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zeroUV - Lip Shaped And Teeth Pink Red Lips Novelty Party Sunglasses (Pink Pink) $40.00

zeroUV - Lip Shaped And Teeth Pink Red Lips Novelty Party Sunglasses (Pink Pink)




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Megalophobia is the irrational fear of large objects. In some cases megalophobia is manifested as a fear of objects that are larger than they should be (for example, clown shoes, novelty sunglasses, oversized pants) however, in most cases Megalophobia is simply a fear of objects significantly larger than one's self. There is no standard measure of when something has become large enough to unsettle a person suffering from megalophobia, it is entirely subjective and unique to the individual sufferer. It is often the case that a megalophobe's anxieties are heightened on the ability of the large object to move. For example, in many cases a person suffering form megalophobia will be more unsettled by a large ship or airplane than by a building regardless of whether the ship or plane are in...

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New Reading Glasses Sunglasses Spectacles Specs Novelty Nose Holder Stand Gift 

One Darth Vader-themed pair of novelty sunglasses for my 9-year old nephew's school fun day tomorrow. Hope the lit… 

RT @LeifTheTank: The only reason I need lasik is so I can buy more novelty sunglasses

The only reason I need lasik is so I can buy more novelty sunglasses

just got the @BigDogClub Mastercard i get 2% back on all Big Dogs novelty t-shirts and 3% back on all Big Dogs paja… 

Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2008 Price Guide Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2008 Price Guide
Published by F+W Media, Inc 2007
ISBN 0896895319,9780896895317
1008 pages
100 Antiques of the Future 100 Antiques of the Future
Published by New Holland Publishers 2016
ISBN 1845377338,9781845377335
128 pages
Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2013 Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2013
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Ultimate Scrapbook Style Ultimate Scrapbook Style
ISBN 1610594819,9781610594813

Seven joyous pictures from London's St Patrick's Day festival that will make your day - Irish Post

disney merchandise waltdisneyworld emporium magickingdom mikewazowski noveltysunglasses monstroussummerallnightparty Photo by Sam Howzit on Flickr

THERE was a cracking turn out (including a welcome appearance from the sun) yesterday in central London for the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival. From noon until 6pm(when the festivities wrapped up in Trafalgar Square) men women and children from all over the world made a huge effort to make the festival fun, donning silly hats of every conceivable sort, funny wigs, novelty sunglasses, fake...


Allow Us to Convince You That a Mostly White Watch Isn't a Bad Idea -

sanfrancisco birthday friends magnetbox bentesch awesomenoveltysunglasses Photo by jimray on Flickr

A mostly white watch. It might not be for everyone, but the bold styling of independent watchmaker Linde Werdelin's second-ever moonphase watch, the Oktopus Moonlite White , caught our eye as soon as it hit the market. Would it find its way into regular rotation, or would the novelty wear off faster than a pair of white sunglasses. First things first, don't let the 44x46mm case size fool you: the Moonlite White is remarkably comfortable. That's because of the rubber strap—among the very best in the industry—and the lugless case design, which combine to allow the Oktopus Moonlite White to hug the wrist in a way that you wouldn't expect from looking at it in the display case.


[03/15/16, via Village Voice]
In Brooklyn, an Eclectic Group of Enthusiasts Revive a Forgotten Instrument But as the keyboard and guitar gained popularity, accordion players hung up their straps, and the few who were left watched their instrument become a goofy novelty ... who often sports dark sunglasses and a fedora with a feather tucked into its satin ... [...]

[03/11/16, via Lone Star Ball SB Nation]
Friday Morning Links Gerry Fraley has some notes from yesterday's game. Player rep Derek Holland has prepared his snake in a can, squirting lapel flower and giant novelty negotiating sunglasses in a crucial year in which the players will have to hammer out a new collective ... [...]

[03/06/16, via Japan Times]
Japanese bands plan overseas spring offensive On the Feb. 26 edition of the show, however, viewers were treated to a puppet show courtesy of an artist sporting novelty sunglasses and a University of Michigan radiology lab coat. Rising pop artist Komuai of the group Suiyoubi No Campanella ripped ... [...]

[02/27/16, via LAist]
Elton John Announces Surprise Show Today at Old Tower Records Legendary piano man and walking pair of oversized novelty sunglasses Elton John announced a surprise show that will happen at noon today at the old Tower Records parking lot on Sunset Boulevard. It's a first come-first served event and anyone can get walk ... [...]

[02/23/16, via KRMG]
Female suspect reportedly robs Patricia's location The incident happened around 8:32 p.m., at the adult novelty store near 11th and Garnett. "The clerk stated that a short, black female wearing mirrored sunglasses and a hat with ear-flaps came to the counter, (and) put a note on the counter demanding cash ... [...]

‘Man Flu’ and Giant Wine Glasses: The BMJ’s Christmas Issue

Poor fella. (Credit: Dmitry A/Shutterstock)Scientists aren’t always considered to be the most festive group of people. But The British Medical Journal does its part to celebrate the spirit of the holidays with its annual Christmas issue.Once a year, the journal opens submissions for studies with a slightly lighter tone, but just as much science. The key to inclusion in the Christmas issue is originality and clever ideas — not bad science. “While we welcome light-hearted fare and...

Why sunglasses are a must in the summertime

Most of us know we should apply sunscreen as the summer sun intensifies, but what about protecting your eyes from sunburn?Optometrists are warning Australians to not only slip, slop and slap, but to also slide on some sunglasses to protect their eyes and prevent serious health issues down the track.Resident optometrist from Optometry Australia, Luke Arundel, said without protection, eyes were at risk of photokeratitis, a painful eye condition that occurs when eyes are exposed to too much...

'The best daddy in the world!' David Beckham and daughter Harper, six, re-enact sweet Lady In The Tramp scene... as slender Victoria reclines on a swing set in Miami

By Ekin Karasin and Rianne Addo For MailonlinePublished: 11:24 EST, 4 January 2018 | Updated: 15:40 EST, 4 January 2018 They jetted into Miami as a family to ring in the New Year together.And David Beckham and his six-year-old daughter Harper gave an insight into their bonding time as they re-enacted a sweet Lady And The Tramp scene.The former footballer, 42, smiled as he pretended to share a strand of spaghetti with his youngest child in an Instagram snap that wife Victoria shared...