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See our review of MP3-Bluetooth glasses. Pick up your 4GB pair for just $37.95.

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Shtib1060-bt Lt MP3 & MP4 Player Accessories Up Bt 2.1 Spkr Systm $52.04

Shtib1060-bt Lt MP3 & MP4 Player Accessories Up Bt 2.1 Spkr Systm


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[11/02/18, via ]
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Everysight Raptor glasses The Raptor glasses from Everysight are the latest version of wearable tech we've seen appearing on the market. They have built-in GPS, HD camera, microphone, speakers for music, wi-fi and Bluetooth plus, most importantly, a head-up display showing all [...]

TechCrunch [02/05/18, via TechCrunch]
Intel wants smart glasses to be a thing Instead of some cumbersome headset with a special screen, Intel's Vaunt glasses are simple plastic frames that weigh under 50 grams (nearly the exact weight of Snap Spectacles). The smart glasses work with prescription and non-prescription lenses, and [...]

BGR [09/05/18, via BGR]
8 paid iPhone apps you can download for free on September 5th Wednesday's roundup of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free is a great one. We dug through hundreds of apps on sale to find the cream of the crop, and we've got eight different apps and games for you to enjoy today. As always though  [...]

House of Frankie (press release) (blog) [08/14/18, via House of Frankie (press release) (blog)]
Tiga's Turbo Celebrates 20 Years With 'Sunglasses At Night' Remix Package Techno DJ Tiga celebrates the 20th anniversary of his Turbo label with huge 'Sunglasses At Night' remix package, featuring Dense & Pika, Dimitri Veimar and Techno Seleba. Tiga James Sontag launched his Turbo Recordings in 1998 to release  [...]


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Global Sources Electronics Global Sources Electronics
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Global Sources Telecom Products Global Sources Telecom Products
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Valentines Gift Guide: The Boyfriend

From beard elixirs, new trainers, aftershaves to DVD box sets, I’ve compiled a little source of inspiration to get you thinking about what gifts you can give this Sunday. Let me know in the comments below if you buy anything I’ve chosen or what you’re getting the favourite boy in our life as a little present. Whether you’re into pop or heavy metal everyone has a song, genre or artist they have a connection to so its time to indulge in our favourite pastime: music. (Marvin Gaye Let’s Get It On in the background optional…) 2- Marshall Acton Speaker: This is the kind of present that you also get use out of so hey, it’s a win win. Like all Marshall merch it comes in a retro-inspired design and includes a 3. 5mm double-ended input cord to amp up instruments plus works with any Bluetooth device.

[via Fashion Captive]

Things I've Learned In Walking/Running, Part 3

One can buy such T-shirts, but I generally use the T-shirt for the upcoming or a previous race. Generally, where I live, by the end of the first mile or so I'm plenty warm. One area that is a little difficult for me is eye protection (from UV light). There are plenty of sunglasses out there that block UV and wrap around to protect against UV coming from one's side. But because I wear glasses for distance vision I can't use these, and use clip-on sunglasses that block most UV, but don't wrap around. I wear calf compression sleeves. I bought a set after getting calf muscle spasms in two half marathons. I forgot them in the half after that, and between the muscle spasms and the heat, I dropped out of the race at mile 10. It was my only DNF since my first 5K in 2011. Lesson.

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[12/07/15, via Rediff India Abroad]
8 Totally Awesome Products That Will Simplify Your Life Buy Digital Watch with Flexible USB LED Lamp @ Rs 199 #3 Chopping veggetables is a delight with Speedy Chopper Buy Speedy Chopper @ Rs 349 #4 Enjoy your favourite music on the go with this Bluetooth Speaker Buy Zoook Bluetooth Speaker @ Rs 2299 #5 Stuck in ... [...]

[05/28/15, via]
4gb 4 in 1 Digital Sunglasses + Mp3 Player Glasses Hidden Mini Camera Dv DVR Recorder Camcorder + Video Recorder We invite you to learn more about Fulfillment by Amazon . This is Sunglasses Video Recorder. Sleek and elegant design suits for both men and women users. These glasses come with a built-in DVR, Not only do you get great video quality but the audio is ... [...]

[03/09/15, via Rediff India Abroad]
7 Things Every Time You Travel You Wish You Owned But Still Don't This is a pendant style Bluetooth headset which comes with a small remote control housed in a pendant. This is the perfect device that lets you hear music and make calls too. With Jabra BT3030, you can play music from any smartphone or MP3 player. [...]

[08/02/13, via Independent Retailer]
New Bluetooth, MP3 & FM Sunglasses Hollywood Hits Distributors, a wholesaler of cutting edge merchandise designed to meet a variety of consumer needs, constantly expands its product line with unique, trending merchandise. One of the company’s newest introductions is unisex sunglasses with ... [...]

[12/09/12, via]
New 2GB MP3 Player Sunglasses with Bluetooth You can still see all customer reviews for the product. The output level is very low ... but the bass suffers as the earphones do not seat into your ear as normal buds would. The MP3 player works but is a one trick pony - no folders allowed, no random ... [...]

Best Gifts From Nordstrom For Him

Nordstrom is a great place to shop for the man in your life all year round, but come the holidays, the department store really ups its game, with a huge selection of designer clothes, activewear, accessories, tech gadgets and grooming products to choose from. Whether you’re buying for your partner, your dad, or best friend, you’ll find a high quality, luxury gift he’ll love. We’ve done the groundwork for you — here are our top picks from Nordstrom this holiday season and the reasons they make...

2018 Honda Ridgeline: Release dates, prices, specs, and features

Honda’s Ridgeline midsize “lifestyle” truck, built on a unibody frame, is in just the second year of its second generation. The 2018 Honda Ridgeline models are unchanged from 2017, and it’s unlikely this generation will be changed except for styling and extra feature refreshes for close to a decade, as was the case with the first generation Ridgeline, launched in 2006.You won’t see many Ridgelines in service as contractors’ work trucks or towing large boats or campers. As Digital Trends’...

Up close with Oakley Radar Pace, the wearable that may help you forget Google Glass

Oakley Radar Pace smart sun glassesImage: lance ulanoff/mashableBy Lance Ulanoff2016-09-21 23:12:07 UTCWearing Google Glass was probably never cool, but that doesn’t mean eyewear can’t still be both intelligent and hip. At least that’s what sunglass manufacturer Oakley is counting on.Nine months after Intel — Oakley’s partner — gave us a brief glimpse of the future of intelligent eyewear, Oakley is finally ready to ship the sharp-looking Oakley Radar Pace.The Oakley Radar Pace smart...