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1000 Pcs Micro-fiber Sunglasses Draw String Pouch Eyeglasses Carrying Bag


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[10/16/18, via ]
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Syfy Wire [10/04/18, via Syfy Wire]
These They Live-inspired glasses are here to chew bubble gum and kick ads — and they're all out of bubble gum Roddy Piper's John Nada gets fed up, and fast, with being manipulated by society's secret overlords in They Live, Carpenter's dystopian horror classic about taking the power back — and now a company is drawing inspiration from that idea to develop a  [...]

BusinessWorld Online [10/14/18, via BusinessWorld Online]
Working on glasses with an eye to the future The Filipinos are more brand-focused and aware of quality,” Vincent Cleme, Safilo Group brand associate director for APAC, told BusinessWorld shortly after the launch on Oct. 11 at Manila House Private Club in BGC which saw artists drawing the faces of  [...]

Florida Sportsman Magazine [09/18/18, via Florida Sportsman Magazine]
CCA Star Tournament Results 4th Prize Drawing: Bull Bay Rod & Florida Fishing Products Reel with Luna Sea Cush it – Curtis Clark – Merritt Island, FL. 5th Prize Drawing: Costa Sunglasses with Throwraft PFD– Kimberly Clouden – North Port, FL. 6th Prize Drawing: Clenzoil Marine  [...]

GQ Magazine [09/25/18, via GQ Magazine]
Francesco Carrozzini Is Shaking Up the Sunglasses Game He began to obsessively research these vintage eyewear designs in order to execute his own pair. (“I barely can write, so drawing them was out of the question,” Carrozzini says, laughing.) Though Connery and Onassis's personal style has been well trod,  [...]

Sunglasses Drawing

"Long Day" is the first single and second track from Matchbox Twenty's debut album Yourself or Someone Like You. The song starts off with just an acoustic guitar; then switches to electric guitars for most of the song. The vocal style is typical of Rob Thomas, a mixture of soft and soulful and impassioned and angst-filled. There is no instrumental introduction; Thomas begins singing immediately and if listened to carefully, he can be heard drawing a breath just before. The video clip (directed by Roger Pistole), like most of the band's material centers around Matchbox Twenty, but is punctuated by black and white shots from an old movie. Thomas has shorter hair than in the subsequent clips and is dressed in a suit and sunglasses. The cover of the single features a parody of a Diamond...

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RT @dykegcf: Pisces -old movies -heart shaped sunglasses -the universe -knitted blankets -shimmery eyeshadow -learning -smell of rain -day…

RT @dykegcf: Pisces -old movies -heart shaped sunglasses -the universe -knitted blankets -shimmery eyeshadow -learning -smell of rain -day…

Drawing Crime Noir Drawing Crime Noir
Published by Random House Digital, Inc. 2016
ISBN 0823023990,9780823023998
144 pages
How To Draw Lifelike Portraits From Photographs - Revised How To Draw Lifelike Portraits From Photographs - Revised
Published by North Light Books 2010
ISBN 9781440313523,1440313520
160 pages
Glitz & Glamour: More Funky Things to Draw (UK) Glitz & Glamour: More Funky Things to Draw (UK)
Published by Hinkler Books
ISBN 9781743085783,1743085788
Little Pony Drawing Book Little Pony Drawing Book
Published by IMPACT 2015
ISBN 9781440340307,1440340307
128 pages

Some thoughts on Trump's interview with CNN's Don Lemon about ... - Hot Air

sunglasses drawing rayban Photo by jack72237 on Flickr

This interview between Donald Trump and CNN’s Don Lemon is like an onion. I’m not going to be able to get to the center of this onion today and I’m sure people will disagree with some or all of these points but this is what I see going on here:. Observation #1: In the midst of what appeared to be genuine chaos in Chicago last night you have Donald Trump calmly talking on the phone to Don Lemon. Lemon is a news anchor at CNN and Trump, just a day ago, called the media collectively, “the most dishonest human beings on earth. ” And obviously Lemon is black as are many of the protesters who have been shoved, cursed and hit by individuals at Trump’s rallies.


