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HorseShoe Gang - Sunglasses & Advil ft. Iceman

Music video by HorseShoe Gang performing Sunglasses & Advil (feat. Iceman). 2012 C.O.B. Music Group LLC / Treacherous Records ...

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RT @NUFBFamily: “Sunglasses and advil, last night was mad real.” #ProCats 

RT @NUFBFamily: “Sunglasses and advil, last night was mad real.” #ProCats 

Sunglasses and Advil

RT @FemiAbodunde: Tears on the mauseleom floor Blood stains the coliseum doors Who's bias do y'all seek? @S_C_ [We] Made it out alive. S…

RT @NUFBFamily: “Sunglasses and advil, last night was mad real.” #ProCats 


bag messenger whatsinyourbag timbuk2 whatsinmybag hemp Photo by brandoncripps on Flickr

So for those of you who have Facebook, you get those reminders about memories from posts that happened previous years. like a teenager. Today, I was reminded about the beginning of the second semester of my Freshman year. Immediately, my mind went to the first weekend back. That weekend, my friends and I went shopping for some Saturday night club event. I bought some FLY over the knee leather boots , a cute BeBe top. like we were stepping out. The night ended up being memorable for the fact that we were so drunk we couldn’t get into the club, we went out without coats, we fell in the snow a few times and had cuts from it, the police stopped us because one of my friends was clearly... ), my brown boots were ruined [I just bought them UGH ] and one of my friends ended up in the hospital.

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Packing for South Korea

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When my room isn't organized, my entire life feels utterly chaotic. I have two suitcases, one carry on, and a backpack, my room is disheveled and my living room is equally a mess. Packing for South Korea has probably got to be the most stressful thing about this entire process. Upon reading countless other blogs and watching videos of other people's experiences I only have some ideas on what I should and should not pack. I've decided to play it safe and pack what I think will be necessary for me and then see what is available over there when I settle in. So with that being said here is a list of things I decided to bring with me and some things I have decided to... Things I Packed: I decided to take with me a large carry on bag and a back pack as my two carry on pieces.

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[03/13/16, via BuzzFeed]
11 Cocktails For Crazy Cat Ladies The pickles probably taste better but hey, sometimes you need candy. Take two Advil, put on your sunglasses, and nurse that hangover like a goddamn champ. Taylor Miller and Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed It’s warm, it’s relaxing, and too many may make ... [...]

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Safety never goes on vacation Pack the necessities such as sunblock, but also aspirin, ibuprofen or any other necessary medications ... to always remember that while you’re packing your favorite pair of sunglasses or a new swimsuit you bought, you also need to stock up on different ... [...]

[03/01/16, via New Times Broward Palm Beach]
The Campers' Guide to Okeechobee Fest (OK, ibuprofen, condoms, and rain boots are up there too ... Chances are you'll be inebriated by noon, so be sure to lather first thing each morning. Pack a cheap pair of sunglasses (you will probably lose them), and dear Lord, wear a hat. [...]

[09/24/15, via Examiner]
Corey Woods personified luxury with NY Fashion Week YEROC eyewear presentation Even on a "sunglasses and Advil" kind of day, wouldn't you rather cover your eyes with a top-notch pair of shades? Stylish sunglasses can provide the perfect accent to the simplest outfit, and nothing says style like YEROC. Corey Woods launched his ... [...]

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Coverage of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards What was your first reaction when you saw what Vanessa Hudgens wore to the VMAs? Mine was… “Oh f-ck off!” We know you had to miss Coachella this year because you were on Broadway. This doesn’t mean you have to spend the next 11 months dressing like ... [...]

Sunglasses, Advil and a Bridesmaid Dress: Hangover Yoga Post-Bachelorette Party

"After the show, it's the after party. After the party, it's the hotel lobby..." After the bachelorette party, it's the... yoga? Yes, if you know what's good for you. While it can't undo the loss of a month's rent on blackjack in Vegas or hooking up with the bride's future brother-in-law, yoga can in fact help expedite your hangover recovery on the morning after the bride-to-be's requisite brouhaha.Waking with a throbbing head, zero energy, overworked dancing legs and digestive distress --...

Tamara Ecclestone Is An Heiress With A $300 Million Fortune Who Loves A Bargain

Tamara Ecclestone has the life. She's a 33-year-old heiress with a $300 million net worth. Her father is Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone. Tamara's closet alone is drool worthy. She has 22 pairs of Gucci shoes, 81 pajama sets, 72 pairs of designer sunglasses, and an entire wall of Chanel handbags. She owns 47 clutch handbags by Chanel and 33 by Jimmy Choo. Her closet contains 75 floral dresses alone. Tamara has admitted that she has so many clothes, shoes, and handbags that she...

How To Stop A New Year’s Eve Hangover Before It Starts

Waking up with a hangover is everyone’s worst nightmare, but with New Year’s Eve merely days away it’s about to become reality for a lot of overzealous party animals. When these people do wake up with a pounding headache and nausea that just won’t quit, they’ll undoubtedly be searching for the Gatorade they thought they purchased last night before drinking water straight from the faucet.Kanye recommends sunglasses and Advil, but what if you could turn back the clock and take steps...