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DIY Sunglasses Storage Organizer (Summer Room Decor)

In celebration of 10000 amazing subscribers I'll be showing you a DIY sunglasses holder that is perfect for summer:) I hope you guys like it! If you decided to give ...

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7 Home Office Hacks That'll Save You Tons of Space Most of us can only imagine what living in an itsy-bitsy house is like; Whitney Leigh Morris has experienced it firsthand. Her Venice Beach, California, home, which she dubbed the Tiny Canal Cottage, spans a mere 400 square feet, and she not only [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: 100 San Diego Gifts “Remmy Sunglasses—made by Raen in Oceanside!—come in 24 colors. I have been rocking the When she's not playing Annie Pearson on NBC's This Is Us and preparing for her big-screen debut as Darla Dudley in DC Comics' Shazam! in April 2019, Herman [...]

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Top 10 Hanukkah Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List MenuSubscribe Menu. Log in. Log out. Subscribe · FAQ · Give a gift · Renew · Check your account. Search. Home · News · Fast · Breaking News · Israel · National · World · Culture · Art · Books · Film & TV · Music · Theater · Longform · Sh'ma Now [...] [11/13/18, via]
'She's 27 Years Old.' She Has Very Long Dark Hair: A Mom's Search For Her Daughter Why hadn't she shown up at one of their many family members' homes in Butte County? She needed to find her .. “I'm the official hand-holder,” she said. Wearing dark sunglasses to cover her eyes, Gunter-Bates tried to speak again. “My daughter Teal  [...]

RT @AliExpress_EN: Fill your home with doggos! You don't just need pets for this level of cuteness Get your puppy pals right now! http…

RT @AliExpress_EN: Fill your home with doggos! You don't just need pets for this level of cuteness Get your puppy pals right now! http…

Fill your home with doggos! You don't just need pets for this level of cuteness Get your puppy pals right now!… 

Lock your car doors! Someone stole my jacket, popped my fuse box & gas tank and rummaged through my sunglasses ho… 

Reflections from the Trump rally-that-didn't-happen - Huffington Post

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A few minutes after it was announced that Donald Trump would hold a Chicago rally on March 11 at UIC Pavilion, someone created a Facebook page titled Trump Rally Protest-Chicago which amassed thousands of RSVPs within hours. As a proud progressive, I added my name to the RSVP list because I had to stand against Trump's divisiveness and tweeted : ". @realDonaldTrump is going to regret coming to Chicago. " I was optimistic that Chicago students, activists, organizers as well as unions would mobilize to disrupt and quite possibly shut down the rally. In 2003, 15,000 people shut down Lake Shore Drive for hours to protest the start of the war in Iraq. This past November several hundred protesters successfully blocked entrances to stores on the Magnificent Mile on Black Friday to protest the.


Police log: Beach Cities crime reports - The Daily Breeze

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EL SEGUNDO Identity theft: Reported Feb. The victim’s identity was used to open an unauthorized Verizon account. Identity theft: Reported Feb. The victim’s personal information was used to open an unauthorized T-Mobile phone account. Identity theft: Reported Feb. The victim’s personal information was used to open an unauthorized Verizon account. Residential burglary: Reported Feb. Burglary: Reported Feb. Commercial burglary: Reported Feb. Commercial burglary: Reported Feb. Commercial burglary: Reported Feb. Miscellaneous cables were reported stolen. Petty theft: Reported Feb.


[03/11/16, via Alter Net]
The Clintons' $93 Million Romance With Wall Street In New York, their home upon leaving the White House ... The Clintons' political campaigns over the next decades became monumental hypocrisies, Bill donning sunglasses to play his saxophone for Arsenio Hall, Hillary visiting black churches to hug the ... [...]

[03/04/16, via The Age]
VAMFF: How to dress for the Melbourne Fashion Festival Stuff it, I think I'll stay home in my trackies. With the 20th Melbourne Fashion Festival kicking off on Monday, thousands of ticket holders are spending this ... is a lifesaver), sneaky flat shoes and sunglasses. Everyone looks better in sunnies: they ... [...]

[12/07/15, via Rediff India Abroad]
8 Totally Awesome Products That Will Simplify Your Life #1 A power bank so slim; it just takes the space of a business card Buy Sony Power Bank @ Rs 399 #2 LED Watch with Flexible USB LED Lamp - Stay ahead of time with the latest LED watch. The flexible USB LED lamp in this combo allows you to use your laptop ... [...]

[09/05/15, via Breitbart News]
Alleged Gunman in Critical Condition After Demanding Sunglasses from CCP Holder On September 2 a 17-year-old allegedly walked up to a car in which an exterminator was sitting, pointed a gun at him, and demanded his sunglasses. The exterminator–Joe Lanier–has a concealed carry permit and responded by firing “seven times.” [...]

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Pink dotted sunglasses hair and beauty branding business card holder Pre-order today! Your design will be made and shipped as soon as our manufacturers are ready to begin production. Custom company branding products matching hair and beauty business cards. Drawing with a beautiful black and white fashion girl face with pink ... [...]

Solar-charging backpacks let you power up while on the go and these are some of our favorites

Stay juiced up.Image: lifepackBy Emily HellerMashable Deals2018-01-09 21:35:38 UTCNever get caught on Low Power Mode again. As we use our phones practically every second of the day, battery life is draining faster than ever. Portable chargers are great, but those need to be juiced up too. Solar power is free, environmentally friendly, and available anywhere (as long as it's not cloudy.)We've written before about solar power banks, but a new trend in the portable solar power game is...

6 coolest gadgets from CES you'll likely see in your house this year

CLOSE Jennifer Jolly's coolest gadgets from CES you'll actually see in your home this year. Jennifer Jolly, Special for USA TODAYL’Oréal’s UV Sense wearable tracker.(Photo: Roddy Blelloch/Special for USA TODAY)A New Year means one thing in the world of gadgets — a trip to Las Vegas for CES. It’s the enormous consumer electronics show packed with nearly 50-football fields worth of shiny new tech toys.Somewhere inside the cavernous convention center crowded with TV’s we can’t afford,...

Finding new uses for ‘waste’ household items

PUBLISHED: 16:00 11 January 2018 | UPDATED: 16:00 11 January 2018Sheena Grant Glass jars can be reused in a huge number of ways. Here, they've been turned into drinking glasses for smoothies. Picture: Getty Images.Foxys_forest_manufactureI’ve got a ever-growing number of glass jars on my kitchen worktop, all washed up and ready for recycling. But having watched BBC2’s Inside the Factory this week, which showed how glass jars are made for food (mayonnaise in this case - we Brits...