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RuneScape Sunglasses From Rare item tokens. [Treasure Hunter]

These are a pair of RuneScape sunglasses won from Rare item tokens that are won from Treasure Hunter. Examine: "Deal with it."

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Belleville News-Democrat [07/17/18, via Belleville News-Democrat]
Years ago, his dad died in a crash. His mom was just killed in one, too. A 12-year-old Edwardsville boy lost his second parent to a motorcycle crash on Thursday when his mother died in a crash after dropping him off to practice baseball. When Malik Allen was younger, his father also died in a car accident. Malik plays [...]

Grimes Announces She Is Set to Legally Change Name to 'c' After blowing the Internet by showing up at Met Gala with Elon Musk, Grimes recently puzzled her fans after announcing she has decided to change her name to 'c.' Still set to perform under her Grimes stage name, the Canadian artist will be legally [...]

Tom's Guide [11/04/17, via Tom's Guide]
How to Use the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR With iOS 12, Apple has added the ability to add a second face to Face ID, in case your iPhone has trouble recognizing you in certain situations (say, when wearing a hat and sunglasses) or in the event a family member also frequently uses your device. [...] [07/03/18, via]
Children's hospital pleads with parents to keep their children protected from the sun Make sure it has a wide brim that gives shade to the face, neck, head and ears. A tie under the chin may stop them from taking it off; It is important that children, as soon as they can, wear wrap-around sunglasses that give UV protection; Only use [...]

Quick break from herblore to go and watch venom, it’s 8pm and I’m wearing sunglasses...problem? I think noooottt, h… 

Powering Up Powering Up
Published by John Wiley & Sons 2008
ISBN 9780470712078,0470712074
336 pages
Runescape Runescape
Published by Titan Publishing Company 2010
ISBN 0857681532,9780857681539
512 pages
Trade Me Success Secrets Trade Me Success Secrets
ISBN 9780958263412,0958263418
294 pages
Runescape Gold Strategy Guide Runescape Gold Strategy Guide
Published by Packt Publishing Ltd 2012
ISBN 9781849692915,1849692912
166 pages

Computer hacker stole virtual property from online fantasy gamers to pay off REAL gambling debts - Daily Mail

Computer hacker stole virtual property from online fantasy gamers to pay off REAL gambling debts Steven Burrell, 21, spent 16 months hacking player profiles on RuneScape. Stole fantasy items like swords and chain mail and sold them for £3,000 He was not charged with theft as stolen items existed in fantasy world Accused of hacking but Northampton magistrates spared him jail. A computer hacker has been spared jail after selling virtual items he had stolen breaking into the accounts of fantasy game players. Steven Burrell, from Northampton, spent 16 months hacking profiles on RuneScape, an online game where more than 200 million players live in a medieval fantasy world and collect armour and food.


Nazis, Russian spies and treasure hunting: Interview: Nordic Games on Deadfall Adventures and Painkiller coming to ... - Daily Mail

Plenty of bugs have been removed and adjustments made for PC after the game’s initial release, these changes are already implemented in the console version. Besides the optimization required by the console engine itself and the screen resolution adjusted for TVs, there's not a real reduction in visual quality. however during work on the console builds we've also improved the look of certain special effects. Therefore sitting in front of the TV with a console pad, I'm actually enjoying the game more than on a PC (but my hard work at the office on this game for the last year also has something to do with that, I must admit). Without being ready to use the game engines and not having a really clear vision of player’s expectations, the next gen consoles weren’t the best target for us. We.


[05/22/13, via Daily Mail]
Teenager dragged to court for giving away a friend's VIRTUAL gold coins in an online fantasy game Keiron Belmont, 19, logged into a friend's profile on the popular online game RuneScape and gave away her stash of virtual money following an argument. Gamer Helen Jenkins - who had spent six years saving up 'credits' in the medieval role-playing world ... [...]

[12/01/09, via Daily Mail]
Stephen Gately and Susan Boyle top Google's most searched list Stephen Gately was the most searched for topic on the internet in 2009, Google has revealed. The search engine's annual list of its most popular requests showed that after the singer's death in October he passed major names in the top ten, including ... [...]

Salesman, 54, married 13-year-old girl in online computer game... and then 'had sex with her after meeting up'

By Daily Mail ReportersUpdated: 10:00 EST, 9 February 2011 Facing jail: John W Phillips allegedly had sex with a 13-year-old Detroit girl he had met in an online role-playing gameA 54-year-old man is in police custody after allegedly having sex with a 13-year-old girl he had ‘wed’ in an online game.John W Phillips of Fitchburg, Massachussetts, is accused of having sex with the teenage girl on at least three occasions last year after they formed a relationship in the RuneScape multiplayer...

KKK Threatens Woman after Walmart Incident: Was Walmart to Blame?

I mentioned the story before about Heather Ellis, the young woman who was threatened by the KKK after protesting about her arrest that took place in a Walmart store. The story was quite interesting in that Ellis now faces 15 years in prison for effectively cutting line at a Walmart. The unfortunate events occurred when Ellis was shopping with a cousin in Kennett, Missouri.Heather and her cousin went to separate lines and when her cousin found the shorter line, Heather joined him. Ellis was...

Teenage entrepreneur who scooped £80,000 on Dragons' Den arrested on suspicion of burgling his mother's house

Jordan Daykin became youngest person to secure Dragons' Den investmentHis mother alleges that he burgled her home in Westbury, WiltshireShe claims he took two beds, four televisions and jewellery worth £4,000 By Stephanie Linning for MailOnlinePublished: 10:41 EST, 19 October 2014 | Updated: 12:16 EST, 19 October 2014 A teenage entrepreneur who scooped a £80,000 investment on Dragon's Den has been arrested on suspicion of burgling his mother's house.Jordan Daykin, 19, became the...