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[11/25/18, via ]
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Harper's BAZAAR [11/20/18, via Harper's BAZAAR]
The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape with a multitude of options in between. It pays to remember, however, that while trends often fade, face shapes are forever. And choosing a flattering style of sunglasses for your features will ensure you remain fashion-forward regardless of the [...]

Forbes [10/31/18, via Forbes]
6 Sunglasses Brands To Keep You Cool Year-Round Many Gentle Monster styles are designed in a way to fit those with non-Western face shapes – broader faces, higher cheekbones, and lower nose bridges – often categorized as “eastern fit” or “alternative fit.” The brand releases a variety of unisex [...]

[11/01/18, via TechCrunch]
Custom eyewear startup King Children raises $2 million Harnessing the power of 3D scanning and printing technology, in addition to augmented reality, King Children aims to create custom frames that fit your face perfectly. “One of the things we felt strongly about is there are so many consumer brands that [...]

[11/09/18, via Benzinga]
Nubbz Sunglasses, the World's First Sunglasses That Don't Need Your Ears to Sit on Dr. Samo, the founder of Nubbz Eyewear, explains: "The sunglasses were either too tight or too loose. I went about finding a way to have glasses fit on the face without the need for the long temples of the glasses sitting on the ears. After studying [...]


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@crusinclassic I vote for you to buy some $8 gas station sunglasses that actually fit your face

Firmoo Glasses Review (With free Glasses Code)

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My prescription is extremely low, in fact the lowest you can get, but I still like to see clearly so glasses are a must. Since I require a prescription for distance all my other prescription glasses are sunglasses. The first 3 fames I chose didn't suite my Pupillary Diastase (the distance between my pupils) so I would have to pay an extra $10 to get my prescription into the frames. I eventually found a pair I really liked that were the right size and would not require the extra fee. Creating an account and entering in my prescription information was really quite easy and painless. I decided to pay for UV coating since I thought it was a must have for any pair of glasses.

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Root Glacier, Alaska

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I have lived near Alaska's glaciers for twenty years. My living room windows look east and south and when I am sitting in my chair, like I am now, I count ten glaciers that inhabit the hanging valleys above town. When I was younger, I worked at a visitor center dedicated to educating people about glaciers. Every afternoon I led hikes to the face of the glacier, explaining their history, their movements, and the associated geological features – u-shaped valleys, moraines. But, glaciers scared me. They were foreboding and cold. Stories circulate around Alaska about tourists who got too close to a glacier only to be crushed when a huge piece of ice fell on top of them. And of inexperienced people who slid into a bottomless crevasse, with a caveat that the next time they will be seen will be in two hundred years when their body is expelled by the glacier.

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[03/14/16, via Examiner]
Must-have workout essentials for the fitness fashionista So no matter where you are on your fitness quest ... seamlessly surrounds the face for incredible eye coverage while a flattering double nose bridge combined with Oakley’s three-point fit ensures that these sunglasses stay on securely and symmetrically ... [...]

[03/11/16, via Vibe]
Dress Code: CRAP Eyewear’s Highly Stylized Shades Suit Every Face & Fancy I’ve always felt like “modernized classics” is little bit of a cop out term but, for me, all my idols wore iconic sunglasses so why not reinvent ... a lot of shades fit awkwardly on my face. Certain pairs would awkwardly rise and fall whenever ... [...]

[03/04/16, via Outside]
We Tested Vuarnet’s New Glacier Glasses on an Actual Glacier Sunglasses also need to fit well, stay on your face as you move, and wear comfortably. This is where we ran into trouble with the Glaciers. Chris (the handsome fella in the photos), has a much smaller head than I do, but both of us found the arms too wide ... [...]

[03/03/16, via NDTV]
From a Click, to Your Face - How Buying Glasses Online Works "Otherwise your local opticians will cut the lens but it won't be as perfectly shaped, so they then manually drill away the extra until it fits, which takes more time and isn't as precise," he adds. The Bisphera machine lowers an arm and picks up the ... [...]

[02/28/16, via]
Top 5 Best Deals on Sunglasses for Spring Break 2016 How do you even pick out a proper pair of sunglasses to best fit your face shape? This little tutorial should help. For the purposes of this post, we’re going to look at five different styles of sunglasses for different reasons – fashion sunglasses ... [...]

Tips on buying trendy sunglasses

Stepping out in the sun in style is cool. And sunglasses can give you that perfect stylish look. But be careful when you are picking up a trendy sunglasses for yourself. Your beautiful eyes need protection from the bright sun rays but some trendy sunglasses can be harmful to your eyes.Wearing poor quality sunglasses may be harmful to the eyes and may not help in protecting the eyes from the harmful UV rays. So bear in mind a few things when buying one.Tips on buying sunglassesListen to...

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape — & Style Personality

Shopping for eyewear can feel a little formulaic: You stare at a mirror long enough to figure out your face shape, then find a style that best complements your features — whether it be circular lenses for your square face or angular lenses for a round one. Then, you proceed to wear the same frame every day. Simple. However, the rules of optical don't necessarily translate to sunglasses, as far as face shape is concerned. While the general guidelines are the same, they're...

The Right Sunglasses For Every Facial Frame

Believe it or not, there’s a bit of science when it comes to getting g the right type of medicated glasses or sunglasses that fits the shape of your face. Our faces come in an array of shapes and sizes which makes some sunglasses look awkward on us and some look like they were made specifically for us. No matter the shape and size of face nature blessed you with, it is important you bear some important factors in mind when choosing glass frames. Sunglasses have become an important fashion...