Meet Soko, the French Musician Who Rocked the Front Row at Paris Fashion Week -

summer beach girl sunglasses illustration drawing sunny digitalillustration Photo by juliana rabelo ♥ on Flickr

There were plenty of celebrities making the rounds in Paris Fashion Week’s front rows , but few had a look as inventive as Soko’s. The French singer-songwriter, composer, and actress’s personal style was front and center at Chanel , Giambattista Valli , Stella McCartney , and Lanvin. With her love of offbeat hats, embellished sunglasses, and retro details, Soko’s expressive take on dressing was worlds away from the primp and polish we’ve come to expect from that world. First arriving on the scene as an actress, Soko appeared in several French art-house films eventually winning raves and a César Award nomination for her role in Xavier Giannoli’s À L’Origine.


[03/16/16, via The Republican Journal]
RELIEVE DIGITAL EYE STRAIN! Minimize your chances of developing dry eyes when using a computer by making an effort to blink frequently. Need a NEW pair of SUNGLASSES?? Don't forget to stop by our Rockport office to sign up for our Save Your Vision Month Drawing!!! [...]

[03/15/16, via Village Soup]
TIPS TO RELIEVE DIGITAL EYE STRAIN Be sure to stop by our Rockport office to sign up for our March Drawing...Dr. Marden is giving away a FREE PAIR OF SUNGLASSES!!! [...]

[03/12/16, via The Real Edge Magazine]
Snapchat Presents New Ways of Exploring the world Through the Sunglasses Snapchat acquired the Google Glass-like startup Vergence Labs which along the stylish sunglasses also capture video by tapping ... Tapping the top right screen to draw over the photo or video can spread the creativity of the user all around the ... [...]

[03/08/16, via Arab News]
Shades of style: How to choose your sunglasses In fact, sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun rays ... Also try rimless frames, especially in light colors, since they will highlight your cheekbones and draw the eye away from a wide forehead. Steer away from small, embellished or decorative ... [...]

[03/08/16, via Popular Mechanics]
Your Next Pair of Sunglasses Will Have Feathers in Them "The farthest I went with schooling was a drawing and painting course at a community college for a trimester. That was it. Rather, it's been, 'What can I do on my own?'" he says. Which has led to figuring out how to make sunglasses out of old vinyl records ... [...]

Big sunglasses are out – tiny sunglasses are in

In huge news, Kim Kardashian recently declared that small sunglasses are in (her savant husband Kanye West apparently emailed this devastating style declaration to her). So big sunglasses are out.I am unlikely to take fashion advice from any Kardashian, ever, so the pronouncement fell on deaf ears but it’s true that smaller sunglass shapes have been popular for a while now, tiny cat eyes and small rectangle shapes often seen in pastel colours.But a trend in eyewear is one thing that everyone...

Watch Robyn Hitchcock Transmogrify Into A One-Eyed Cat In Video for “Autumn Sunglasses,” Featuring Gillian Welch

Photo by Laura E. PartainRobyn Hitchcock, English art school alum and son of a novelist, has never been much of a literalist. For the most part, his songs are deeply imagistic affairs, little humorous snapshots of the sometimes absurd that snake their way through verses and choruses without any thought of narrative resolution.The song “Autumn Sunglasses,” off last year’s eponymously titled album, is a perfect example. The image of “the thing,” in this case a pair of autumn sunglasses, drives...

Kirk Originals’ Latest Sunglasses Pack a Punch of Devil-May-Care Attitude into Every Outfit

Though heritage eyewear is usually associated with one-off Japanese artisans or tiny workshops dotted throughout Italy, the art of carefully crafting bespoke-level sunglasses and optical frames has started to pick up steam in other markets. One of the latest brands to take its production in-house is Kirk Originals. The nearly 100-year-old British brand—known for its retro-tinged eyewear that imparts its wearers with a certain kind undeniable swagger—has returned to its roots, launching a...