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Fashion Sport Sunglasses of UV Prevention Explosion-proof Design from Gearbest

Product link: Main features: - Durable and comfortable frames, high quality PC lens - Anti-UV ...

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Wildfox Gaudy Sunglasses New Authentic Square Fashion Fireworks Explosion Gray $99.99

Wildfox Gaudy Sunglasses New Authentic Square Fashion Fireworks Explosion Gray


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@WolFirry Your character would be that person who would walk away from an explosion with sunglasses

@DarkHxntress Catches the lambo, donning black sunglasses, speeding off into the distance and crashing, causing a m… 

@blacklightcatec Oh you know he puts on sunglasses and there’s an explosion behind him.

@Redistrict *puts on sunglasses, walks away like a badass, explosion happens in the background.

@TorrenOf So what you gotta do is just rip out the earrings and say "you are not worthy" Then boom explosion happe… 

[03/15/16, via KSWO 7 News]
Driving dangers: Sunshine linked to wrecks Also sunglasses, a visor, or hazard lights can help improve how ... Police suspect bomb caused car explosion in Berlin, 1 killed Police suspect bomb caused car explosion in Berlin, 1 killed Police in Berlin say a man has been killed after his car exploded ... [...]

[03/12/16, via Movie Pilot]
Predictions and Hopes for CA: Civil War The explosion is taking place at some kind of important political ... villains and it looks like that's exactly what we see in the trailer. Hands and gun and sunglasses. Although many movie-goers may not be devastated if James Rhodes/War Machine gets ... [...]

[03/03/16, via NDTV]
From a Click, to Your Face - How Buying Glasses Online Works He says that between the website and Lenskart's physical stores, the company sells around 5,000 glasses a day; the main logistics are all handled out of Okhla though the stores of course have stock on hand as well, so things like sunglasses that don't need ... [...]

[02/25/16, via Daily Mail]
The supernova that just won't 'die': Light from a nearby stellar explosion is still shining brightly THREE years later Observations made with the Hubble Space Telescope suggest the powerful explosion produced an abundance of a heavy form of cobalt that gives the heat from nuclear decay an extra energy boost. The work could help astronomers pinpoint the parents of type Ia ... [...]

[02/17/16, via Mail on Sunday]
Explosion in Ankara kills at least 28, wounds 61 others The explosion occurred during evening rush hour in the heart of Ankara, in an area close to parliament and armed forces headquarters and lodgings. Buses carrying military personnel were targeted while waiting at traffic lights at an intersection ... [...]

Oh, boy! Prankster is captured deliberately firing a blue gender reveal smoke bomb in his own FACE in hilarious home video

Gender reveals have become popular events for couples who are expecting But this hilarious video shows what can happen when one goes wrong A father-to-be accidentally fired a blue smoke bomb into his own faceBy Natalie Corner For MailonlinePublished: 09:34 EST, 14 January 2018 | Updated: 09:49 EST, 14 January 2018 This is the hilarious moment a prankster deliberately fired a gender reveal smoke bomb in his own face. The man, named only as Josh, from Sarasota, Florida,...

Venue for Korea talks is potential flash point inside border

SEOUL, South Korea –  The two Koreas' rare high-profile talks Tuesday took place at the jointly controlled area inside the world's most heavily fortified border — the same place where North Korean soldiers recently sprayed bullets at a comrade who was making a daring dash for freedom.The defecting soldier was hit five times, but he survived and is now recovering in South Korea. The dramatic video of his defection, released by the American-led U.N. command, showed again why the area,...

The Grunge Gold Rush

On the most humiliating day of Jawbox's career, guitarist Bill Barbot was wearing a colorfully striped cotton T-shirt, white Calvin Klein jeans and Persol sunglasses and standing in a suburban New Jersey grocery store. Underneath orange and purple balloons and a hand-printed "Juicy Cubed Beef 59 ¢ lb." sign, he held his guitar in the air, poised to smash it into a cart full of junk food. To Barbot's left were his bandmates: drummer Zach Barocas, in a cream-colored jacket, bassist Kim Coletta...