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Ray-Ban Black Friday Deals: save up to 50-percent on classic frames These larger sunglasses flatter most face shapes. View Deal These unisex sunglasses are designed with unique style cues taken from the Erika style, but spun into a slightly more masculine shape with square lenses and a less circular frame shape. [...]

TechCrunch [11/01/18, via TechCrunch]
Custom eyewear startup King Children raises $2 million To get started, you use the KC app to take a 3D scan of your face. From there, you can design your own pair of glasses based on the shape of your face, structure and hairstyle. Then, you can adjust the lens height and width, nose bridge, nose pad [...]

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Me and my glasses I love to mix shapes and colours to the outfit I'm wearing. I know I have a unique situation in that I have so many of my own styles to choose from. My advice for ladies is to always remember to go for a style that compliments your own face shape and [...] [05/10/18, via]
How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape Knowing which sunglass frames are right for your face shape will help you pick a style that complements your features instead of fighting with them. It'll also stave off the paralysis of choice that's left you with the same busted pair of drugstore [...]

Sunglasses By Face Shape

Raven is a fictional character in the Tekken fighting game series. Raven is one of the three characters introduced in Tekken 5, along with Asuka Kazama and Feng Wei , little is said about him in Tekken 5. In his Story mode, Raven will occasionally get orders from his commanding officer, highlighted by his encounters with Heihachi and Jinpachi.
Many have noted Raven's similarity to characters played by actor Wesley Snipes. His dyed hairstyle is similar to the character Simon Phoenix from Demolition Man and his black clothing, sunglasses, and personality are reminiscent of the title character of Blade. However, when Electronic Gaming Monthly asked if the similarities were intentional, Namco stated that they simply wanted a true ninjitsu practitioner and a "cool black guy" for a...

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Add some accessories like watch (if ada ni je pun okay), clutch, sunglasses. Ohh! Seluar. Sure you guys can manage… 

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Choose Your Sunglasses According To Your Face Shape!

blackandwhite chicago streets sunglasses portraits duo sthcsp leicam2 spsalon scanfromprint 50int monostreet oldsilver Photo by chuckp on Flickr

This article explores different types of face shapes and talks about which sunglasses will suit each the most. Oval Face You are lucky if you are born with oval face shape. People with oval face have same length and breadth, and almost all types of sunglasses complement their face. You have more room to play with different shapes, colors, and styles to bring put a different side of your personality every time you go out. Round Face People with round face have longer breadth than length. This is why square frames and cat eyes are the best sunglass’ frame option for them. These frames add depth and angle to your face.

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Holiday Essentials.

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I love packing for holidays, I just hate unpacking. I have a big holiday coming up but my biggest thing right now is trying to figure out which camera to buy that’s more travel friendly than my big dslr. I’d love any recommendationa you might have, or a post on travel friendly cameras. I’m a great holiday packer in the sense that I always have what I need with me, in the way that I don’t feel like I left something essential behind or didn’t pack enough of something. I don’t know when I’ll ever learn not to pack too much.


[03/14/16, via Philstar]
Sunglasses anytime Among the top items for the sunny season are sunglasses. Sunglasses that rightly complements the wearer's particular shape of face can really bring on the so-called "killer looks!" Most people know of sunglasses only for its fashion value. But, while it is ... [...]

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Dress Code: CRAP Eyewear’s Highly Stylized Shades Suit Every Face & Fancy Crap sunglasses are made for living – wear ‘em to ... Luckily, CRAP Eyewear has enough styles and shapes to fit both my mood and my face. CRAP’s Jungle Tort Flash collection was right up my alley, especially the T.V. Eye and Tuff Patrol pairs. [...]

[03/12/16, via Pinkvilla]
Guess Where Sonakshi Is Headed To? She posted, ‘Madrid... Ready or not, here I come.’ We love Sonakshi’s casual airport look and those sunglasses compliment her face shape perfectly. Even, IIFA 2016’s official Twitter handle posted about Sonakshi’s happy-to-go-lucky airport look. [...]

[03/08/16, via Arab News]
Shades of style: How to choose your sunglasses It is the most coveted of all face shapes and it looks good in a multitude of different sunglasses styles. Celebrities with this shape include actress Eva Mendes and supermodel Christy Turlington. Although oval faced women will find it easier to find a ... [...]

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This spring's hot trends in sunglasses: Round, pastel, all black and cool cat eye Style expert Lilliana Vazquez stopped by TODAY Wednesday to show us the four hottest trends in sunglasses — and where to find celebrity-inspired looks for less. "This is a trend I think that looks good on all face shapes," Vazquez told Kathie Lee Gifford ... [...]

Finally, sunglasses that fit Asian face shapes

Image: Instagram, Covry SunwearBy David Yi2015-08-04 01:45:27 UTCNo nose bridge? No problem. At least not with this new line of sunglasses, called Covry Sunwear, which specifically caters to Asian faces and others with smaller nose curvatures. It's a problem that many Asians who shop for sunglasses face: Finding sunnies that actually fit their distinct shapes. Traditionally, sunglasses brands — from low-end to luxury — have not designed exclusively for smaller curvatures. Covry Sunwear...

20 Flattering Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

1 of 20Lulus Round Faces Advertisement - Continue Reading Below2 of 20ASOS Round Faces Advertisement - Continue Reading Below3 of 20Net-a-Porter Round Faces Advertisement - Continue Reading Below4 of 20Quay Australia Round Faces Advertisement - Continue Reading Below5 of 20Nordstrom Round Faces Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowAdvertisement - Continue Reading Below6 of 20Perverse Sunglasses...

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape — & Style Personality

Shopping for eyewear can feel a little formulaic: You stare at a mirror long enough to figure out your face shape, then find a style that best complements your features — whether it be circular lenses for your square face or angular lenses for a round one. Then, you proceed to wear the same frame every day. Simple. However, the rules of optical don't necessarily translate to sunglasses, as far as face shape is concerned. While the general guidelines are the same, they're...