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How To Remove Scratches From Your Shades/Eyewear

This is a video on how I removed scratches from my sunshades and my protective eyewear/goggles. It can be done but requires some work. Check out the video ...

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[10/03/18, via ]
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Greatist [09/19/18, via Greatist]
5 Running Sunglasses That Won't Make You Look Like a Bug The icing on the cake with these babies is that if they break (like actually break, not just get chewed on by your dog), Sunski will repair or replace them fo' free. And if you scratch those precious polarized lenses, you can buy replacement lens kits [...]

Popular Mechanics [10/03/18, via Popular Mechanics]
The Heroes of Science Who Are Unlocking the Brain But the house was the first he ever built from scratch, and he was proud of it. Not many people could say they'd built a He has to wear sunglasses just to go upstairs. For now, Al can still communicate in .. While the neuroscience community [...]

Interesting Engineering [10/01/18, via Interesting Engineering]
23 Great NASA Spin-off Technologies They began to produce a cosmetic skin care product that was infused with the NASA bioreactor made fibroblasts to promote skin repair and rejuvenation. Marketed under Renuell The product of collaboration between NASA and the Foster-Grant Corporation [...]

The Manual [07/11/18, via The Manual]
How to Remove Scratches from Glasses in One Easy Fix If eyewear is part of your daily life, you know how irritating it can be when you get a scratch on your lens that you just can't un-see. While replacement lenses are by far the best bet when it comes to deep scratches and other damage to your glasses [...]


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@TamaraLovdal Aloha! We truly hope you enjoy your new sunglasses and they stay scratch free in their case! However,… 

[10/22/15, via]
How to Repair Scratches on a Plastic Eyeglass Lens She has run a marathon and three half-marathons and has training in sports massage therapy. A pair of scratched glasses sit on a wood bench. Photo Credit Obak/iStock/Getty Images Eyeglass lenses are typically made from glass, polycarbonate and plastic ... [...]

[04/13/15, via]
How to Get Scratches Out of Eyeglass Lenses Eyeglass lenses can take plenty of abuse, but even with a scratch-resistant coating, accidents do happen. A few basic household supplies allow you to forgo a trip to the repair shop so that you can fix the scratch yourself. Dab a small amount of nongel ... [...]

[07/10/12, via]
How to Repair Scratches in Polarized Sunglasses 55 must-read cleaning tips and tricks. #CleaningTips For more quick cleaning tips visit: Get rid of hard water stains with lemon, then compost the fruit. That's one more cleaning product I won't need ... [...]

[01/16/12, via Buzzle]
How to Repair Scratched Glass Superficial scratches on glass can be removed with the help of simple products easily available at home. This article will provide some tips that will be useful to repair scratched glass. There are simple techniques that can be easily adopted to repair ... [...]

[07/31/06, via]
How to Repair Scratches in Polarized Sunglasses Fix Scratched Sunglasses, Sunglasses Crafts, Cheap Fashionsunglasses, Rbsunglasses Sunglassesvip, Oakley Sunglasses, Chanel Sunglasses, Sunglasses Oakley, Men'S Sunglasses, Ray Ban Sunglasses Fix scratched Sunglass Lenses...i just used step 4 (brasso ... [...]

Personal Protective Equipment: A Good Defense

There is an age-old sports cliché that goes “the best offense is a good defense.” Many coaches at all levels have used it and to great success. The Safety Guys believe it works well as a guide for your safety program as well. Most of today’s modern laboratories contain serious hazards, either from toxic or dangerous chemicals to equipment. And we know, as sure as the sun will rise, that accidents happen. Here is a recent example from literally hundreds that could have occurred in your lab.A...

The Best iPhone Screen Protectors

We used a Mohs-hardness test kit to see how easily each screen protector scratched. Photo: Michael HessionWe focused on glass screen protectors because protective films are less scratch resistant, take away from the look and feel of the iPhone’s display, and have been largely supplanted by affordable glass protectors.We wanted to test a few well-known brands, so we turned to Belkin, BodyGuardz, and Zagg (Zagg also owns the InvisibleShield line). These protectors are widely...

Eyeglass-lens scratch fixer raises some eyebrows

I suffer from a medical condition that top ophthalmologists refer to as "blind as a bat."But there's a silver lining. With glasses, my vision is 20/20, and so my specs spend every minute of the day either perched on my nose or safely resting, exactly one arm's length away, on a bedside table. They are never stashed in a desk drawer or tossed into a handbag or stowed in a glove compartment. They never even see the inside of a case.Consequently, my glasses are remarkably scratch-free--making me...