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RT @TyTheKiwi: Part 2: •recreated the vine of the girl in the sunglasses dancing to Take On Me •”haha I love memes” •”ya yeet” •signed two…

An abridged list of the things Brendon Urie talked about on stage last night: - the girl w sunglasses vine - sper… 

Part 2: •recreated the vine of the girl in the sunglasses dancing to Take On Me •”haha I love memes” •”ya yeet” •si… 

@ipodlady911 is that the take on me vine girl with the sunglasses

The Child's Child The Child's Child
Published by Simon and Schuster 2013
ISBN 9781476704272,1476704279
302 pages
Black Roses Black Roses
Published by Simon and Schuster 2013
ISBN 9781849839860,1849839867
480 pages
Weekly World News Weekly World News
44 pages
Clippings from the Vine Clippings from the Vine
Published by iUniverse 2009
ISBN 9781440124846,1440124841
620 pages

Why the world needs h3h3Productions - The Michigan Daily

voyage street girls urban blackandwhite sun man france streets cute men café girl monochrome beautiful sunglasses bar laughing french reading mono newspaper spring cafe frankreich couple mood emotion wine noiretblanc candid sony culture streetphotography talk vine scene menschen 55mm ugly espresso lovely alpha frau talking mode sonne blick français sonnenbrille hollyday streetview zeitung frauen voyages sisteron barscene urbanity schwarzweis provencealpescôtedazur hauteprovence a7r x1klima ilce7r Photo by x1klima on Flickr

A year later, she left her homeland to be with him in the sunny city of Santa Cruz, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Now, eight years later, Ethan and Hila Klein are YouTube’s rising power couple. H3h3Productions , their comedy channel, has nearly 1 million subscribers and over 100 million video views, about a quarter of which (according to SocialBlade ) happened in the last month. Lately, their new videos have been routinely voted to the number one position on reddit’s video aggregate site r/videos , while more and more big YouTubers are giving the couple shout-outs on Twitter and on their own channels. It’s almost impossible to summarize what h3h3Productions videos are generally like. In recent months, they’ve been.


Platforms, Flares & Skinny Scarves: How To Get The 'Vinyl' Look -

camera sunset sun nature girl field sunglasses glasses vines depth Photo by Iain Browne on Flickr

When asked where he gathered his research, he said: 'We’re lucky to have Mick Jagger involved. When you do research from that era, there doesn’t seem to be a photo of the late ’60s–early ’70s that doesn’t have Mick Jagger in it. As a producer he is an amazing resource'. All outfits had to be vetted and verified by Mick Jagger himself before filming. Sadly we couldn't play dress up in Vinyl's actual wardrobe department but we found the best possible alternative - playing make-believe in the InStyle fashion cupboard. Check out the below to see how the wonderful Raf from the InStyle fashion cupboard helped me to recreate a few Insta-ready outfits inspired by the show by.


[03/09/16, via]
'Drag Race' Behind the Sequins :: 12 Queens Bare All I did start dressing up in the shadows of Sherry Vine's guest list. So, if I had to attribute it to anyone, it would have to be her then. Are you an off-the-rack girl or a handmade ... That's why I always carry sunglasses with me now! [...]

[11/13/15, via E Online]
This Vine of Guy Fieri Throwing an Autographed Lean Cuisine is the Most Millennial Thing You'll See All Day If you're still not convinced this Vine is an iconic moment in our culture's history, let us change your mind. Note the effortless way he sports the sunglasses your small-town 8th-grade boyfriend used to wear. Find joy in the way he pairs his strategically ... [...]

[10/30/15, via]
Life is Fine, Fine as Wine Cheap Ray Ban Aviators Sunglasses $13.99, 2015 New Collection For Womens Summer Fashion #Ray #Ban #Aviators. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet Only $9 #Ray #Ban #Aviators RB Aviators! discount site!!Check it out!!Press picture link get it immediately! [...]

[05/04/15, via]
Vineyard Vines Mens Chappy Trunk Beach Huts Flag Blue Swim Shorts His summer essential: a pair Vineyard Vines Chappy Trunks in a bright and fun print. Drawstring waist and inside Velcro key pocket; 1/4 top pockets. Mesh liner; Back pocket with Velcro; 7 Inch inseam. Made of soft quick drying polyester microfiber ... [...]

[09/09/14, via Daily Mail]
Don’t turn the Girl Guides into little socialists launched its Girls Matter campaign, aimed to coincide with Party conference season. It’s a depressing little document which reads like something dreamt up circa 1973 in a feminist commune in North Wales. It’s laced with the kind of intractable dogma ... [...]

Cardi B Was Made to Be This Famous

Cardi B thinks nobody is watching her as she practices in the backstage holding pen at Brooklyn Academy of Music, where Jimmy Kimmel Live! is taping a special. Everyone is, though: She’s built to watch, built herself to be watched; 12.8 million Instagram followers agree. But this is a jittery, private moment. She’s mouthing her lyrics into a handheld mic, nervously marking when she’s going to shimmy her shoulders, flip her hair, grind her hips, point at the audience.Cardi B — the...

Jake Paul Wants to Sell You...Something

At the Internet celebrity's New York pop-up shop, merch wasn't the only thing up for sale.He uses that smile—goofy, slightly menacing—like a weapon, deploying it strategically to send his army of fans, most of whom are between 13 and 18 years old, into an alarming frenzy. This weekend, he sent throngs of pre-teen girls and boys into paroxysms of joy at a pop-up shop on the far west side of Manhattan. Despite the first snow of the season, a line snaked around the block. Grown-ups were...

Why Twitter needs to court its Vine stars, or risk losing them to Hollywood (and Facebook)

Tweet Share Post On August 29th, throngs of excited preteen girls stretched in a line around The Regency in San Francisco. They stood for hours in the afternoon sun chattering away to one another, clutching hand-drawn signs covered in exclamation marks. Anyone driving by might have thought Justin Bieber was in town.But the girls were here for a different type of celebrity, a group of performers you’ve probably never heard of. Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky, known affectionately...