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CSI: Miami - Horatio Caine's Sunglasses Moments / One Liners

All the sunglasses moments from the great general (sunglasses and non-sunglasses) Caruso / Horatio Caine opening scenes montage.

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[09/30/18, via ]
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HuffPost [09/28/18, via HuffPost]
GOP Congressman Shares Vile Meme About Christine Blasey Ford The meme, posted to King's Facebook page on Wednesday, features a photo of Blasey wearing sunglasses. An edited version of the image next to it depicts Blasey with the sunglasses removed, revealing her to actually be Hillary Clinton, the 2016 [...]

Carbonated.TV (blog) [09/30/18, via Carbonated.TV (blog)]
Steve King's Facebook Page Shares Pathetic Meme Mocking Christine Ford King' Facebook page shared a meme featuring a picture of Ford wearing sunglasses. Right next to it was another doctored picture, where Ford's glasses were removed and her face is replaced with Trump's former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. “I KNEW IT! [...]

Mashable [09/24/18, via Mashable]
The best Ryan Reynolds memes to ever grace our eyeballs Ryan Reynolds has been anointed the "King of Twitter" time and time again. Thanks to his expert trolling abilities, and his acerbic and irreverent jabs and jokes he's constantly winning us over. But, Reynolds has also proved to be the perfect target [...]

The18 [09/28/18, via The18]
Dani Alves Upstages Neymar At Paris Fashion Week With Sunglasses And High Heels It's Paris Fashion Week and with Ligue 1 essentially all wrapped up already, a couple Paris Saint-Germain players decided to schmooze it up in the City of Light on Friday. One Brazilian in particular stood out, and for once it wasn't Neymar. Dani Alves [...]

Sunglasses Meme

The Similou were an electronic music duo from Gothenburg, Sweden, comprising Dizzy Crane (Joel Eriksson) and Jesse Nectar (Erik Niklasson).
UK single:
UK maxi single:
"All This Love" is the base of an internet meme, particularly on the website YTMND. On July 16, 2006, YTMND user Salta created a site called "Rainbow Stalin;" which comes from a misinterpretation of the words "rainbow stylin'" in The Similou's song to be about Joseph Stalin. This site featured an edited Soviet propaganda picture to which Salta added a rainbow and gave Stalin cartoon-like eyes. However, Rainbow Stalin did not become a fad until 2009 when YTMND user dinosaur10 brought it back with his site "Reviewing a YTMND Memory."
Many of the sites have Soviet propaganda art edited with flashing...

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

@maxkeiser Somebody need to make the gangster meme with the sunglasses and the blunt.

RT @KeyportStuGov: Spirit Day’s for Pep Rally week! Dress up to earn points for your class! (Oct. 15th-Oct.19th) Monday: Super Hero Day Tue…

i miss josey's sunglasses that makes her a meme i miss tita aka athena's mom i miss leigh's ii version(???) of herself i miss ii

RT @manicpixihijabi: Why is there a pair of sunglasses just chilling on Tom Hardy’s shoulder? Is this Venom trying to photobomb? t.… 

RT @KeyportStuGov: Spirit Day’s for Pep Rally week! Dress up to earn points for your class! (Oct. 15th-Oct.19th) Monday: Super Hero Day Tue…

[03/04/16, via Daily Free Press]
EDITORIAL: Chris Christie shows political memes can inform, corrupt Using memes to their advantage makes a candidate relatable and impenetrable. Misusing them is disastrous. Just ask Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who went from a sunglasses wearing, no-crap-taking secretary of state to the laughingstock of young ... [...]

[02/29/16, via Government Executive]
Americans Love Driven Women Like Hillary Clinton – As Long As They Aren't Asking for a Promotion The 2012 “Texts from Hillary” meme, which featured a sunglasses-clad Clinton scrolling through her Blackberry aboard a military flight to Libya, had given rise to a flood of think pieces hailing her “badass cool.” The Washington Post wanted ... [...]

[02/16/16, via New Scientist]
Exercise slows growth of cancer in marathon mice Could exercise help beat cancer? Perhaps, if you happen to be a mouse. An experiment in which mice chose to run between 4 and 7 kilometres a night has shown how exercise can boost the immune system’s attack on cancer, preventing new tumours growing, and ... [...]

[02/16/16, via vogue]
The Best Memes of the 2016 Grammy Awards After all, what other awards-show look could also double as a belly-dancing costume? (Looking at you, Manika.) Here, we tip our LL Cool J–inspired newsboy cap to the very best memes from the 2016 Grammy Awards. Seriously enviable stacks. [...]

[01/31/16, via vogue]
Memes of the Moment: Winter Storm Jonas, an Ecuadorian Sloth, and Ted Cruz Thanks to the diligence of the Internet, any news story, weather pattern, and expressive animal can find new life as a meme. And this week was no exception. Would Winter Storm Jonas have seemed quite as sweet without a video of Tian Tian, the National Zoo ... [...]

These National Hangover Day Memes Will Be Oddly Familiar

VIEW GALLERYWe all know that dreaded feeling when we’ve partied too hard and wake up with a massive hangover the next morning that has us wishing we hated alcohol. Spoiler alert: we don’t, but we don’t judge anyone who doesn’t drink! As Blair Waldorf says, we’re the non-judgemental Breakfast Club! If you do drink, please do so responsibly!A hangover is the worst thing known to mankind, especially if the day it attacks, you have class or work. So naturally, you put on your biggest pair of...

so you wanna be a stylist? @stressedstylist proves it’s not as easy as it seems

According to popular culture, being a stylist is kinda easy. It involves sage nodding and grunting, bulldog clips, supermodels, matcha lattes and fashion models. It’s glamour, not grit that makes us come back to stylists -- it’s alternative sunglasses on a cold grey day, it’s oversized everything, it’s fabulous, it’s fashion with an F. The reality is the opposite. There’s lost couriers, missing samples, hundreds of thousands of pounds of couture being sent hundreds of thousands of miles...

Buff Marcus Collins looks totally different to his X Factor days as he poses on the beach in Barbados wearing tiny swim shorts

MARCUS Collins looked completely different compared to his X Factor days when he sunned himself on the beach in Barbados this week.The hairdresser, who reached the final back in 2011, showed off his buff beach bod as he enjoyed a winter break. Marcus Collins looked completely different compared to his X Factor days when he sunned himself on the beach in BarbadosMarcus looked incredible in a tiny khaki coloured swimsuit as he went for a dip in the picture perfect waters.He shielded his face...