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Thank you so much for subscribing yah sexy beast! My favorite accessory, hands down, has to be sunglasses! And I am also obsessed with flowers! Why not ...

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Unisex NOOSA DIY Button Sunglasses For Outdoor Sports Glasses gift wholesale

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Unisex life Outdoor Sunglasses fit DIY Chunks Snap Button charm Wholesale gift


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[10/31/18, via ]
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Yahoo News [10/31/18, via Yahoo News]
13 last-minute Halloween costumes you can make with stuff you have around the house Sometimes, the more DIY and last minute a costume is, the more fun it is to wear. Some of these costumes are punny visual gags. You'll need your chicest outfit, fanciest bling, and roundest sunglasses. Swap sunglasses for reading glasses and you [...] - News 4 [10/27/18, via - News 4]
Dressed 4 Halloween: DIY costumes on a budget Add a party hat, available at any children's birthday or at your local dollar store, and sunglasses to really complete the look. Bread Winner. Grab the loaf of bread out of your kitchen and you're already mostly finished. Add a race bib you've kept [...]

Billboard [10/29/18, via Billboard]
Becky G, Bad Bunny & More DIY Halloween Costume Ideas to Dress as Your Favorite Latin Stars suggests the following costume ideas inspired by some of our favorite Latin artists and music videos that are fun and easy to put together at the last minute. Check them out below. Bad Bunny sexy bathroom selfie. What You Need: Trendy [...] [10/30/18, via]
6 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired by Selena Gomez When it comes to everyday affordable fashion, Selena Gomez is one of our go-to muses. But this Halloween, she's also serving as our inspiration for some very last-minute costume ideas for All Hallow's Eve festivities. She's had a few great DIY costumes [...]

Sunglasses Diy

Kipkay is an American author of how-to videos. As of 2008, he is the all-time top-grossing MetaCafe user with earning more than $120,000 for his series of instructional videos.
He has posted how-to videos demonstrating how people might re-engineer common household items, such as a flashlight or sunglasses, to show how they might acquire more power or usefulness; for example, in one video, he demonstrates how to turn a flashlight into a laser light. Kip Kay now has his own show on YouTube Tv which is a channel offered by Road Runner Cable. As of February 2012, Kay's YouTube videos combined, have reached over 320,000,000 views, with over 1 million subscribers.
He was interviewed on WJR Radio in 2008, and was heard on the show Videomaker. Kay appeared on the DIY Network TV show...

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12 Awesome DIY Sunglasses Makeovers: 

I liked a @YouTube video  Custodia per occhiali FAI DA TE // DIY Sunglasses case

RT @_NochuPhoria_: When I hear abt some bs tht Jin pulled on Big Hit, all I can imagine is him strutting out of the building w/ sunglasses

Crochet Sunglasses Emoji Pillow 

Crochet Sunglasses Emoji Pillow 

I Spy DIY Style I Spy DIY Style
Published by Potter Craft 2012
ISBN 9780307587152,0307587150
160 pages
1001 Ways to Stop Overeating, End Boredom and Just Have Fun 1001 Ways to Stop Overeating, End Boredom and Just Have Fun
Published by Lulu Press, Inc 2015
ISBN 9781329040311,1329040317
Girl’s Guide to DIY Fashion Girl’s Guide to DIY Fashion
Published by C&T Publishing Inc 2015
ISBN 9781607059967,1607059967
128 pages
Sticky Fingers Sticky Fingers
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2014
ISBN 9781936976546,1936976544
240 pages

Get Your Skin Ready for Summer Checklist

sunglasses diy crafts howto parlor sunglassescase blanketstitch sunglassesholder upcycledleather parlordiarycom Photo by srivard72 on Flickr

For the best exfoliation treatment of your arm and leg skin (soon to be showing in your summer clothing), Dr. Bailey recommends the Complete Body Skin Care Kit. They are proof that it turns dry, scaly, rough and old looking skin into dewy, smooth and hydrated skin almost instantly. Bailey’s favorite sunless tanner for the face and body is Self-Tanning Lotion for Sensitive Skin by Avene. The exfoliation step goes right along with this because, clearing away dead skin is very necessary, before you apply sunless tanner. If you skip this important step, your skin will look splotchy and the application will be uneven. Because UVA and UVB rays can come from everywhere, not just overhead, it’s important to augment your sunscreen with clothing that will protect your skin and eyes.

