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DIY Sunglass Paracord Strap (Sunglasses)

DIY Sunglass Paracord Strap (Sunglasses)

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Somers Point man still missing after going fishing Saturday He also always has sunglasses on a lanyard around his neck. The truck is being kept where it was found “in case it turns into a crime scene,” his daughter said. The family has called all his fishing buddies along with “anyone whose boat we've ever been [...]

AltBitStorm [10/24/18, via AltBitStorm]
Best Floating Sunglass Retainer Deals are Now Available Online Ukes started after noticing the need for individuality and selection in an otherwise bland sunglass strap market. People have variety to choose from with different types of apparel and accessories, but that variety is lacking with sunglass straps. Ukes [...]

That Hashtag Show (press release) (blog) [10/27/18, via That Hashtag Show (press release) (blog)]
20 Star Wars Gifts Every Die-Hard Fan Should Get For Christmas, Part 2 Even if they are not a Boba Fett fan Foster Grant has other Star Wars themed glasses on their site. Each gift set comes with a pair of sunglasses, collectable hard case, protective soft pouch and a lanyard. These glasses were made to take over the [...]

AltBitStorm [10/14/18, via AltBitStorm]
Best Eyeglass Holders Deals are Now Available Online REINFORCED ANTI-SLIP CLIP LOOP - Our elegant eyeglasses string holder will keep your glasses lanyard in place everywhere you go. The metal-clip oversize dimension of this eyeglasses strap allows you to hold your glasses in loops strongly; VERY  [...]

RT @DavidProffitt1: ~ MAX5 Polarized Brown Lenses Sunglasses ~ Great for enhancing color perception and Identifying Drakes faster (then you…

I’ll tell you what, my 3-yo knows how to accessorize. Before leaving for day-care he needs: his polka-dot bow-tie,… 

Silver heart eyeglasses lanyard - elegant heart and bead glasses chain  - #glasses… 

Glasses necklace - Rose quartz gemstone pink bead and chain eyeglasses lanyard  - #Glasses… 

New from  Gemstone glasses chain - Leopardskin agate jasper orange bead eyeglasses chain | g… 

Fly Fishing for Beginners Fly Fishing for Beginners
Published by Creative Publishing International 2002
ISBN 1616739959,9781616739959
144 pages
Basic Fishing Basic Fishing
Published by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. 2013
ISBN 9781626369207,1626369208
160 pages
The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Skills, Tactics, and Techniques The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Skills, Tactics, and Techniques
Published by Skyhorse Publishing Inc. 2012
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Field & Stream Field & Stream
132 pages

Avant Guard: At LA's Broad Museum, A New Approach To Protecting Art - WPPB

camera moleskine bag flask nintendo ds pass sxsw g2 gameboy 2008 pager gerber hellomynameis inova gameboycamera stride moocards Photo by VeldaZ on Flickr

It's hard to imagine a more magical way to begin a museum visit than to step inside The Infinity Mirrored Room at The Broad Museum. Artist Yayoi Kusama has covered the walls, floor and ceiling with mirrors. LED lights hang from the ceiling and are reflected everywhere you look. No more than two or three people at a time can enter this small space, and there's a long line of others outside, patiently waiting to get in. It's hard to be mad, though, because the guard who ushers you out is so knowledgeable and pleasant — and... At the 5-month-old Broad Museum, guards aren't just there to protect the beautiful and provocative art. She's talking with some visitors about Thomas Struth's huge color photograph of a crowd at a museum in Florence Italy.


