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Sunglasses Haul from 99¢ Only Dollar Store | SimDanelleStyle

Click THUMBS UP if you love dollar stores and dollar store hauls! In this 99¢ Only dollar store beauty haul I show the sunglasses I found at 99 Cents Only.

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Check out Bridget’s sunglasses she scored for 99 cents she said when she wears it she feels like she’s on another… 

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Integrating Beginning Math and Literature Integrating Beginning Math and Literature
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Sunglasses After Dark Sunglasses After Dark
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Today I didn't do much art. Also my mom isn't feeling well, so I didn't sleep well, so I didn't have any weird dream inspirations. I have a collection of sunglasses:. I end up with so many because I will go driving somewhere and forget to bring sunglasses, and have to stop and buy a pair at the drugstore or gas station. The 99 Cents store sometimes has good ones too. Some of the cat-eye sunglasses near the top are from the 90's. I never wear those.

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Pour that bubbly: Future has his own emoji now

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[03/16/16, via Forbes]
This Entrepreneur Earns Almost $100K A Year Selling Bananas It’s $9.99 for a basic decorated banana and then 99 cents for every add on (like a bow tie, sunglasses, hair, etc.) Did he ever think he’d be making a living this way? “No,” laughs Wilson. “But it’s a cool way to send a personal message to ... [...]

[03/11/16, via]
Get men’s dress shirts and juniоrs’ shоrts and tees fоr a pennу at JC Penneу Thriftу shoppers always seem to love BOGO deals, and this beats even the best with a second item for onlу one cent ... easу care khakis $29.99 (Reg. $50) 30% off select juniors ’ swimwear 40% off select juniors ’ sunglasses and flip flops Buу ... [...]

[03/09/16, via LA Weekly]
Best Places to Go Thrifting on L.A.'s Eastside On the other hand, I think of “vintage” shops as carrying highly curated selections of clothing and accessories that I can’t afford, like an authentic Chanel bag or prescription sunglasses ... display of VHS tapes, 99-cent CD-ROM computer games ... [...]

[03/08/16, via]
Inga’s Story (Again) She wore dark sunglasses, and had jet black shoulder-length hair and ... Tell a friend’s Joe is back! Joe’s Two Cents – It’s Great To Be Alive is Joe Paradis’ first published book and gathers 40 of his most popular stories, enhancing them with ... [...]

[03/07/16, via Senegal Actu]
JCPenney To Offer 1-Cent Deals Analysts had been estimating a 25-cent-a-share loss ... where it sells handbags, sunglasses and jewelry. A customer enters a J.C. Penney store on November 20, 2013 in Daly City, California. Revenue rose almost 3 percent to $3.99 billion, above the $3 ... [...]

Leopard print? Lurex? At this time of year try all the trends you're normally afraid of

One movie which has had a huge impact on fashion is Ridley Scott’s 1980s cult classic Blade Runner, set in Los Angeles in 2019. Its gritty, dark style described as dystopian disco chic has influenced many designers, among them Raf Simons, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Vivienne Westwood and Gucci.This winter the film’s vision of a sartorial future was referenced in collections from Chanel, Saint Laurent and Comme des Garcons and is cited as the idea and cinematic mood behind this fashion...

Fake solar eclipse sunglasses are flooding the market — and they can blind you

Solar eclipse viewing glasses in Depoe Bay OregonThomson ReutersLOS ANGELES — When millions of Americans turn their faces skyward to witness the nation's first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in a century, many will reach for specially designed sunglasses, but experts caution the public to stay clear of unsafe counterfeits.Even as makers of certified, safety-tested solar eye ware rushed to meet surging demand before the Aug. 21 eclipse, they have joined astronomers and optometrists in...

Q&A: As Olympics approach, things to know about Pyeongchang

#ndn-video-player-1.ndn_embedded .ndn_floatContainer { margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px; }#ndn-video-player-2.ndn_embedded .ndn_floatContainer { margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px; }PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (AP) — The Olympics are coming to one of the most remote, ruggedly beautiful parts of South Korea, an area known for icy winds, a collapsed mining industry, towering granite mountains that blot out the horizon and for a tough, proud, rapidly aging population as curious about the...