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James Bond's Spectre Sunglasses

David discusses and reviews three pairs of sunglasses that Bond wears in the movie Spectre...and a tale of hasty purchases! ...

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[11/04/18, via ]
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Bloomberg [11/05/15, via Bloomberg]
Every Single Expensive Thing in James Bond's Spectre, Explained Along with the Vuarnet shades, Bond wore the Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses ($405) in Spectre, especially in the scenes shot in Rome. He also wore the $405 Tom Ford Henry Vintage Wayfarer model in Morocco. Madeleine wore a pair from Persol. [...]

Virden Empire Advance [10/27/18, via Virden Empire Advance]
Halloween Stories and listens to the crone's raspy breath. Perhaps it's a myth that all witches document their lives. Perhaps her mother's just lazy. She is about to give up when the cat reappears, dragging a leather-bound volume across the floor by strings used to [...] [07/22/15, via]
James Bond's 'Spectre' sunglasses are super slick (and available to buy right now) If you're anything like us here at GQ HQ, you've been counting down the days until the latest James Bond instalment hits cinemas next Monday. And while you only have to wait a few more days to see Spectre, you can get your eyes involved in a different [...]

Forbes [03/26/18, via Forbes]
Elvis Presley's Iconic Sunglasses Sell For A Record-Breaking $159900 Among the comparative bargains were Robin Williams' two-piece Peter Pan costume from Hook which went for just $3,500; a used clapperboard from the iconic Marilyn Monroe movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes which sold for $4,750 and Elvis Presley's  [...]

The SPECTRE Trilogy The SPECTRE Trilogy
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The Diet Myth The Diet Myth
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Spectre Spectre
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Every Single Expensive Thing in James Bond's Spectre, Explained - Bloomberg

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The luxury starts from the moment we see his Tom Ford bespoke suit and Omega watches at a Day of the Dead festival in Mexico, continues through his sparse (but enviably located)London flat and his proclivity for high-end vodka spirits to the way... “Don’t forget, Bond is a detail man,” Costume designer Jany Temime said in a thick French accent the morning after the film’s Mexico City North American premiere. It’s plenty to tally, but here are the best of the big-ticket luxury items from director Sam Mendes’s second Bond film. In London near Whitehall, Bond sports a gray pin-stripe suit, white shirt, gray necktie, and navy coat, all by Tom Ford.


Caroline Jones: How my style blog tribute to Mum went viral -

“Knickers Model’s Own. ” It’s a quirky, knowing title for a style blog - especially one about second-hand clothes. When Caroline Jones uploaded the first picture onto her blog that would document a year wearing thrift shop bargains , she initially worried the title sounded too naughty, especially as she was raising funds for Cancer Research UK in memory of her... And Mother’s Day sees the pre-publication launch of her glossy coffee table book, Knickers Model’s Own: charting a year of frugal fashion , with glittering cover shots by none other than Rankin, one of the world’s greatest fashion photographers. She’s a vivacious​, 47 year-old ​mother-of-three, to whom tears come easily -.


[03/03/16, via PC Advisor]
007 Best Bond Gifts and Gadgets With Daniel Craig currently shooting and Martining his way through the latest James Bond epic Spectre, we’ve gathered together the ... While the standard version can only be used indoors, Master Lock also released a waterproof variation to be used ... [...]

[02/19/16, via London Evening Standard]
Aston Martin DB10 built for James Bond film Spectre sold for £2.4 million at auction An Aston Martin sports car made for the James Bond film Spectre has fetched £2.4 million at auction – even though it can’t be driven on public roads. The DB10, one of the two remaining show cars from the fleet of 10 produced used for filming ... [...]

[02/18/16, via KXLH]
Fast cars, shaken martinis: Rare James Bond memorabilia hits auction block Ten bespoke Aston Martins were created for the film. Eight of these were used to make 'Spectre', all of which were either destroyed during filming or modified beyond roadworthy use. The two others were reserved for display purposes at the film's premieres. [...]

[02/09/16, via CNN]
Fast cars, shaken martinis: Rare James Bond memorabilia hits auction block (CNN)If you've ever wanted to live like secret agent James ... Ten bespoke Aston Martins were created for the film. Eight of these were used to make 'Spectre', all of which were either destroyed during filming or modified beyond roadworthy use. [...]

[02/17/16, via]
BLOUIN Lifestyle Pick: James Bond’s Props from “Spectre” at Christie’s Online Sale There are 14 lots on offer in the online sale, comprising props from ‘Spectre,’ the 24th Bond film that was released in late 2015, that were used and worn by actors ... a pair of Tom Ford’s “Snowdon” sunglasses worn by Craig, and an Omega 300 ... [...]

That's not the dress code: Bond star Daniel Craig teams his trademark suit with scruffy trainers as he prepares to shoot active scenes for Spectre in Rome

By Rebecca Davison for MailOnlinePublished: 19:46 EDT, 23 February 2015 | Updated: 02:38 EDT, 24 February 2015 He might have a wardrobe full of designer suits, but Daniel Craig's James Bond character, gave his look a casual twist on Monday. The 46-year-old was pictured filming scenes for upcoming Bond flick Spectre while in Rome - but teamed his smart trademark look with a low-key pair of Nike Air trainers. While the footwear will no doubt be cropped out of the final edit, no...

'Spectre': Latest Bond flick more satisfying than thrilling

Spectre cost nearly $300 million to make, and I suppose it was worth it. It's a good Bond movie, which will be good enough for many millions of fans. It's also the longest Bond movie in existence, clocking in at nearly 21/2 decadent, flamboyantly destructive hours.This time, Ian Fleming's well-dressed assassin changes clothes from Mexico City to Rome, from London to the Austrian mountains, from Tangier back to London, where terrorist-entrepreneurs carrying the familiar handle of Spectre are...

James Bond: Aston Martin DB10 up for sale - but only a Bond villain could afford it

If you have ever fancied being James Bond, now is your chance. The Aston Martin DB10 used by 007 in Spectre is going up for auction, along with 007's cufflinks and Omega watch.The DB10 was designed and built by Aston Martin specifically for the film, unlike previous Bond cars, which have been available to buy from your local dealer. On its own, this makes the DB10 a bit special, but adding to this auction lot's value is that this is the only example that will ever be sold to the public.Of the...