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@Cowboyz_1993 Ray Ban used to be cheap sunglasses too. ‍♂️

just went to a new dentist and they made me wear cheap ray ban knock off sunglasses while in the chair. they called… 

72 pages
Muslim Mafia Muslim Mafia
Published by WND Books 2016
ISBN 9781935071105,1935071106
422 pages
Icons of Men's Style Icons of Men's Style
Published by Laurence King Publishing 2016
ISBN 1780677820,9781780677828
192 pages
Dotter of Her Father's Eyes Dotter of Her Father's Eyes
Published by Dark Horse Comics 2008
ISBN 9781621152019,1621152014
89 pages

The Hipster Problem

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Big American cities have been swarmed by Hipsters including San Francisco Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and New York. Thousands of streets have been littered with Ray-Ban sunglasses, liberal arts degrees and unwanted arrogance. The Hipster, a Great danger to us all, has begun to take control of our cities. Hipsters have become an infestation. Hipsters reject anything mainstream and that includes the culturally ignorant or basically anyone who isn’t them. Children and parents have become scarred by this subcultures extreme lack of showering. The obscure bands they listen too will entice your children as much as a pair of tight jeans. Measures have been taken in the past to limit the tightness of their jeans to only one twisted gonad.

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Good thing Quirky has Tilt.quirky tilt iphone 4 caseFrom the makers of Cloak Undercove

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Another great choice is in brass which is available only in plain Bronze color for $135. But the brass case with an engraved design retails for $175. These rare cases can be purchased on their official website. PAD & QUILL THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK IPHONE 4 CASECover your iPhone 4 with a book – literally. Pad & Quill, a family company based in Minneapolis, has crafted a unique iPhone 4 case specifically for your new gadget. Pad & Quill The Little Black Book iPhone 4 CaseThe Little Black Book is designed to look like a small,. There is also a vertical elastic wrap on the outside to secure your iPhone 4. This unique book style case for iPhone 4 weighs only 3. 1 oz. The interior boasts a hand-crafted wood frame that is smooth and would not cause any scratches and scrapes.

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[03/15/16, via]
How To Tell If Your Sunglasses Are Actually Protecting Your Eyes And what better bargain than the cheap-as-chips sunglasses you can pick up from market stalls ... Otherwise, have a look at the frame. "For example a Ray-Ban polarised lens has a P next to the Ray-Ban logo on the lens," Kessell pointed out. [...]

[03/07/16, via IGN]
Daily Deals: BB-8, Fallout 4, Xbox One With $100 Gift Card Get a pair of these matte finish Ray Ban knock offs with reflective lenses for $12.50. The great thing about ZeroUV sunglasses is that they filter out harmful rays, but also look good, fit comfortably, and they're cheap enough that if you lose/break them ... [...]

[03/03/16, via Today]
Thai cops seize close to 900,000 fake sunglasses Ray-Ban, Oakley, Louis Vuitton and Dior were among the labels that the gang had faked with the haul worth more than 130 million baht (S$5 million) if sold as genuine versions, the statement said. A total of 895,897 pairs of sunglasses were seized at seven ... [...]

[02/20/16, via Rocky Mount Telegram]
Be ready to act when market makes a correction A correction occurs when a key index, such as the S&P 500, declines at least 10 percent from its previous high. Corrections are short-term in nature and historically have happened fairly regularly – about once a year. However, over the past several years ... [...]

[02/17/16, via West Valley View]
Avondale approves 7.5% water rate increase Avondale residents will be paying an average of 7.5 percent more for water and 6 percent more for sewer service after the City Council backed off a plan to increase utility fees by 15 percent this year. The first Avondale water and sewer rate increases ... [...]

A guide to sunglasses: What shape suits you best, and the styles to avoid like the plague.

This is an extract of fashion journalist Alyson Walsh’s book, Know Your Style: Mix it, Match it, Love it.When we meet, Marie Wilkinson, design director at Cutler and Gross, is wearing a beautiful pair of 1950s-style brick-red frames. ‘They’re called A Day at the Races,’ she tells me, ‘I was thinking about jockeys and how they want to be distinctive but don’t wear logos, just vivid colours. The colours are very dense, very high pigment, so you can see them from far away.’Having worked with the...

EBay Green Monday 2017 Deals Release Every Hour

The eBay Green Monday 2017 ad is packed with hot deals.The eBay Green Monday 2017 sale kicked off at 5 am PT at eBay has released a special Green Monday 2017 ad, packed with deals including Bose Sound Systems off more than 50% and a 75" Samsung 4K HDR Smart TV with a 60% discount.eBay advertises the Samsung UN75MU8000 4K HDR Smart TV for $2,199 in the Green Monday ad. This is $500 lower than what Amazon is currently charging for this stunning 2017 Samsung TV. The Samsung UN75MU8000...

Ray-Bans, Oakleys BOTH On Sale On EBay

The other day, the Daily Dealer alerted its readers to a beautiful pair of Oakleys that is 30 percent off on Amazon. As that article put it, “When it comes to sunglasses, there are two brands that matter: Ray-Ban and Oakley.”If you heed that advice, you will be thrilled to find out about the deal currently going on at eBay. Select Ray-Ban and Oakley sunglasses are up to 70 percent off. Now that’s a deal.Altogether, 68 different pairs of Ray-Bans and Oakleys (including both men’s and...