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Anti Blue Rays,Reduce Eyestrain,UV Protection,360 Foldable Temples,Computer For

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[10/30/18, via ]
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Yahoo Finance [10/29/18, via Yahoo Finance]
15 Things Retirees Should Buy at Costco I often see a recurring deal at Costco for $30 off a second pair of glasses after paying the full ride on your first pair. And though you may be tempted to use online eyeglass services, remember fit is crucial. And try as it might, the Internet isn't [...]

ABC News [10/12/18, via ABC News]
'GMA' Deals and Steals: Exclusive discounts on essential products that make life easier on-the-go Score big savings on everything from scarves with zippered pockets to armless reading glasses, duffel sets and more. The deals start at just $10, and they are all Plus, get an exclusive Daily Deal online daily from Tory! Through December 20, you [...]

[10/29/18, via Cody Enterprise]
COLUMN: Crystal brightens office space Some of my reading indicates that my productivity would markedly increase if my office space were a certain color (blue), smelled nice, had a plant, appropriate lighting (bright for analytical, dimmer for creativity), and so on. Plus, as one online [...]

AltBitStorm [10/30/18, via AltBitStorm]
Best Magnifying Visor Deals are Now Available Online Magnifying EyewearA adjustable head worn magnifying glasses with clear lenses designed for seniors, hobbyists and professionals.The Perfect Lens For Any TaskThe 1X to 2.5X magnifying lenses are ideal for reading and handsfree applications like sewing  [...]

"We can design our online courses for everyone in a spectrum of ability: visually, for blindness, for color-blindne… 

If you've missed placed your reading glasses and want to read the early voting results on a big screen, the Calhoun… 

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Now at the point with age-related eyesight deterioration that I now take reading glasses out to the pub if it's jus… 

Need glasses at a reasonable price? Keep reading... #eyes #eyeglasses 

A History of the World in Six Glasses A History of the World in Six Glasses
Published by Anchor Canada 2010
ISBN 9780307375117,0307375110
320 pages
The Read-Aloud Handbook The Read-Aloud Handbook
Published by Penguin USA 1995
ISBN 0140469710,9780140469714
387 pages
Song Reader Song Reader
ISBN 0571299407,9780571299409
112 pages
Take Off Your Glasses and See Take Off Your Glasses and See
Published by Harmony 2011
ISBN 9780307795366,0307795365
288 pages

Flying for Spring Break? Airplane Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

arizona window glass phoenix catchycolors design pattern minolta zoom mosaic stainedglass z5 artglass tessarae notamacro artofart religulous 3mytop100 Photo by cobalt123 on Flickr

Yes it will be tough, NO you probably will not get much reading done, and don’t even think of trying to enjoy a movie, but you WILL survive. Crafts and art items are great ways to keep little ones still. When packing things that shut your child, think about 10 minute blocks of time. What will keep them occupied for that amount of time. Beads and Pipecleaners: Be careful, these can be messy, but if you keep the beads in a ziplock or ask a flight attendant for an extra water cup and let your toddler string them on one at a time, they will be thrilled with the bracelet that they... Wikki Stix: I have only been able to find these on bendy stings online,.

[via urbanbaby&toddler magazine]

Wearable Tech show London with added serendipity

blue windows toronto ontario canada reflection building glass wall cityscape sku archiutecture Photo by wvs on Flickr

Yesterday I popped along on just an expo pass to London’s Excel centre for the Wearable Technology show . Despite its name it is not all about wrist watches that check your heart rate. The organisers have recognised the wider implications of things getting more instrumented, more data flowing and more business opportunities in the Internet of Things industry pattern. I had several reasons to pop along, the main one there will be a little more on later. One of the reasons I went to the show was to see some of the sports tracking wearables though. I was interested in both the physical monitoring, taking it past heart rate, and how the coaching software was shaping up to make sense of the data. That seems a good idea in general, and for a martial art, not having things on our wrists, yet getting some great.

[via Life at the Feeding Edge]

[03/16/16, via Quadrangle]
Footballer 'caught urinating in beer glass' at Cheltenham Festival MK Dons are also investigating the involvement of Carruthers, with a statement reading: "The club has commenced an internal ... certain of the footballers are caught on camera appearing to urinate in glasses and allegedly tipping the contents over the ... [...]

[03/14/16, via PCR]
Currys PC World to open HTC Vive demo rooms 'this week' There’s 2160 x1200 combined resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate, as well as interchangeable foam inserts and nose pads to provide customised comfort for those who need to keep their glasses on while gaming. The two handheld controllers each have 24 sensors ... [...]

[03/13/16, via Babble]
Yes, Our Kids Have Every Right to Be Pissed About the Photos We Share Online she yelled at me. Now, she also happened to be shirtless while eating a tub of ice cream and wearing my reading glasses on the couch … but of course, I would never post a shirtless photo of my daughter online for the world to see. Still, the fact that ... [...]

[03/13/16, via]
San Antonio Spurs 2016 NBA Playoffs Gear & Apparel Keep reading to find out how to get the newest NCAA Men's Tournament ... Click here to find out how to get the newest Derby gear, including clothing, official Mint Julep glasses and hats. [...]

[03/10/16, via Daily Mail]
No more bifocals! Deep Optics glasses track the wearer's eye movements to AUTOMATICALLY adjust their focus This would then switch the lenses to a preset prescription for reading glasses. According to Deep Optics, however, their technology is aimed at imitating natural vision. 'To imitate natural vision, we need a lens that can change its optical power without ... [...]

If Meditation Apps Don’t Appeal to You, These Brain-Reading Sunglasses Just Might

Can smartphone-connected sunglasses bring your mind to a place of peace?Smith Optics Technology for meditation: It sounds like a paradox, right? The whole point of meditation, in a sense, is to unplug. And yet, meditation tech has become wildly popular over the past year. Apple picked the app Calm, a mindfulness and meditation app, for its app of the year in 2017, and competitors like Headspace have developed loyal followings. Meditation has...

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Now that winter is rearing its icy head, I am not one of those people who wax nostalgic about fireplaces and heating their homes with open fireplaces or wood/coal burning stoves or furnaces.Imagine Festus Haggen of the old tv show, Gunsmoke, 40 years older than he was in the show, in the lingerie department of a modern-day, big-box, clothing store shopping for Miss Kitty some new bloomers for Christmas. And while you have that in mind, imagine him having consumed a pint or so of 100 proof...

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Medien isolieren Individuen voneinander - diese Angst ist mehr als 100 Jahre alt.© fotolia/mirkoMedien isolieren Individuen voneinander - diese Angst ist mehr als 100 Jahre alt.© fotolia/mirkoAm 26. Dezember 1906 veröffentlichte das britische Satire-Journal "Punch, or The London Charivari" eine Karikatur, die mit dem Titel "Forecasts for 1907" überschrieben war. Darauf zu sehen ist eine fiktive Szene im Hyde Park, wo eine Frau und ein Mann auf einem Stuhl sitzend mit ihren Radioempfängern zu...