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How to draw a swag girl tumblr

A new tutorial on how to draw a tumblr swag girl, hope you like it. If you want to watch more of my drawings, you can follow me on: Instagram: @drawicorn.

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[11/30/18, via ]
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Elite Daily [03/21/18, via Elite Daily]
30 Instagram Captions For Sunglasses Pics That Are Truly Spec-Tacular When the sun's out, it's time to pull out those shades. I don't know what it is exactly, but there's just something about a pair of sunglasses that instantly makes someone look so cool. In fact, the sunglasses emoji is my most used and makes me feel [...]

Washington Post [10/11/18, via Washington Post]
A daughter's hilarious obituary unravels her father's mysterious life. You have to read to the end to get it. She quotes Stein's brother as saying Stein couldn't have been a pilot; the two owned a jewelry and Oriental rug gallery together. His sister says she thought Stein was a cartoonist and freelance television critic for the “Detectives say they were [...]

[07/09/17, via New Statesman]
Don't watch Netflix's To The Bone A group of thin, gaunt girls are collaging, cutting and sticking pictures of people from magazines, and inspirational quotes in cursive fonts saying things like, “Never give up. Find a way to make it happen. And she leaves, wearing a baggy sweater [...]

Washington Post [09/19/18, via Washington Post]
The 74-year-old comedy star is sober and ready to work. The problem is nobody wants to work with him. You just put on some sunglasses and do this.” He is effusive . The pain he's felt from being hurt over the years — by friends who don't call, by former collaborators who blast him, by Will Ferrell quotes — has made him grow more cynical and [...]

stereocolours: Too dark for sunglasses, too bright to... 

Eleanor Hawkins pictured on Malaysia mountain before stripping naked - Daily Mail

life travel blue sea sky italy inspiration sunglasses typography capri spring rocks mark dream sunny shades adventure explore sail twain motivation wisdom discover Photo by Charlotte90T on Flickr

EXCLUSIVE: Pictured smiling hours before they stripped naked on sacred mountain, the British backpacker and her three co-accused as they set out on Borneo trek that 'sparked killer earthquake' Eleanor Hawkins, 23, from Draycott, Derbyshire, poses...


Clovis couple spend 20 HOURS stuck in a 12-foot snow drift in New Mexico - Daily Mail

A couple delivering newspapers in New Mexico on Saturday night ended up trapped miles from their hope when their car was pushed off the road by strong winds. Betty Anderson, 55, and her husband Jimmy, 54, spent 20 hours huddled together huddled under a blanket in their white Ford Fusion as they waited to be rescued from a 12-foot snow drift about two miles outside of Clovis. And at about 8. 30pm, the couple were stuck on a road covered in blinding snow. Suddenly, they were in a ditch, and Jimmy Anderson didn't think they would make it into town in the already ankle-deep snow with more on its way, so they decided to wait in the car for help. And suddenly, their car was covered in snow.


[01/05/16, via Esquire]
You Too Can Have Sunglasses Like President Obama's They were actually kind of... cool. The source of those vibes was his choice in sunglasses. The squared-off shape, matte black frames, and tinted green lenses all came together to give them a modern look with just a dash of vintage inspiration. Those are ... [...]

[12/24/15, via]
ISIS expands its social media campaign to Tumblr Now, as part of its massive social media campaign which John McAfee hyperbolically described as "far more devastating than any nuclear war," members of the ISIS Health Department - Diwan al-Siha - have created a Tumblr ... need to wear sunglasses to ... [...]

[09/05/15, via Yahoo Finance]
You can buy the only sunglasses made with NASA-certified technology for less than $80 They came up with a special material& "capable of absorbing, filtering, and scattering dangerous light," and 10 years later, that material was commercialized and a company named Eagle Eyes Optics started making sunglasses with it. Now, you can buy them for ... [...]

[08/20/15, via Reuters]
Former Subway pitchman seeks to plead guilty to child pornography, sex charges Federal Judge Mark Dinsmore must now review the plea deal Fogle's attorneys reached with prosecutors and decide whether to accept it. In the meantime the court entered a technical plea of not guilty on Fogle's behalf. Fogle, who became famous after losing ... [...]

[02/05/15, via Yahoo Finance]
Exotic Luxury Eyewear, Some Originally Tagged at up to $35,000, Offered in Online Auction of Bankrupt Eyewear Specialist's Assets In addition to Sama-branded eyewear, the inventory includes such Sama lines as the Loree Rodkin collection and select sunglasses and eyewear from the Badgley Mischka and the Sahara collections. Features include frames constructed of 24- and 18-karat gold ... [...]

How Fashion and Feminism Became Bedfellows

Features on Rookie magazine, at Among the twenty- and thirtysomething women who populate the New York publishing world, there's a near-universal love for Sassy, the offbeat 1990s-era teen magazine, which they excitedly read along with their Plath and Didion as precocious adolescents. So it's no surprise that Rookie magazine, billed as the new Sassy, got so much press in places like the New York Times Magazine and when it launched last week. Sassy was unlike its...

Romney's 'binders full of women' remark takes on life of its own

It wasn't "there you go again" or "you're no Jack Kennedy," but one of the more quoted lines from the latest presidential debate might well be "binders full of women" -- at least if Democrats have any say in the matter.Minutes after Mitt Romney claimed that he brought "binders full of women” to his Cabinet selection process in Massachusetts, the phrase was lighting up Twitter and had already spawned a new website.The website mocks Romney's comment with a...

Is Terry Richardson an Artist or a Predator? Both, Most Likely

Last week, word got out that New York magazine was working on a cover story about Terry Richardson. This wasn’t remarkable news in and of itself, given that Richardson is rarely out of the headlines these days, but the word on the street (or, at least, the Gawker network) was that the story was pro-Richardson, allegedly setting out to absolve the photographer of all the accusations against him. As it turns out, the story doesn’t go quite that far, but it does provide a startlingly sympathetic...