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Lot Sunglasses Bluetooth talk function Stereo Headset headphone Glasses Micphone $27.90

Lot Sunglasses Bluetooth talk function Stereo Headset headphone Glasses Micphone

Smart Touch Sunglasses Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Music Headphone Polarized Glasses $31.99

Smart Touch Sunglasses Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Music Headphone Polarized Glasses

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LAFEINA Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Sunglasses Music Smart Sun Glasses with...

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Wosports Sunglasses Stereo Headphone Bluetooth Music Handfree Noise Cancellin...


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[11/10/18, via ]
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[11/05/18, via Android Authority (blog)]
Gadget time! These sunglasses record HD video and play MP3s The 720p HD pinhole camera means that you can record up to five hours of footage on a single charge. While you're probably less likely to use them for spy missions than 007, it does mean you can record your outdoor adventures without a camera strapped  [...]

The Sydney Morning Herald [11/08/18, via The Sydney Morning Herald]
Zungle's smart sunglasses are not incredibly bright These $260 sunglasses connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 just like wireless headphones, with a small speaker on the inside of each arm so they rest on your temples just in front of your ears. This means you can listen to music, answer calls [...]

Ausdroid [11/09/18, via Ausdroid]
STM Myth 28 litre backpack – Australian Travellers Review Rear compartment – laptop and other important documents. It's fleece lined to keep everything clean and safe. Main compartment – sunglasses, headphones, a warm jumper, 20,000 mAh battery bank, passport wallet and a crossword book. Later in the trip,  [...]

[10/31/18, via Engadget]
What to look for when buying headphones Like shoes, sunglasses and other items, there are different wear styles of headphones -- each lending different factors to the equation. And, just as with clothing and fashion accessories, you're probably going to have a preference for one over the others. [...]


Agents are a group of characters in The Matrix franchise. They are sentient computer programs, displaying a high-level of artificial intelligence, and are representatives, or "Agents", within the Matrix fictional universe. They are guardians within the computer-generated world of the Matrix, protecting it from anyone or anything that could reveal it as a false reality or threaten it in any other way. Agents also hunt down and terminate any rogue programs, such as The Keymaker, which no longer serve a purpose to the overall Machine collective. They appear physically human, but have a tendency to speak and act in highly precise and mechanical ways.

Notable: Film character; Film character;

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RT @A30MinuteLife: I’m in a ward with 2 people. 2 radios on and I am sensitive to noise, thankfully I have noise cancelling headphones. Lig…

I’m in a ward with 2 people. 2 radios on and I am sensitive to noise, thankfully I have noise cancelling headphones… 

@Devil_QueenAye Hhhmm.... There are some stuff that i want: sunglasses, headphones,star wand, unicorn horn ofc aaaaaaaaaand that's it xD

we get on the plane, i put my sunglasses on, headphones in and try to sleep but no!!!! it was the flight from hell!… 

RT @way2fall: Wanna know what's the coolest eyewear in 2018? Find out here  You won't want to miss the fourth one.…

Maximum PC Maximum PC
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Body Care Body Care
Published by Redleaf Press 2013
ISBN 9781605542409,1605542407
88 pages
Cashed In Cashed In
Published by Penguin 2007
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toy toys twilight doll dolls dante ken barbie headphones custom adidas basics mattel emmett fashionistas 7toys7 Photo by partymonstrrrr on Flickr

Skullcandy came screaming into this world as the brainchild of notorious non-conformer and action sports product mastermind Rick Alden. What if there were headphones that could seamlessly switch from music to calls. And what if those headphones actually looked as good as they worked. That idea, on that chairlift, on that day, was the bedrock Skullcandy was built on. Rick threw himself full force into making his idea a reality just like he did with everything else in his life, from skating to snowboarding to art to tinkering in... They were hell bent on turning the headphone game on its head and shaking some sense into a tired industry stuck in its monochromatic ways.


Trends I'm Loving for Spring

seattle ballard denver red radio headphones sunglasses sonic strangers friends Photo by ctanstfl on Flickr

For the past few years I have been really frustrated by the spring trends, I just always felt like everything was really ugly and unflattering. While a lot of the things that I dislike aren't really going anywhere, i. e. chokers, crop tops, Birkenstocks, but there are things that I actually like. Part of it might be I actually warmed up to some trendy things, but the other part is that I actually like some of the things.

[via Wanderlust & Wardrobes]

[03/15/16, via]
Must-have wоrkоut essentials fоr the fitness fashiоnista The Jaуbird X2 ’s are hands-down the best sports headphones on the planet for the following reasons ... The super-performing and stуlish shades Oakleу Feedback Polarized sunglasses in Sapphire Iridium Polarized ($200)-look prettу and polished ... [...]

[03/14/16, via The Independent]
How designer headphones became as much of a fashion status symbol as bags and watches “We have a growing following among those in the fashion world, which plays nicely into headphones' rise as a must-have luxury accessory similar to a great watch, bag or pair of sunglasses.” Or maybe all of the above, rolled into one. Bargain. [...]

[03/14/16, via]
Stolen credit card being used in Smiths Falls, Carleton Place and Perth The suspect has also been captured on video wearing dark sunglasses and wearing headphones and during another time carrying an infant child. People are reminded to check your credit cards and bank statements regularly to ensure there is no unauthorized ... [...]

[03/14/16, via International Business Times]
Snapchat could be secretly working on smart glasses Mark Dixon, a former Microsoft recruiter for HoloLens headset is currently the technical recruiter ... According to Morris's personal website, her sunglass designs were showcased on the catwalk in the Zac Posen S/S 2015 show during the New York Fashion ... [...]

[03/12/16, via Daily Mail]
Can't keep their hands to themselves! Selena Gomez gets mobbed by fans as she arrives at LAX following busy trip to London In a video, the star can be seen huddling - with headphones in her hears - as members of her team ... Can anyone other than a celebrity really pull off sunglasses at night? Perhaps it's Selena's star quality, or maybe it's just these amazing Krewe Du ... [...]

I Tried Deepak Chopra's $350 'Meditation Glasses' and They Are Unbearable

[embedded content]“Go back to the time of your ancestors, and be still,” meditation guru Deepak Chopra said as lights flashed onto my eyelids. “Journey back to the beach or a grassy knoll or the cool forest or the dessert oasis or the waterfall or mountain top or river bank or the campfire where your ancestors sat millennia ago as the sun rose or the sun set or the moon rose and stars twinkled. And then, be still.”For the next 20 minutes, lights continued to flash into my eyes at what is...

Hollywood star Ray Liotta, 63, looks low-key at Los Angeles airport with ex-wife Michelle Grace... after spending festive season together in New York

By Rianne Addo For MailonlinePublished: 05:51 EST, 3 January 2018 | Updated: 07:33 EST, 3 January 2018 He is best known for his captivating role as Henry Hill in the 1990's crime drama Goodfellas, and has been considered Hollywood royalty ever since.But Ray Liotta was hard to spot at LAX airport on Tuesday as he sported a casual appearance with his ex-wife Michelle Grace, with whom he's believed to have reconciled in 2017.The 63-year-old actor rang in the new year with Michelle, 49, in...

Amazon Alexa is coming to $1,000 smart glasses

Vuzix Blade 3000. Alexa is coming to smart glasses such as these.Vuzix"Alexa, what is it I'm looking at?"You’re used to summoning help from Amazon Alexa, the voice inside Amazon’s Echo smart speaker, in your kitchen or by your bed. If Amazon has its way, the artificial intelligent-infused Alexa digital assistant will be pretty much at your beck and call everywhere, and that means the bathroom, and even in a product such as the see-through augmented reality glasses that a company called...