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How to Add a Reflection to Sunglasses in Photoshop

Adding a little Paris to your studio portraits is simpler than you might think! Learn how to add a reflection to sunglasses in today's episode. Start by scaling the ...

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[10/14/18, via ]
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Cinema Blend [09/29/18, via Cinema Blend]
Someone Imagined Stan Lee As Thor's Odin, And It's Fantastic The Marvel Cinematic Universe may have grown exponentially in size and scale since Iron Man in 2008, but one small needle has been thread through every one of them, a cameo appearance from Stan Lee. In fact, as you might remember the former writer,  [...]

Mashable [09/24/18, via Mashable]
The best Ryan Reynolds memes to ever grace our eyeballs Following a post-prom break up, Twitter user gabidunn99 choose to Photoshop Reynolds into her prom photo, which gained a ton of traction online. Soon after the edited photos were shared, brirenaexo replied to the tweet with her own Photoshopped pics  [...]

Fatherly [08/27/18, via Fatherly]
This Dad Used Photoshop to Bring His Kids' Drawings Into the Real World One dad named Tom Curtis is flipping this whole concept on its head by creating hyper-realistic versions of his kids' drawings using photoshop. Curtis, who works as a content marketer has taken to putting the renderings on Instagram, where they have  [...]

CTV News [10/06/18, via CTV News]
Banksy painting self-destructs minutes after being sold at auction Adding to the intrigue, a man wearing sunglasses tangled with security guards near the entrance of the auction house, The Art Newspaper reported. Anny Shaw, a correspondent with The Art Newspaper, told that those present were “gob smacked  [...]



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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, play /?n?s?/) is an executive branch agency of the United States government, responsible for the nation's civilian space program and aeronautics and aerospace research. Since February 2006, NASA's self-described mission statement is to "pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research."[4]

NASA was established by the National Aeronautics and Space Act on July 29, 1958, replacing...

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@AntonioParis You should photoshop this pic with a flat mars society pic in the sunglasses reflection haha

RT @Hurtledto60: Sunglasses needed in a West Dean greenhouse No photoshop needed here! Begonias and plectranthus #westdeangardens #be…

RT @Hurtledto60: Sunglasses needed in a West Dean greenhouse No photoshop needed here! Begonias and plectranthus #westdeangardens #be…

@_Zeets I was going to photoshop a picture of Kamina except his sunglasses would have been replaced by two Patriots logos but...yeah  by lucafoscili | sunglasses,portrait,summer,heat,water,swimming pool,swimsuit,hair,wet,cata… 

Creative Photoshop Lighting Techniques Creative Photoshop Lighting Techniques
Published by Lark Books 2005
ISBN 1579907601,9781579907600
192 pages
Inside Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Inside Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Published by New Riders Publishing 2016
ISBN 0735710007,9780735710009
888 pages
Photoshop Fine Art Effects Cookbook Photoshop Fine Art Effects Cookbook
Published by "O'Reilly Media, Inc." 2016
ISBN 0596100620,9780596100629
176 pages
How to Cheat in Photoshop CS4 How to Cheat in Photoshop CS4
Published by Taylor & Francis 2013
ISBN 9781136111020,1136111026
448 pages

Meet Jonathan Yeo, the Artist Who Painted Frank Underwood Into The Smithsonian - Daily Beast

old school red summer orange sun sunglasses photoshop vintage typography glasses artwork colorful warm colours graphic good style sunny shades retro 80s heat type 70s summertime colourful typo 80 70 90 60 psdtuts Photo by Hldrmn on Flickr

Yes, a real person in a fictitious program playing someone who does a real job being unveiled by a fictional president in a real gallery in a real city where actual political events happen and where many politicians turned up on the night because... If you don’t really connect with them that can cause problems, but I have the good sense to realize that, and will say, “I have a big show to work on” or something. I don’t say, “I don’t find you interesting. There are certain people like Rupert Murdoch (full disclosure: this reporter once worked for the Murdoch-owned London Times ) who, like a lot of us, I imagined as a Bond villain, that you’d go into his office which would have a bank of video...


