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The Vineyard Gazette - Martha's Vineyard News [11/01/18, via The Vineyard Gazette - Martha's Vineyard News]
Not Going Gently or Gracefully Into That Baseball Good Night After countless hours of landscaping, accounting, contracting, sunglasses sales, steam cleaning and more, members of the Vineyard's 40-plus men's league baseball team gathered at the Patriot charter boat for an off-Island odyssey to Chatham, where they [...]

Southlake Style [11/02/18, via Southlake Style]
What's Going On This Month: November Join the community to run either a certified 5K or 8-mile race for serious runners, the fun 5K for new runners or families, or the 1K junior trot for kids. Afterward, visit vendor booths, Music Hall At Fair Park | If you enjoy eating spaghetti in [...]

Refinery29 [11/02/18, via Refinery29]
Our Editors Won't Wear These Pieces (Feel Free To @ Us) My personal style: Kid Sister comfortable mixed with 30-year-old casual — mixing culottes with sweater crop tops, solid-color jumpsuits with vibrant accessories. My goal will forever be: How can I . reselling my clothes on Instagram. I've done this [...]

WBUR [10/29/18, via WBUR]
Episode 7: 'I Was The One' Connor was an exceptionally bright kid. He says he was offered a spot at Harvard, where he would have studied RODOLICO: For a leisurely hour in the middle of a warm summer night, Connor and three other men — including, he says, Donati and a guy [...]

omg best track ever: 

The Captain and the Kid: Another Imaginary Tale from Margaritaville The Captain and the Kid: Another Imaginary Tale from Margaritaville
Published by
ISBN 9781304110428,1304110427
The Summer of Chasing Mermaids The Summer of Chasing Mermaids
Published by Simon and Schuster 2015
ISBN 9781481401296,1481401297
416 pages
The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep
Published by RH Childrens Books 2014
ISBN 9789186749064,9186749064
32 pages
Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance
Published by Vintage 2010
ISBN 9780307777683,0307777685
416 pages

The dangerous culture of male entitlement and sexual hostility hiding within America's parks and forests. - Huffington Post

boy dog newyork girl sunglasses walking alone manhattan broadway upperwestside hood leash peeps Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

On an early Friday morning in late June 2006, Cheyenne Szydlo, a 33-year-old Arizona wildlife biologist with fiery red hair, drove to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim to meet the river guide who would be taking her along the 280 miles of the Colorado... Everyone in her field wanted to work at the Grand Canyon, and after several years of unsuccessful applications, Szydlo had recently been offered a seasonal position in one of the National Park Service’s science divisions. But after a dam was built upstream 60 years ago, changes in the Colorado’s flow have enabled the rise of invasive species and displaced numerous forms of wildlife. Szydlo’s task was to hunt for the Southwestern willow flycatcher, a tiny endangered songbird that historically had nested on the river but hadn’t been seen in three years.


Scott Miller's Starting 9: Yankees Try Building Without Opening Their Checkbook - Bleacher Report

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The "Rebuild" Begins in New York Not only is it the most mind-warping number of the winter, but guaranteed you will not find a statistic this summer that trumps it (sorry, meant that apolitically), either. The Yankees spent zero dollars in free agency. So while former Yankee hero Paul O'Neill spent his time supporting Donald Trump at an election night shindig last week in Jupiter, Florida, maybe you spent some time wondering when general manager Brian Cashman is going to make the Yankees great... "Aroldis Chapman the last two or three years was one of the highest-paid relievers in baseball," Yankees bullpen ace Andrew Miller tells Bleacher Report. But in adding the former Cincinnati closer, who will earn $11. 325 million this year (minus what he's docked for those.


[03/16/16, via West Fargo Pioneer]
How 2 years in Kansas helped build West Fargo's Strahm into a major league prospect One night earlier, he had thrown two scoreless innings against ... “I wasn’t even our No. 1 (in high school),” Strahm says. “There were two kids that threw a lot harder than me.” One week after the showcase, a Neosho coach called and offered ... [...]

[03/16/16, via SB Nation Edsbs]
IT'S DAYLIGHT SAVINGS YEAR There's some useful precedent here and I think, despite having gotten less-than-ideal sleep last night due to the aforementioned ... Unpredictable weather fueled by El Nino. A Summer Olympics beset by mass protest and the specter of infectious disease. [...]

[03/16/16, via Inside Lacrosse]
Sailer: 'Sustaining a Career in Coaching' I won’t pretend the job doesn’t also bring its share of stress and anxiety, long days and weeks, and even occasional heartbreak, sleepless nights and feelings ... or that seventh summer tournament where you’ll see the same kids you’ve watched ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Delaware County News Network]
Thinking about rinking; Skating through decades of fond Delco memories I see kids going through my neighborhood on bikes ... Few patrons can forget the Scout and School nights, the birthday party rooms, the roller hockey leagues, the Pac-Man and other video games, the 80’s music or the special skate songs “for couples ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Carson Now]
Technology on display at annual science night Anthony Aguilar and Jack Wilson, both 13-year-old eighth-graders at Eagle Valley Middle School gave a demonstration on how to work a robotic arm at the annual Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Night ... engaged the kids are in the ... [...]

4 Unexpected Ways Summer Heat Is Throwing Your Body Out of Whack

Summer is finally in full swing—which means cute sandals and sunglasses, beach vacations, and ridiculously scorching weather. If you're feeling the heat, literally (does it really need to be 85 degrees before nine in the morning, seriously?) you’re not alone.Hot temperatures can mess with your body in all sorts of sneaky ways, and we don't just mean the threat of a sunburn or sweating through your outfit on the way to work. Here are four common ways...

These Brooklyn twins are designing sunglasses for Prince and Beyoncé

When Prince made a rare TV appearance on “Saturday Night Live” in November to perform with funk-rock trio 3rdEyeGirl, he looked every bit a rock star with a big Afro, black blazer and oversize sterling chains. But the most eye-catching part of his look was a pair of shades with three blue-tinted lenses — one for each eye, plus an extra for the mystical third eye thought to lie between the brows.When Prince needed creative custom shades for his recent album cover and an “SNL” performance, he...

Seattle's secret is out: Lake Chelan, Washington

If you live in Seattle or Spokane, Lake Chelan is your summer go-to spot. Best of all, few Californians know of it. But that's about to change.Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times (m3d62qpd20120516162133/600 )CHELAN, Wash. — Just say the words "summer at the lake" in certain company, and you'll get a wistful smile, possibly followed by stories about fishing contests, belly-flops, mosquito bites, campfire songs, sexual awakening, lingering regret, family feuds, winterizing expenses and...