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Vancouver blue skateboard wooden sunglasses

Watch our Vancouver blue skatboard wooden sunglasses presented in this small 15 sec clip.

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update: the car was in north vancouver, so the car2go folks locked it down until we could get to it and the sunglasses were in the glove box

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"Phoning it in"/ "Employee puts duties aside to help a blind customer shop"

orange canada man sunglasses vespa britishcolumbia scooter pickuptruck northvancouver Photo by djking on Flickr

I am an aspiring screenwriter, so this blog is used to promote my writing and attract people who will hire me to write for your TV show or movie. I write a lot about writing, TV, movies, jokes, and my daily life and opinions. I have another blog promoting my TV project at www. Search the app by category, or scan the bar code of an item with your mobile phone right on the store shelf to be a socially conscious shopper. Take a mid-day break and inject a little charity into the social banter between your office buddies. On this app, “Creating a Budge” means challenging your friends to an online contest of any kind.

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Mt. St Helens and back….

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The blast started out as an idea by Zarly, who you all know by now is my co-worker and often riding bud. Friday the 23rd rolled around and I was all packed from the night before. I didn’t sleep much that night as the adrenaline was pumping through me like an uncontrollable river rushing through a canyon. My mind raced all over the place as I dreamt about the ride that Zarly and I were about to undertake. A true learning experience for me as I was faced with a few things that you only learn about from experience. Friday morning I was to meet Zarly at the local Beamer dealer as he was getting a tune-up and some new tires. What a madman, all those miles and still his desire to ride just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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[03/07/16, via The Vancouver Sun]
Q&A: Total eclipse of the sun to darken slice of Indonesia The best reported viewing was on Norway's Svalbard islands near the North Pole. The previous total eclipse was ... photographic negatives with images, smoked glass and sunglasses even if multiple pairs are worn. During the spectacular moments of total ... [...]

[03/01/16, via The Tyee]
BC's 'Bright Spot' Economy Not So Sunny in North and Interior But recent indicators suggest there's little need for sunglasses throughout much of the province ... he said in an interview. Vancouver, and to a lesser extent Victoria, is doing well with strong real estate, construction, tourism, and film and television ... [...]

[03/02/16, via Daily Mail]
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is barely recognisable as she hides behind a pair of giant sunglasses while promoting Bulgari's new accessories line The 29-year-old British beauty can be seen hiding behind a pair of giant cat-eye sunglasses while promoting Bulgari's luxury accessories line. Jason Statham's fiance - who has worked with the likes of Marks & Spencer, Burberry and ModelCo in the past - has ... [...]

[11/24/15, via]
Snyder: Sunglasses for your dog They're planning to open a Nutella Cafe in Vancouver. I'm not sure it's needed ... A new product that could be a nice Christmas gift for your dog. Rex Specs. Sunglasses for your dog to protect your pet's eyes from the sun's glare. $79.95 a pair. [...]

[10/30/15, via CBC]
North Shore police urge drivers to 'break the habit' of leaving valuables in cars North Shore drivers who leave things like loose change and cell phones lying in their unlocked cars are partly responsible for a 500 per cent spike in thefts from vehicles compared to last year, say police. That's why North Vancouver RCMP and West ... [...]

Monday's solar eclipse: Where to go and how to watch it safely

It’s where the fun is, Bruce Springsteen claims in the song, Blinded by the Light.But even with 85 per cent of the sun blocked by the moon, please don’t stare at Monday’s partial solar eclipse. It’s as damaging as staring into the full sun, experts say.“Even though the sun will be 85-, 86-per-cent obscured, it’s very important that people do not look at the eclipse with the naked eye,” Dr. Stanley Greenspoon of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) said.The partial eclipse will...

What's it like to live in a properly cold climate?

As winter makes its presence felt in Ireland, we decided to ask our readers living in cooler climates what proper cold feels like. Dress appropriately, don’t stay outside too long, and embrace the season and enjoy it are among their suggestions for surviving winter where they are.Sibeal Turraoin, Iceland: ‘I go to hot outdoor pools most days’I’ve been in Iceland for the past 18 months and though it’s not as cold as other countries on the same latitude it can get pretty chilly. The coldest...

Vancouver's biggest and buzziest retail openings of 2017

The year 2017 saw us saying goodbye to a number of longstanding stores (R.I.P. Sears,Nicole Bridger, Ingledew's Shoes, and countless others), but the past 300-plus days have introduced some retail heavy-hitters to Vancouver as well.From big (and small) Japanese names hawking stationery, houseplants, and beyond to a host of locally born and bred businesses that prove brick-and-mortar operations aren’t dead, here are the openings (and reopenings) that left a mark on the city’s...