How to Encourage Your Photographic Creativity - Fstoppers

old summer orange sunglasses photoshop vintage paper design artwork colours shades retro 80 90 Photo by Hldrmn on Flickr

Encourage your creativity, and you'll increase your creativity. Encouragement can work wonders, but how do you encourage creativity. Start by paying attention to it. Our subconscious mind tends to give us more of what we pay attention to. Ignore the creative aspects of your life, and you are telling your subconscious that they are unimportant. Consciously note when you’re creative, and your subconscious mind will start feeding you more creative ideas. You can encourage creativity by writing your ideas down. Do this regularly, and you’ll notice that you often start having more ideas the moment you start to write. A so-so idea may normally be forgotten, but by writing it down, you may remember it. Then, your subconscious can work on it and may transform it into something very creative.


[03/07/16, via]
Why Kim Kardashian had to delete this Instagram pic The star shared a collage picture of herself sporting a skintight nude bodysuit with a khaki jacket, heels and signature oversized sunglasses. Kim deleted this snap after noticing her Photoshop faux pas /But while the 35-year-old mum-of-two looked ... [...]

[03/01/16, via OK Magazine]
Lena Dunham calls out Spanish magazine for heavy retouching of images BUT this is NOT what my body has ever looked like or will ever look like - the magazine has done more than the average photoshop. "So if you're into ... a selfie of her wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. She captioned the image: "As I grow older ... [...]

[03/01/16, via Canoe]
Lena Dunham accuses magazine of retouching image Taking to, Lena insisted the outlet had done "more than the average photoshop" on her image and pleaded with them to be "honest" about their alterations. "I am genuinely honoured to be on your cover and so happy you licensed a pic by @ ... [...]

[03/01/16, via SoloNews]
Lena Dunham Slams Spanish Magazine for Photoshopped Cover Photo Before posting the cover photo to Instagram, Lena also posted a selfie of her wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. "Tentaciones" magazine ... know and follow our magazine know that we do not use Photoshop or other digital tools to change the physique ... [...]

[12/10/15, via E Online]
Dare to Wear: Gigi Hadid's Tinted Sunglasses Will Instantly Elevate Any Monochrome Outfit Tinted sunnies in crisp blue or electric yellow teamed with an all-black or white-on-white ensemble look extra-fresh too. So for the next time you want to turn heads in your neutral outfit: Do you dare to wear red sunglasses? [...]

310 Sunglasses Introduces Chic Sunglasses for All

Customers can buy any three pairs of sunglasses, of any price, and the total will be adjusted to $99.99. What’s more, they can get FREE SHIPPING when they spend $49.99 or more.Los Angeles, CA, United States – December 11, 2017 /MarketersMedia/ — If you’re a seasonal wearer of sunglasses, chances are you are currently hunting for a new pair of sunglasses to help you get through the sun-kissed months of long daytime ahead. 310 sunglasses has come up with a striking offer for all style forward...

40 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates For Your Online Store

Looking for the best t-shirt mockups and PSD templates for your online store? Whether you’re designing your own t-shirt, or looking to add higher quality product pictures to your store, you’re sure to find the perfect t-shirt mockup in this article. A t-shirt mockup is essentially a blank t-shirt that you can add your product design on. T-shirt mockups can include a model wearing the product to help customers envision what the t-shirt looks like on, or they may just feature the t-shirt on a...

Harry Potter Fans Are Furious Johnny Depp Is Still Grindelwald In The 'Fantastic Beasts' Sequel

Okay, just, everyone calm down for a hot second, take a deep breath, and repeat after me: Netflix is not making a Harry Potter TV show. If you’ve heard that Netflix is making a Harry Potter show, then you’ve really just heard about a piece of fanart that has snowballed out of control, rolling over an April Fools’ Day news post (curse you, April Fools’!) to create a big ol’ snow monster of a thing that isn’t true no matter how much fans want it to be true. So no, there is no...