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(SALE) ANNE ET VALENTIN MIMI 0108 Prescription glasses Size 48 17 124(K-34822) $110.00

(SALE) ANNE ET VALENTIN MIMI 0108 Prescription glasses Size 48 17 124(K-34822)

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(SALE) ANNE ET VALENTIN PLUME 0917 Prescription glasses Size 47 15 130(K-34821)


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[10/08/18, via ]
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Business Insider [09/13/18, via Business Insider]
Take an extra 30% off sale styles at Adidas — and more of today's best deals from around the web You can find pairs with prices starting as low as $6; with the average price of prescription glasses hovering around $200, this is a steal. Right now, you can save up to 50% on hundreds of pairs of prescription glasses, and sunglasses, at EyeBuyDirect [...]

Tubefilter [09/26/18, via Tubefilter]
Warby Parker Sets Its Sights On Anna Akana For Cat-Eye Glasses Collab Stylish prescription glasses retailer Warby Parker, which donates a pair of glasses to someone in need for every sale, has once again looked to the digital creator circle for its latest collaboration. After pacting with Tyler Oakley on a limited [...] [09/13/18, via]
Take a sneak peek at Warby Parker's first New Jersey store, in Paramus The eyeglass frames are displayed on open shelves flanked by mirrors, and the store is decorated with books, some of which are also available for sale, including a cartoon book created for the brand, titled "50 Ways to Lose Your Glasses." There are [...]

Business Insider [09/27/18, via Business Insider]
Adidas is having a huge sale with 40% off nearly everything — and more of today's best deals from around the web makes buying glasses online easier than ever before. You can use the startup's Prescription Scanner app to get your prescription without going to the doctor and the "Virtual Mirror" to give you a sense of what the glasses will look like [...]

So my dogs ate both pairs of my new prescription glasses . Versace and Burberry. 700$ for both. The dogs are now for sale.

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: MARC JACOBS PRESCRIPTION GLASSES 60/15.… 

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: MARC JACOBS PRESCRIPTION GLASSES 60/15.… 

28 Days to Reading Without Glasses 28 Days to Reading Without Glasses
Published by Citadel Press 1998
ISBN 0806520590,9780806520599
257 pages
Vision Aids in America Vision Aids in America
Published by McFarland 2011
ISBN 9780786485222,0786485221
218 pages
Occupational Outlook Handbook Occupational Outlook Handbook
McKinney's Session Laws of New York McKinney's Session Laws of New York

Tax deductions: 34 you may be forgetting - Christian Science Monitor

green sunglasses score Photo by 7-how-7 on Flickr

Here's our list of 34 commonly overlooked tax deductions and credits you won't want to miss out on. Note that some of these can be pretty complicated, so if you're unsure of anything, consult a (tax deductible) tax preparation expert for advice. Most people realize that they can choose between a standard or itemized tax deductions, but until I began researching overlooked tax deductions I had no idea there was a thirdoption. If you choose to itemize your income taxes, you can choose between deducting state income taxes or state sales taxes paid. Of course, you want to choose whichever works out in your favor, and if you live in a state with no income tax , well, obviously the state sales tax option is the one you want. Check out the IRS' Sales Tax Deduction Calculator to see how much you may be able to claim.


[03/13/16, via The Christian Science Monitor]
Tax deductions: 34 you may be forgetting That reduces your gains on the sale, and in turn lowers your capital gains tax ... If you paid out of pocket for contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses last year, that's a tax deduction. You go to a financial advisor. Any fees you paid to get advice ... [...]

[03/10/16, via The Baltimore Sun]
Local Lions and Leo clubs collect eyeglasses and more [Glenwood/Glenelg/Dayton] For more than 80 years, Lions Club members have collected, determined the prescription strength, cleaned and packaged eyeglasses, before distributing ... as the beneficiary of this year's Indoor Yard Sale Fundraiser. Alice's Dream is a local organization ... [...]

[03/04/16, via Digital Journal]
The Best Online Retailers for Prescription Glasses That Broke the Mold may not be a name you have heard of yet but they do offer prescription glasses for as low as $49 with email discounts up to 30% and a Leap Year sale for 50% off all lenses. Even at these low prices they still carry brands like Ann Taylor ... [...]

[03/04/16, via]
Dunelm Optical launching 2016 brochures at Optrafair Over 130 new ophthalmic and prescription sunglasses styles are included in the new 236-page ... Also included in the brochure will be cases, accessories and point-of-sale materials such as stands, posters and show cards. The new materials for practitioners ... [...]

[03/03/16, via Whatech]
New report examines the global prescription sunglasses market size & share analysis & forecast to 2021 Gross and Gross Margin Analysis of Prescription Sunglasses by Regions, Types and Manufacturers Chapter Six: Consumption Volume, Consumption Value and Sale Price Analysis of Prescription Sunglasses by Regions, Types and Applications Chapter Seven ... [...]

CES 2018: Listen to your music through these rubbish MusicLens sunglasses

If you’ve ever suffered through trying to squeeze headphones over your sunglasses (me neither), MusicLens may just be the answer to your prayers.MusicLens combines sunglasses with inbuilt speakers in the arms, allowing you to listen to music without the headphones. It claims to use “ultra high-quality one conduction technology” to increase audio quality while reducing external sound and minimising sound leakage.It’s possible to customise the glasses with prescription lenses, or fluorescent...

This Is What Your Workplace Rage Sounds Like

Like so many women, Anna Sale found herself reexamining her past work experiences as the #MeToo movement outed one serial abuser after the next. She’d worked for John Hockenberry, the host of the WNYC show The Takeaway, who had been accused of sexual harassment and bullying in a December report in The Cut. The culture of bullying and intimidation described in the report served as a trigger. “It was that experience of looking back as though I’d put on a a different prescription of glasses and...

This ICO Wants To Develop AR Smart Glasses Top Tech Giants Couldn't

Tweet ThisPhoto courtesy of LucydFounded in 2017, Lucyd is an emerging tech startup that specializes in developing augmented reality mobile apps and wearable smart products. Their flagship product offering is a pair of AR smart glasses, known as Lucyd Lenses.These wearable eyeglasses allow up to a 120-degree field of view, while also featuring optical micro-displays, eye tracking, head motion sensors, fast refresh speeds, free-form optics, and zonal estimation for both regular and irregular...