[via Dr. Bailey's Skin Care Blog]

5 Reasons Why I Love Fanny Packs for Travel

sunglasses diy crafts howto parlor sunglassescase blanketstitch sunglassesholder upcycledleather parlordiarycom Photo by srivard72 on Flickr

A few months ago, while searching for the ideal travel purse, I discovered fanny packs (hip belts, hip purse, waist pack) as a serious alternative. I had looked at clutch-sized cross body bags, including my daily crossbody purse, but they too were large enough to be noticeable and heavy on the shoulder it sat on. Enter the fanny pack. I had been online searching for fanny packs and found some that looked like it actually came from this decade. I was even contemplating making my own, but as time ran out, I didn’t get around to DIY-ing this project. Pack light: It’s easy to overstuff a purse, but when traveling on the go, you need barely enough.

[via Adventurer Experience]

[03/12/16, via Daily Mail]
Domestic duties! Real Housewife of Melbourne star Gamble Breaux opts for style not comfort in sky high stilettos as she bathes her 'fur babies' at DIY dog wash The reality television star finished her look with a grey marbled patterned blouse and a pair of over-sized reflective sunglasses. Her long blonde locks were worn loose around her shoulders and she went with a barely-there makeup look for the outing. [...]

[03/11/16, via Vibe]
Dress Code: CRAP Eyewear’s Highly Stylized Shades Suit Every Face & Fancy Why The Name: The idea was to make a brand that was basically a middle finger to the established sunglass market – DIY streetwear made by the youth for the youth. As I’ve matured, I’ve grown to appreciate design and fashion and have a tremendous ... [...]

[03/01/16, via]
This Awesome Company is Making Recycled Sunglasses Out of Fishing Nets! That’s where Bureo comes in. “The majority of the population owns at least one pair of plastic sunglasses, none of which are made in a responsible way,” Bureo’s founders told Ecouterre. “This new collection of sunglasses represents a major step ... [...]

[02/24/16, via Ecouterre]
Bureo Debuts Sunglasses Made From 100 Percent Recycled Fishing Nets Designed in collaboration with Karun, an eyewear company based in Chile, all three styles in the “Ocean Collection” comprise 100 percent traceable and recycled nylon from nets collected via Net Positiva, a first-of-its-kind fishnet collection and ... [...]

[02/23/16, via Ubergizmo]
DIY Lady GaGa Video Glasses You can always come up with your own DIY Lady GaGa video glasses, as long as you are able to get your hands around a couple of tiny digital photo frames, sticking them into a pair of hollowed-out sunglasses of the right size. Well, this is a pretty ... [...]

I heart glasses

CollectCollect this now for later lindsay0 Cute I heart glassesCollectCollect this now for later lindsay0 Small bracelets I heart glassesCollectCollect this now for later lindsay0 vintage I heart glassesCollectCollect this now for...

6 Things to Know When Buying Glasses Online

© robertsrob eye exam If you're shopping for a new pair of eyeglasses, you may get sticker shock when you pick up a pair of frames at your local optician's office. It certainly doesn't help that vision insurance doesn't always cover glasses — and when it does, it may not cover the whole cost. Another option is to take your shopping to the internet, where you'll find a better selection and lower prices. Here are six things to know when buying glasses online. Your Prescription Status You'll...

DIY a cool new backsplash or accent wall

Timberchic is a reclaimed wood plank, peel-and-stick affordable DIY design solution made from 100 percent river reclaimed logs.(Photo: Pretty Handy Girl)Art Van closing clearance centers, opening outletsIf you saw the recent ads for the Clearance Center Closeout at Art Van, you weren’t seeing things. After more than 30 years, Art Van is liquidating the clearance center in each of its stores and shifting to a different model — an outlet. “The liquidation sale is all this month with the...