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Sunglasses Etiquette

Don't be that guy. Learn all the dos and don'ts of wearing sunglasses as Ralph instructs how not to be a sunglasses jerk. Forge #2.

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[12/04/18, via ]
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[12/02/18, via]
'Tis the season of awkward gift-giving situations It'd be nice to get a pair of cat-eye sunglasses next year.” According to etiquette expert Daniel Senning in an article published on, “It's natural for traditions to evolve, but it's nice to get everybody on board ahead of time. So, whenever [...]

[11/11/18, via Daily Sun]
Little etiquette rules you should always practice If you're seated at a table with eight or fewer guests, wait until everyone is served and for the hostess to begin eating before you dig in. At a long banquet table, it's OK to start when several people are seated and served. These are little etiquette [...] [02/24/18, via]
Should Anna Wintour have removed her sunglasses to meet the Queen? Perhaps Her Majesty thought the glasses were a quaint form of national dress, which in a way, they are. Sam Taylor, editor of The Lady magazine, takes a sterner line. “It's a mystery to me why any fully sighted person would wear sunglasses indoors. But [...]

National Review [11/29/18, via National Review]
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, After All The Italian entrepreneur Claudio Del Vecchio (heir to Luxottica, the company that made pretty much every nice pair of sunglasses you've ever owned, irrespective of the brand) was then able to buy Brooks Brothers for a paltry few hundred million dollars [...]

How do blind people know that the proper fashion etiquette of letting people know you’re blind is small, circular sunglasses?

@UglyFruitShop @nytimes Demonstrating perfect tube etiquette I must add! I think Mr sunglasses thought he was the subject of the pic

@capthlr I have to ask, why do you greet guests as they board or exit the yacht wearing sunglasses when you are cle… 

The Essential Guide to Business Etiquette The Essential Guide to Business Etiquette
Published by Greenwood Publishing Group 2016
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Emily Post's The Etiquette Advantage in Business 2e Emily Post's The Etiquette Advantage in Business 2e
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384 pages
The Etiquette Advantage in Business, Third Edition The Etiquette Advantage in Business, Third Edition
Published by Harper Collins 2014
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352 pages
ABCs of Selling with Etiquette ABCs of Selling with Etiquette
Published by Canterbury House Publishing 2016
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112 pages

Fashion Rules! - Palm Springs Life

newyork sunglasses restaurant couple manhattan cellphone etiquette upperwestside interaction noninteraction Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

Fashion lovers, trendsetters, and the idly curious alike vie for front-row seating along the runway at Fashion Week El Paseo. Seasoned stylist Michele Oppenheimer of Saks Fifth Avenue offers advice about the proper attire and etiquette during next month’s fashion shows from April 2-9. What to Wear (or Not) Elevate your look. You’ll look good and remain comfortable in fluctuating temperatures. Wear designers you usually favor. It’s not necessary or expected that people will wear articles from the designers whose fashions they’re going to see. No one looks good when their feet hurt. And unless you’re outside or don’t care if you look pretentious, leave your sunglasses in your.


The 'Always, Sometimes, Never' Rules For Proper Sunglasses Etiquette [Infographic] - Lifehacker Australia

venice summer sunglasses shades etiquette howto amandacongdon eyeprotection sometimesdaily howtowear etiquetteluncheon Photo by oxmour on Flickr

Not to be confused with the “sometimes, always, never” rule for proper suit coat wear , these rules from illustrator Ted Slampyak at The Art of Manliness will help you look professional and courteous with your sunglasses wherever you are. It’s always acceptable, for example, to wear your sunglasses outside, but you should always remove them when you enter a building. Additionally, sometimes it’s ok to rest your sunglasses on the top of your head, hang them from your collar, or dangle them around your neck with a strap. The Always/Sometimes/Never Sunglass Matrix [The Art of Manliness]. though the 2 reasons why I wear my sunglasses on the back of my head when i'm not wearing them are.


[03/09/16, via]
Didi’s Manners & Etiquette: Seven Spring Break Tips How to navigate the letting go without hovering were lead etiquette questions to Didi Lorillard this ... she needs to take lens cleaners and a spare pair of glasses, and wear sunglasses in warm places or ski goggles in snowy ones during the day. [...]

[03/05/16, via Daily Courier]
A true partnership: Visually-impaired businessman eager to educate public about proper etiquette with guide dogs Once the sunglasses-wearing Reber is seated, his companion, Bay, a 22-month-old yellow Labrador retriever, settles under the table next to his feet. On Oct. 26, Bay was matched to Reber as his guide dog. Diagnosed in the early 1970s with a degenerative ... [...]

[02/26/16, via San Francisco Gate]
How to behave in other countries Such was the case when a company GetVoIP send over the infographic below with tips on business etiquette in 18 countries around the world. Some of this was old hat to me…. but much of it was brand new, for example, I learned: [...]

[02/04/16, via Times of India]
Selecting the perfect sunglasses Getting a pair of sunglasses requires an approval from a confidante. Keep the following in mind while getting your hands on the right one. - Get a well-fitting pair, don't pinch around your head and the weight is evenly distributed between your ears and nose. [...]

[01/07/16, via New York Observer]
This Shoppable Vault of Vintage Sunglasses Dates Back to 1969 Few accessories are as obviously indicative of the era they were first designed in quite like sunglasses. Think about it: dramatic cat eye swoops can easily be attributed to the ’50s, wire rimmed frames with tinted lenses can be pegged to the ’70s and ... [...]

Trolls I’ve outmatched in real life

Trolls I’ve outmatched in real lifeSource: DanomyteWe call assholes on the Internet “trolls.” But let’s face it. These people do offensive shit in real life, too. For some reason, I only realized today that I’m fighting them online and offline, because our society depends on it. At one point, I thought I was just a bitch. But now I see the truth. Every troll I confront in real life is an act of public service.People used to get shamed for the stupid, rude shit they pulled. Now, it seems...

8 Autumn/Winter Men’s Style Myths Debunked

The fashion world is built on rules. Wear X or fear ridicule. Don’t wear Y unless you want to instantly be marked apart as the bozo who didn’t get the memo. It’s a bit like an algorithm, a series of if statements based on etiquette, weather and what some editor somewhere hurriedly scribbled down in order to leave the office on time.But in a world where what’s cool (and consequently, what’s not) is in permanent flux – split apart by forces like social media and fast fashion – the rulebook is...

My Friend Doesn’t Wear a Belt

Please send your questions for publication to [email protected] Questions may be edited.Could you recommend any general etiquette reference books it would be profitable for me to consult?Also: Is it acceptable to wear a college ring, and what are the rules surrounding such adornment?Troy Patterson.Photo by Christina Paige Advertisement Thank you for your email.I could recommend the 1922 edition of Emily Post as a priceless museum piece that nonetheless shows the contemporary...