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Dragon 720-1809 Vantage Jet Lime/Grey Sunglasses New Authentic Wrap 66 $99.00

Dragon 720-1809 Vantage Jet Lime/Grey Sunglasses New Authentic Wrap 66

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Dragon DR513S Monarch 002 Matte Black Sunglasses New Authentic 55

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Dragon DR509S Samuel 002 Matte Black Sunglasses New Authentic 56

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Dragon DR510S Robbs 002 Matte Black Sunglasses New Authentic 54


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[10/15/18, via ]
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Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) [09/16/18, via Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)]
Music Midtown 2018 Day 1 photos and recap: Fall Out Boy, Post Malone and many more The first of the two-day annual festival in Piedmont Park boasted a lineup spotlighting Fall Out Boy, Post Malone, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Kacey Musgraves, The Revivalists, Portgual.The Man and many more. Day 2 will bring Imagine Dragons, Kendrick [...] [09/27/18, via]
'We have to see his humanity': Pa. Human Relations Commission reacts to speaker from KKK Ultimately, the executive director of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, Chad Dion Lassiter, took the mic when the gentleman who called himself Jim and claimed to be a grand dragon out of Hershey was finished. Lassiter invited the man to stay [...]

Vanity Fair [10/02/18, via Vanity Fair]
Michael B. Jordan's Technicolor Dreams It's right around the time I'm prattling on about racial diversity in Hollywood that Michael B. Jordan, the movie star, floors the gas pedal and sends his blade-like sports car ripping down the Pacific Coast Highway, a fast-forward jolt that turns [...]

Fashionista (blog) [09/24/18, via Fashionista (blog)]
Must Read: Alessandro Michele on His Vision for Gucci, How Fashion Has Changed Amid the #MeToo Movement In a conversation that covers everything from Michele's therapy sessions to baby dragons and meeting Alexander McQueen, Blanks peels back the layers of a designer whose creative vision has won over fashion. The pint-sized member of the Kardashian [...]

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Moan Mona's Bleu Man and the Scarecrow's Wicked Twig Moan Mona's Bleu Man and the Scarecrow's Wicked Twig
Published by Xlibris Corporation 2013
ISBN 9781483683140,1483683141
188 pages
The Dragon War Relic The Dragon War Relic
Published by Cedar Fort 2009
ISBN 9781599552811,1599552817
247 pages
106 pages
Naked Dragon Naked Dragon
Published by Penguin 2010
ISBN 9781101195451,1101195452
336 pages

Anti-radiation pants and sunglasses that take you to Jurassic Park...Welcome to the World of Wearable Tech - Herald Scotland

seattle portrait man sunglasses canon rebel 50mm george dof dragon dress balloon fremont parade wig transvestite crossdresser xsi 450d stolstice Photo by danoStL on Flickr

THEY monitor your heart rate, protect your unmentionables from radiation, and allow you to visit a virtual reality Jurassic Park from the comfort of your living room . but is wearable technology really going to transform our lives or are these... Among them is a pet pedometer, 'smart shoes' which read the street and are designed to prevent people with mobility problems from falling, and a pair of radiation-deflecting boxers to protect the more intimate zones of your body from mobile phone... Arthur Menard co-founder of the Spartan boxers company, said he spent more than year designing his 'anti-radiation pants' with the help of physicists, radiation experts and textile designers.


They're the biggest band in Asia, but Big Bang's days might be numbered - Stars and Stripes

ocean old boy sea summer sun man hot beach water beautiful hat sunglasses canon butterfly insect landscape thailand amazing sand asia dragon view dragonfly wave flip shore thai barefoot stunning samui chaweng peddler koh seashore flop 6d shoeless pedlar canon6d Photo by Roberto.Trombetta on Flickr

They’re Big Bang, and you’ve probably never heard of them. They’ve defied the idea that so-called K-pop is inevitably sugarcoated and factory-produced, and that boy bands are all about pretty faces and lip-synching. But now, as Big Bang celebrates its 10th anniversary, fans are beginning to deal with the unthinkable: that Big Bang as they know it may not exist for much longer. Thanks to the threat of North Korea, South Korea still has compulsory military service, requiring all men to complete at least 20 months’ duty before they turn 32. That means the clock is ticking for Big Bang, which consists of lead singer... Speculation is rife that T. O. P, who’s 28, could enlist this year, while G-Dragon and Taeyang, both.


[03/09/16, via South China Morning Post]
K-pop sensations Big Bang have taken the boy band in new directions – but for how much longer? Thanks to the threat of North Korea, South Korea still has compulsory military service, requiring all men ... G-Dragon says in Tokyo, where the band are on their 'Made' world tour. “I’m just kidding,” laughs the singer, wearing sunglasses and ... [...]

[03/05/16, via Stars and Stripes]
They’re the biggest band in Asia, but Big Bang’s days might be numbered "If we’re going to talk about that, we’ll feel sad," G-Dragon told The Washington Post in a rare interview in Tokyo while the band was on its M.A.D.E. world tour. "I’m just kidding," laughed the singer, who was wearing sunglasses and an oversize suit ... [...]

[04/01/15, via]
Girl, Dragon Tattoos, Daniel Craig Glasses Masculine style. 3 Handsome, manly, sleek, cool, collected men . Daniel Craig, George Clooney & Matt Damon for Vanity Fair....I'll take the first two! The man in the middle.... YUM! Daniel Craig, George Clooney, Matt Damon photographed by Annie Leibovitz ... [...]

[05/09/14, via Surfer Magazine]
Dragon Expands the H2O Floatable Collection Arriving just in time for summer, Dragon has expanded it’s first-ever H20 Floatable Collection of sunglasses to include an array of ... you’ll never lose in the water again. Produced for men and women who live their lives in and around the water ... [...]

[01/19/14, via]
G-dragon and xero Taeyang Bigbang, Gd Bigbang, Big Bang Kpop Taeyang, Big Bang Kpop G Dragon, Bigbang Gdyb, Bigbang Taeyang, Bigbang Kpop, Kpop Bigbang G-Dragon and Taeyang ♡ #BIGBANG #GDYB I really do love these boys... [...]

An official and unquestionable guide to the best couple’s Halloween costumes

(Picture: Getty)If you’re looking for a couple’s Halloween costume, you’re in the right place.We’ve got some very 2017 suggestions. Couple costumes aren’t just for romantic partners, either. Oh no no.  You can pull off any of these combos with a friend, same-sex partner or just someone you paid to do a couple costume with you because you thought it would make you look popular. It’s up to you.They’re all truly scary in their own ways.Donald & Melania(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty...

The life and times of Skyrim's best dragon: Macho Man Randy Savage

I'm just about to place my head on the chopping block when, all of a sudden, I hear a noise. "You say you don't know where the Macho Man is coming from," it sounds like. My captors ignore it, ordering me to place myself mere inches from the severed heads of those who went before me. That's when I see it. Introduced by a "Macho madness, sky's the limit," the cowboy-hat-and-sunglasses-wearing dragon lands on a nearby tower, sending everyone into a frenzy with a triumphant, "Yeah!" before...

Xander Zhou’s ‘Techno-Orientalism’

LONDON, United Kingdom — Last season, Zhou invented a fake corporation where all the employees dressed in the traditional uniform of two-piece suits and straight-laced ties. It was the gateway to a much deeper world, as Zhou reinvented that concept into a cinematic narrative this time round, with the men in the show representing different characters and the fake corporation acting as a plot device for his elaborate storytelling.First up there was the protagonist in open Chinese silk...