stalls ... According to Kessell, in order to minimise glare, your best bet is to get sunglasses with polarised lenses. "Sunlight can be absorbed or reflected in several ... [...]

[03/13/16, via PC Tablet]
GearBest 8 Days of Cool Gadgets Sale is now live: Buy smartwatches and other cool gadgets With discounts from 40% to 70% based on the product, GearBest offers 45 days money back guarantee from the delivery date and hence you can buy without ... attractive discount of 50% and is available in Black color. New Design Binocular Glasses Type 20X ... [...]

Diners Can Buy Absolutely Everything at This New Soho Restaurant

© Provided by Vox Media, Inc.Photo via La MercerieLa Mercerie in Soho sells everything from the table itself down to the flowers sitting on topThe next step in retail restaurants is happening at new Soho cafe La Mercerie, which opens Thursday as a display piece for furniture and design store Roman and Williams Guild, where absolutely everything in the restaurant is for sale . The team behind the project is very pedigreed, too, with Starr Restaurants (Upland, Le Coucou) running the kitchen...

How To Buy Cheap Wine Glasses (VIDEO)

One of the many simple luxuries in life, wine glasses are great accessories for the home that, unfortunately, can often be a little too expensive. That's because the highest quality wine glasses are made of 100% crystal, and while it's nice to entertain the idea of owning a full set of crystal stemware it's definitely not within most people's budget. But the truth is that stylish and sturdy wine glasses are available at lower price points, and it's just a matter of knowing where to look for... – Presseportal für Pressemitteilungen und News

Polymere optische Faser gewinnt an Boden bei Gigabit-Ethernet-Vernetzung in FahrzeugenKDPOF bietet eine vollständige POF-Lösung zur nahtlosen Integration in das Bordnetz im Fahrzeug.KDPOF – führender Anbieter für die Gigabit-Vernetzung über POF (Polymere optische Faser) in Fahrzeugen – präsentiert eine vollständige POF-Lösung zur mühelosen Integration in das Bordnetz im Fahrzeug. Auf dem internationalen Kongress ‚Bordnetze im Automobil‘ am 13. Und 14. März 2018 in Ludwigsburg zeigt KDPOF in...