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[10/11/18, via ]
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Times of India [10/03/18, via Times of India]
Find the right sunglasses for your face shape When it comes to sunglasses, it is one accessory that you can't purchase without trying! To find the right styles of glasses, you need to know your face shape and pick the ones that suit your face! So, if you feel confused what glasses will suit you [...] [10/07/18, via]
Pick the right sunglasses for your face shape Oval face. This face shape has a narrower chin than the forehead and has a face which is long and thin. For this shape, almost every kind of glasses complement the face. You can choose from wayfarer, oversized, aviator, butterfly and pilot styles [...]

Greatist [09/19/18, via Greatist]
5 Running Sunglasses That Won't Make You Look Like a Bug I wore them for an entire day during a 100-mile bike ride, and maybe it was the four beers I had at the finish line, but they had to be pried off my face long after the sun went down. They also have a bunch of other great styles that are a hit among [...]

CNBC [09/18/18, via CNBC]
Here's what top reviewers are saying about the new iPhone XS Then my daughter suggested that, perhaps, the reason I care about new iPhones and she doesn't is because once upon a time, way back a long time ago when the smartphone universe consisted of nothing more elaborate than … flip phones, I had to use one [...]

Sunglasses For Long Face

The Koosh Kins were a variation on the popular Koosh ball, featuring faces and hands. They were originally created as a set of six characters, then released with variant colors.
The characters were featured in a four-part comic book mini-series released by Archie Comics, as well as a series of coloring books. In that series, they lived on the planet Koosh, a large Koosh ball planetoid that, in lieu of a proper orbit, bounced against other planets to travel across the universe. While exploring a volcano, the Koosh Kins were flung into space, where they landed on Earth, in the company of downtrodden everyman Zak Taylor. Predictably, hilarity ensued, with the Koosh Kins aiding Zak in his acquisition of a girlfriend, and the aliens discovering a taste for hip hop and pizza.

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@hels Nose and mouth face mask! Amazing for long haul flights, it really keeps your nostrils from drying out, reduc… 

'Bike Batman': the crusading, Craigslist-scouring superhero Seattle so badly needs - Washington Post

people canada smile face sunglasses smiling vancouver hair neck nose glasses necklace eyes nikon looking purple faces bokeh britishcolumbia group earring lips elderly strap redlips cropped aged trio groupphoto vignetting chin vancouverbc whitehair 2014 d600 purpleearring cityofvancouver vancouvercity cans2s tedsphotos nikonfx whitehir d600fx Photo by Ted's photos - For Me & You on Flickr

In the spring of last year, one of Seattle’s many bike thieves arrived at a meeting place, expecting a payout. A few days earlier, the thief had listed the bike for sale on Craigslist. Now the two strangers were meeting face-to-face, supposedly to make the exchange. He also had full knowledge that the bike was stolen. You can wait until a cop gets here,” he told the thief, according to the Guardian. “Or you can just beat it. ”. Just like that, Bike Batman was born. For the past year, Bike Batman has waged a one-man battle against bike theft in Seattle. “The bike would never have been found if it weren’t for him,” said Douglas Brick, 65, whose expensive road bike was snatched last summer, in an.


Millie Mackintosh flaunts her stunning figure on girly holiday after Professor Green split - Daily Mail

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And Millie Mackintosh looked to be licking her wounds in the best of ways, as she continued to enjoy a girly getaway in Portugal with her closest pals just weeks after her split from Professor Green was revealed. Looking typically stunning, the bikini-clad 26-year-old posed in a snap with her three pals, showing off her toned torso and stealing focus from her beautiful companions. Millie, we like you but you're beginning to make us very jealous. Still as a bit of a style favourite of ours it does give us an opportunity to check out her vacation look and as ever she nails it. Check her out posing up a storm with her friends in a black and white bikini by Vix. Fancy stealing Millie's style for your next sojourn.


[03/16/16, via Wall Street Journal]
Yankees Fuzzy Math: Dividing Five by Six Free of the bone spur that has plagued him for years, Tanaka has thrown five scoreless frames this spring with five strikeouts ... while Nova would assume the role of long man in the bullpen. Suddenly, it doesn’t appear as certain as it once did. [...]

[03/16/16, via The New Indian Express]
Lines Drawn From Buddha's Life The long braided hair in all of ... But once in a while, Kishan gives a face to his beautiful mystic Telugu woman – sometimes she is gazing at Buddha, at times talking to other women, in few frames she can be seen painting Buddha. One wonders if like ... [...]

[03/15/16, via]
Pacioretty tries to paint a pretty picture "Hopefully, they didn't get a deal on frames ... a lot of new faces in here but no matter who we [dress], we have to play the same way and have the same attitude. Hopefully, all those players can help the depth of this organization for a long time." [...]

[03/14/16, via Examiner]
Must-have workout essentials for the fitness fashionista What’s more, this tote features a long, adjustable ... seamlessly surrounds the face for incredible eye coverage while a flattering double nose bridge combined with Oakley’s three-point fit ensures that these sunglasses stay on securely and ... [...]

[03/14/16, via Philstar]
Sunglasses anytime Sunglasses that rightly complements the wearer's particular shape of face can really bring on the so-called "killer ... who like to put it on - but for other reasons. Which is okay, so long as they put it on. Sunglasses have since become a hot fashion ... [...]

The ultimate guide to finding the right sunglasses

You can find the right pair, too.REUTERS/Jim YoungA great pair of sunglasses can instantly elevate your look — even if you're just wearing jeans and a t-shirt.The trick, of course, is knowing what the right pair is for you.But don't worry. All you need to do is remember two things when looking for shades:You want to find a pair that complements your face shape. The general rule is the that shape of your sunglasses should be opposite of your face shape. You want to invest in pair with a...

Trying To Fool The OnePlus 5T's Scary Fast Face Unlock...

Ben SinNo amount of tomfoolery could trick the 5T.There are many reasons why the OnePlus 5T is my second favorite phone of the year, and one of these is that the phone is just so easy to use. OxygenOS is leaner, smoother and more customizable than literally all other Android skin on the market, and I prefer it even over stock Android because it allows me to do things like swipe down from anywhere on the screen to pull down the notification shade, and assign shortcuts to button...

Sunglasses for your face shape

With hundreds of styles to choose from, it can be tricky to find sunglasses that complement your face, budget and personality. There's no one look that flatters every face, but if the frames are the opposite shape of your face, you're probably on the right track. Square-on-square or round-on-round are no-no's, says Deb Lochli-McGrath, spokeswoman for the Vision Council, the optical industry's trade group.Big sunglasses have been made trendy by celebrities such as the Olsen twins and Nicole...