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CSI: Miami - Horatio Caine's Sunglasses Moments / One Liners

All the sunglasses moments from the great general (sunglasses and non-sunglasses) Caruso / Horatio Caine opening scenes montage.

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I guess you could say that I've already... *puts on sunglasses* ...CHECKED OUT. #librarylife #libraryjokes #puns 

@Hobbitzez Your puns are really making strides *sunglasses*

Warlock:Did you hear Uldren was resurrected? Titan:Is he out for... Warlock:Noo Titan:(puts on sunglasses) PETRE… 

Death, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses Death, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses
Published by Macmillan 2015
ISBN 9781250048325,125004832X
352 pages
The Feminist Avant-Garde in American Poetry The Feminist Avant-Garde in American Poetry
Published by University of Iowa Press 2005
ISBN 9781587294341,1587294346
273 pages
The Good of the Novel The Good of the Novel
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing USA 2011
ISBN 9781441186737,1441186735
240 pages
Irreverent Photo Tools for Digital Photographers Irreverent Photo Tools for Digital Photographers
Published by Cengage Learning 2014
ISBN 9781435455702,1435455703
299 pages

The 2016 US Presidential Race: A Cheat Sheet - The Atlantic

birthday berlin me sunglasses 30 coco chanel i photobytobs timetoaccessorize Photo by nomsalina on Flickr

After getting trounced in his home state of Florida on March 15, Marco Rubio dropped out of the Republican race in Miami. The Rubio saga is a gripping one: He defied Republican Party bosses to win the 2010 Senate nomination in Florida, then went to Washington in the Tea Party wave. Rubio was considered damaged goods—and certainly out of the presidential running once his one-time mentor and fellow Floridian Jeb Bush got in. Rubio, perhaps knowing Bush’s weaknesses better than most, ignored that conventional wisdom and leapt... But it became quickly clear that Trump was stronger than expected, and that Rubio didn’t have what it takes to beat him, and his support collapsed. That leaves the Republican field as a three-way contest.


South Korea and the Art of Collaboration. Raw War Propaganda against the DPRK - Center for Research on Globalization

winter blackandwhite food selfportrait sunglasses minnesota writing handwriting outside glasses flickr explore cardboard yearone addiction 365days Photo by Chapendra on Flickr

While the Western brain-conditioning machine wants you to believe that it is actually the North that is successfully indoctrinating its citizens, those of us who have worked on both sides of the border (or on both sides of the “DMZ”) know much... From the “art work” on both sides of the barbed wire fences, to the institutions designated to brainwash millions of common people, South Korea is leading. its regime’s propaganda (and the propaganda of its Western handlers) is much more experienced, determined, aggressive and therefore, effective. The curator of the “DMZ STORY, Berlin East Side Gallery & DMZ Story Exhibition” sounded more like an interrogator than an artist.


[03/08/16, via Future]
Oakley fixed a problem you didn't even know existed 0 points for urine soaked specs. All jokes aside, it's a common problem, whether it's a toilet-related incident or run-in with concrete. I've lost tons of sunglasses that way. Back to Oakley Latch. This clip secures the sunglasses in place on a t-shirt ... [...]

[03/09/16, via Punemirror]
POWER SPIN Clad in an all-blue suit, Lok Sabha MP Ranjeet Ranjan yesterday rode into Parliament complex on a ritzy burnt sienna Harley Davidson, hair clumped back inside a helmet, eyes shaded by sunglasses. Her ride marked International Women's Day at the Capitol. [...]

[03/02/16, via Rock Cellar Magazine]
Foo Fighters’ Big Announcement: A ‘New Direction’ Featuring Dave Grohl, Sunglasses and Nick Lachey (?) UPDATE: Their actual ‘announcement’ was an amusing, ridiculous seven-minute video involving Butch Vig, Nick Lachey and Dave Grohl wearing sunglasses ... Foos are on hiatus – or ‘IHateUs’, as he jokes in the chat (around the 5:15 mark): Wednesday ... [...]

[03/03/16, via BBC]
WWE's Bret 'the Hitman' Hart beats prostate cancer after having surgery But he jokes that he won't be doing anything strenuous for the time ... Famous for his leather jacket, sunglasses and pink spandex, Bret Hart was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006. He famously fell out with WWE boss Vince McMahon in 1997 before ... [...]

[02/29/16, via Ghana Web]
I need my medicated sunglasses to see - Mzbel Jamestown’s music diva, Mzbel has sent out a message to people who keep asking her why she wears sunglasses most of the time. The “I am 16 years’ hit-maker in a message on her Instagram page explained that her sunglasses are medicated hence she needs ... [...]

Barkley, Shaq roast entire Ball family over sunglasses arrest

The “Inside The NBA” studio analysts redefined the meaning of throwing shade at LaVar Ball’s basketball-playing sons Thursday night.What began innocently enough, with host Ernie Johnson teeing up the highlights of Lonzo Ball’s Lakers playing against the Wizards, quickly turned into a cornucopia of jokes centered around LiAngelo Ball’s arrest for shoplifting sunglasses at a Louis Vuitton store in China.“Do you think he went shopping in DC?” Shaquille O’Neal asked of the oldest Ball son.“Better...

Black dresses, jokes put Golden Globes’ focus on gender bias

With a red carpet dyed black by actresses dressed in a color-coordinated statement against sexual harassment and gender inequality, the Golden Globes confronted the post-Harvey Weinstein era with a ceremony at turns protest rally and party, atonement and celebration. “Good evening ladies and remaining gentlemen,” opened host Seth Meyers at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Meyers, in his first time hosting the Globes, dove straight into material about the sex scandals...

'Nobody will ever have to say Me Too again': Oprah reduces Golden Globes guests to tears with powerful speech praising the women AND men leading Tinseltown's fightback from sex ...

Oprah Winfrey used her Golden Globe lifetime achievement speech to thank the women who have bravely shared their personal stories of abuse The 63-year-old media mogul was raped by her cousin, an uncle and a family friend starting when she was just nine, and at 14 became pregnant from on of these sexual assaults but suffered a miscarriageStars wore the color black to show solidarity with the victims of sexual harassment and assault at the 75th annual Golden Globes in Los Angeles on...