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Cocoon Sunglasses: Survival Glasses that fit over your Prescription REVIEW

Prescription sunglasses are expensive. Why not just grab a pair of cocoon sunglasses that fit right over your Rx glasses. Great for hiking, camping, jogging, ...

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LADIES POLARIZED Over Glasses TORTOISESHELL Sunglasses That Fit Over Glasses $50.00

LADIES POLARIZED Over Glasses TORTOISESHELL Sunglasses That Fit Over Glasses


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[10/09/18, via ]
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Business Insider [09/19/18, via Business Insider]
The best women's leather jackets you can buy I recommend shooting for longevity over trendiness unless you're opting for an under-$50 faux version from a fast fashion retailer. A real leather jacket will cost you, and even the better fake options Because it's vegan leather, this jacket [...]

Greatist [09/19/18, via Greatist]
5 Running Sunglasses That Won't Make You Look Like a Bug For a while, the options were pretty limited for those of us who would rather have our naked retinas scorched by UV rays than rock a pair of bug-eye shades. We were trapped Whether you're running, boating, or just love an aggressive round of corn [...]

Business Insider [10/03/18, via Business Insider]
Save $120 on a Nespresso coffee maker — and more of today's best deals from around the web They also have a wide range of offerings for men, women, and children, making it an easy one-stop-shop for yourself as well as family and friends. If you're looking to stock up on any of their fall can get these premium glasses for even less. You [...]

Bicycling [04/27/18, via Bicycling]
19 Best Sunglasses for Every Road or Trail Decades of progression in cycling sunglasses means you can have all the latest features, which can work both on and off the bike. Performance eyewear is designed to integrate seamlessly into your ride; it should provide protection from UV rays and [...]

POLARISED OVER GLASSES UV400 Sunglasses That Fit Over Glasses for Men and Women by Rapid Eyewear -… 

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[03/15/16, via Uloop]
Spring 2016: The Season Of Boho-Chic Fashion Over the past season, kimonos have become a major feature in young women’s closets. The best part about this ... lots of rings, circular sunglasses (ones that do not make you look like Ozzie Osbourne), bracelet cuffs, and strappy sandals. [...]

[03/15/16, via Daily Mail]
Keeping up with the gym! Khloe Kardashian sports slicked back wet hair and slim fit leggings as she leaves workout session People ask me all the time why I'm wearing sunglasses. I'm like, "Because I don't have f ... She split with Harden in January and later accused him of being with other women after he asked to be exclusive with her. The quote first the Kocktails With ... [...]

[03/12/16, via Summit Daily News]
High Gear: The Backbowl from Native Eyewear's new goggle line When USO officials opted to postpone both the men’s and women ... fit, feel, quality — the whole nine yards. I was more than willing, but after reading dozens of goggle reviews over the years, I know that one person’s opinion is hardly helpful ... [...]

[03/11/16, via Quartz]
Trying to scare women away from traveling alone won’t keep them safe American girls just like me were disappearing all over the world, and here was a New York Times story to prove it. I felt terrible for the women who had encountered ... We saw black eyes hidden with sunglasses and make-up. I knew why my friend wasn ... [...]

[03/11/16, via Unreality TV]
Katie Price forced to pull out of Loose Women with ‘medical emergency’ The Loose Women ladies were almost left one woman down this afternoon ... so gracefully explained from underneath a duvet backstage, whilst wearing a pair of sunglasses. The medic said that Katie’s blood pressure was a little on the low side and advised ... [...]

Vision Quest: Designer Billy Reid on His Eyewear Line and His Relief Efforts

Fashion designers tend to gravitate to certain cities—New York, Milan, Paris. Less likely is Florence, Ala. (or anywhere in Alabama, for that matter). But that’s why it appealed to Billy Reid, the iconoclastic designer known for serving his whiskey straight and his menswear with a dash of Southern swagger.Reid is devoted to this small town, where he set up headquarters for his namesake luxury brand and from which he oversees the running of his 13 (and counting) shops across the country. It’s...

These Two Asian Women Started An Eyewear Company After Being Fed Up With Glasses That Didn't Fit Their Faces

This past year was undoubtedly a challenging one for minorities, but thankfully, the fashion industry has become more diverse than it's ever been. With different body types and more women of color appearing on the runways and in campaigns, fashion is not only embracing diversity, but it's also responding to it. That's exactly what Covry is trying to do in the eyewear world. After all, not all faces have the same features, and founders Athina Wang and Florence Shin know that, which led the two...

The Slice: Don’t switch the blade on the guy in shades, oh no

I‘m going to start wearing sunglasses.There, I said it.OK, there’s no real reason that would interest you. I realize that.But by making this declaration in print, I’m pretty much committing myself to following through with this pledge.Sorry if that makes you feel used.I should have done this long ago. They say too much sunlight is bad for your eyes. And walking home on weekday afternoons, I probably get zapped with a seriously unhealthy level of ultra-violet rays.UV rays have been linked to...