Court rules to release video of Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon punching woman in 2014 - Sporting News

chicago reflection sunglasses digital canon mirror illinois hands 500d t1i Photo by stweedy on Flickr

Certain members of the Oklahoma City media have viewed the surveillance tape, which details the altercation between Mixon and Amelia Rae Molitor that took place around 2:30 a. m. on July 25 inside Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe in Norman, Okla. In the footage, which lasts about 15 seconds, Mixon can be seen punching Molitor in the face after she slapped and shoved Mixon backward. Amelia Rae Molitor leans over a table talking to people on the other side of the table before making a motion like she’s calling someone over. Soon, Mixon appears wearing a t-shirt with sunglasses propped on his forehead and a lanyard around his neck. Neither Molitor nor Mixon appear threatened based on their body language and Mixon appears to start to walk away before Molitor pushes him.


[03/03/16, via Snow Boaiding]
Croakies Signs On As Official Sponsor Of 2016 Gopro Mountain Games With an ever-expanding collection of products that includes its signature eyewear retainers, along with a growing line of dog collars and leashes, belts, lanyards, and a new line of guitar straps, Croakies is well positioned to partner with the GoPro ... [...]

[02/15/16, via VivirLatino]
Personalized Cute Orange Cell Phone Holder Lanyard With Snap Hook / Metal Hook Orange Cell Phone Neck Strap Lanyard , Breakaway Tube Lanyard 100% polyester Tubular (tube) lanyard , silk-screen 1 color with metal hook + plastic buckle +safety break and string , size in 900 x10mm Main Products: Dye Sublimation Lanyards, Neck Strap ... [...]

[02/15/16, via VivirLatino]
Branded Event Tubular Mobile Phone Lanyard , Eco-friendly lanyard Neck Strap Tubular Cell Phone Lanyard Neck Strap , Polyester Work Lanyard 100% polyester Tubular (tube) lanyard , silk-screen colorful logo with metal hook + mobile phone and string , size in 900 x10mm Lanyards are effective promotional items. They not only display ... [...]

[02/15/16, via La Padania]
4 Color 1 Side Tubular Cell Phone Neck Lanyard , Custom Polyester Lanyards Tubular Cell Phone Lanyard Neck Strap , Polyester Work Lanyard 100% polyester Tubular (tube) lanyard , silk-screen colorful logo with metal hook + mobile phone and string , size in 900 x10mm 1). More than 10 years production experience on all kinds of ... [...]

[10/29/15, via]
White Pearl Convertible Eyeglass Lanyard Chain Necklace - Eye Glasses Chain - Keychain - Pearl Lanyard - Beaded - Eyewear Jewelry Cute lanyard, lace keyfob, neck lanyard, white lace lanyard, white id lanyard, id badge holder, id card holder, kawaii lanyard More Lace Lanyard, Badges, Etsy, Lace Keyfob, White Lace, Id Badge Holders, Kawaii Lanyard, Lanyard Lace, Cards Cute lanyard ... [...]

A trip down under bridges the gap between mother and daughter

Standing on a steel platform at the top of the arch of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, suspended 430 feet above the water, palms sweating, knees unsteady and feeling lightheaded, I turn to my daughter and, weakly, try to smile.The Sydney Harbor Bridge is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world. I am afraid of heights. Far, far below, the famed Sydney Opera House looks just like the clump of artful orange peels – tangerine peels maybe from this height – that the architect originally...

Solar-charging backpacks let you power up while on the go and these are some of our favorites

Stay juiced up.Image: lifepackBy Emily HellerMashable Deals2018-01-09 21:35:38 UTCNever get caught on Low Power Mode again. As we use our phones practically every second of the day, battery life is draining faster than ever. Portable chargers are great, but those need to be juiced up too. Solar power is free, environmentally friendly, and available anywhere (as long as it's not cloudy.)We've written before about solar power banks, but a new trend in the portable solar power game is...

The best backpack coolers

When you’re camping in the woods — soaking up the scenery and spending time with friends — there’s no better way to celebrate the natural beauty around you than with an ice cold beverage. Unfortunately, transporting these frosty beverages to remote locations can be a bit tricky. If you’re car camping — or in an RV or camper van — bringing along a portable fridge or traditional cooler is likely your best bet.However, toting a massive cooler around is only feasible if you’re...