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Everything Wrong With Django Unchained In 4 Minutes Or Less

You asked for it, so we watched it many times. Now we're desensitized to violence and the n-word. Here are all the sins we found in Tarantino's latest, Django ...

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[10/09/18, via ]
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The Columbus Dispatch [10/06/18, via The Columbus Dispatch]
'Disrupter' looks at low-cost prescription eyewear Even a good pair of sunglasses can retail for hundreds of dollars, but they are cheap to produce in Asia — less than $10 per pair, he said. So, when he looked into the prescription eyewear business, he realized that he could duplicate the success he [...]

New York Times [10/07/18, via New York Times]
What We Learned in NFL Week 5 Depending on your perspective, a dominant win over Atlanta in which the Steelers' defense was great, James Conner rushed for two touchdowns and Roethlisberger had two of his three touchdown passes go to Brown was either a sign that things are turning [...]

Business Insider [09/19/18, via Business Insider]
The best women's leather jackets you can buy Do you want to splurge on something that will really last or pick up a trendier style for less? And do . Our favorite pair of sunglasses for women are the Under Armour Road Getaway Sunglasses because they have a classic look and a sturdy build. You [...]

[10/09/18, via Business Jet Traveler]
For Your Pilot: Get Informed about Melanoma! About the same time, I had become aware that flight crews have an elevated risk for certain types of cancer. Several studies over the past few decades have Polarized sunglasses don't mix well with glass cockpits so I have one pair of shades for [...]


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Princess Half Marathon 2016 – Race Recap

newyork smile sunglasses couple boots manhattan strangers appreciation elderly age kindness murray gentleman helping centralparkwest graciousness kindnessofstrangers elderlygentleman uo2gckwty25 Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

This is overdue, but I’ve had a hard time writing this despite the fact that I’ve talked to many friends about my experience. So, keep this in mind as you read: I’m SO glad I did the Princess Half Marathon and would make the same decision again if I had to go back in time. I did a lot of research before I went to the Princess Half Marathon. I read recaps, I joined Facebook groups (hi Princesses. ), and it helped a ton that I was also running as a Miracle Maker and had a built in support through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I learned that shuttles started at 3 AM and 3 AM was recommended because the lines would get longer and then you ran the risk of NOT getting to the corrals in time. So, what time did my half marathon morning start.

[via Clarity Defined]

"Go... Sit... and Stare" - A Singles' Guide to Weddings

street portrait urban black london sunglasses grey glasses mirror shiny flickr fuji natural mark streetportrait naturallight stranger suit carnabystreet carnaby aviator accountant strangerportrait urbanportrait 100strangers 100strangersproject urbanscot lastolitereflector urbanscotphotography portraitwithpermission may2015 fujixt1 Photo by The Urban Scot on Flickr

Sure, I got you through the holidays with my Singles' Holiday Guide and my instructions on writing the perfect solo Christmas letter. And yep, I helped you through the New Year with my Tips for Finding Love in 2016. But now the holidays are over and it's spring, that magical season when a young person's fancy turns to love. No, your fancy is currently occupied with other pressing matters, such as registries and RSVPs, because it's almost Wedding Season. How are you going to conquer Wedding Season alone. This is far too big a question for me to answer without help, so I turned to my Facebook friends for their advice. " He pointed out that this method has two advantages: It's really uncomfortable for him, and it's really uncomfortable for everyone else.

[via Alison Rose Writes]

[03/15/16, via Daily Mail]
Meeting your secret boyfriend? Kendall Jenner goes incognito in aviator shades and Yeezus hoodie... after gal pal Selena Gomez revealed she's in relationship She was dressed comfortably in a black Yeezus sweater along with clinging black leggings and Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit trainers ... Nike sneakers and aviator sunglasses with a printed Givenchy bag as a finishing touch. Alo's sporty yet sexy activewear is ... [...]

[03/15/16, via GamesRadar]
Resident Evil 20 years later: the many faces of Biohazard 173,760 hours of Albert Wesker insisting on wearing sunglasses at night. You’re almost old enough ... the original that incorporated mechanics from sequels like Resident Evil 4’s devoted knife button for slicing up zombies in close encounters. [...]

[03/15/16, via SPIN]
Tiga: From Montreal to ‘Planet E’ When we speak over the phone, it’s apparent he’s sick — his voice subdued, his tone congested — but the techno shapeshifter is soon to perk up; it would be a mistake to expect anything less of the ... synth-pop smash “Sunglasses At Night ... [...]

[03/14/16, via WLOS ABC 13]
Ticket to LiveWell Rules Winner 4: One (1) three (3)-part brain performance ... Winner 9: One (1) "His" pair of Sunglasses and one (1) "Hers" pair of Sunglasses from Blue Ridge Eye Care. Total approximate retail value of prize will not be less than $150.00 and will not be greater ... [...]

[03/14/16, via Reading Eagle]
Artificial light can keep houseplants growing in winter You almost need sunglasses to look into or enter phytotrons ... How much light is there under one standard two-tube, 4-foot fluorescent light fixture? The unit of measure for light recalls the days before electricity: one foot-candle (abbreviated fc ... [...]

Why Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski Adore Poppy Lissiman’s Retro Sunglasses

Instagram has made it almost impossible to scroll through a fashion-focused feed without coming across one of Australian designer Poppy Lissiman’s sunglasses or bags. Particularly her iconic Le Skinny style, which, as the name implies, is a super skinny retro cat-eye shape that comes in a range of colors—as well as black. Bella Hadid has been spotted in multiple iterations of them. Caroline Vreeland, Emily Ratajkowski, Sita Abellan and Nicola Peltz are just a few others who have sported...

Here's skinny on American-made sunglasses

Summer is here, and that means lots of time outdoors and thinking about all the things you’ll need when you’re exposed to the bright, summer sun.If you’re like me, you want to buy American-made sunglasses, but the price is often $100 or more for a quality pair, and buying American in this area can be very costly, especially if you have a history of losing your sunglasses or end up inadvertently scratching them from just everyday use.If you want to avoid the high price tag for American-made...

Facebook Patents AR Glasses: 4 Ways The Device May Change Communication

Many tech pundits have predicted that smart glasses are the future of mobile communication. Michael Abrash, Oculus’ principal researcher, stated at last year’s Facebook F8 conference, "20 or 30 years from now, I predict that instead of carrying stylish smartphones everywhere, we'll wear stylish glasses. Those glasses will offer VR, AR and everything in between, and we'll use them all day.”In August, Alex Kipman, who helped create HoloLens technology, said, “The potential of these devices [AR...