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Zoo York Retro Rectangle Plaid Mens Sunglasses One Size Black plaid $45.00

Zoo York Retro Rectangle Plaid Mens Sunglasses One Size Black plaid

Zoo York Plastic Rectangle Mens Sunglasses One Size Black $45.00

Zoo York Plastic Rectangle Mens Sunglasses One Size Black

Zoo York Small Black Plastic Rectangle Sunglasses One Size Black $45.00

Zoo York Small Black Plastic Rectangle Sunglasses One Size Black

Zoo York Men’s Plastic Rectangular Sunglasses - Black $23.19

Zoo York Men’s Plastic Rectangular Sunglasses - Black


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[10/03/18, via ]
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Daily Beast [09/30/18, via Daily Beast]
He Won $19 Million in the Lottery—And Became a Bank Robber Hayes had stuffed a pillow in his shirt and pulled a Zoo York cap low over his face. It was 5:15 p.m. on April 27, 2017 and he'd spent weeks researching how to pull off the heist. Now, he told himself, “You just need the .. The mystery crook—who [...]

Refinery29 [09/11/18, via Refinery29]
Pink Hair Is The Unsung Hero Of NYFW Street Style Red lips, sharp parts, oversized sunglasses — this is the Fashion Week beauty uniform you see on show-goers every season, without fail. But somewhere between a trusty tube of Ruby Woo and the latest retro sunnies, the fashion pack got bored. How do we  [...]

USA TODAY [06/08/18, via USA TODAY]
Why is the Queen wearing sunglasses? She just had successful eye surgery Buckingham Palace announced Friday the queen had the relatively minor cataract surgery, after she was seen wearing sunglasses at a number of recent public engagements. The queen does not usually wear shades outdoors in public; she wants the crowds  [...]

The Cut [05/30/18, via The Cut]
Somebody had to foot the bill for Anna Delvey's fabulous new life. The city was full of marks. She had a heart-shaped face and pouty lips surrounded by a wild tangle of red hair, her eyes framed by incongruously chunky black glasses that Neff, an aspiring cinematographer with an eye for detail, identified as Céline. . The Futurist, whose app [...]


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Where San Francisco Shop! Where San Francisco Shop!
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Amped Amped
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Yeezy Season 3, The Divergent Syndrome, and The Future of the Fashion Show

sunny tattoos earrings sunnyday babymonitor sliktripod oakleysunglasses damongman nikond300s zooyorktshirt Photo by DaMongMan on Flickr

It is often the case that people with absolutely no money are often blessed with copious quantities of creativity, but at times can't make their dreams come true since they lack the necessary funds to develop their researches or finalise their... Last night he descended from his cloud unto New York to launch his seventh solo album, "The Life of Pablo", and his new collection, Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden (an event simulcast to venues around the world). As it happens for big concerts, there were people reselling tickets outside the stadium or online, while fans could celebrate the event also by buying outside the stadium T-shirts and sweatshirts, some of them emblazoned with the words "I Feel...

[via Irenebrination: Notes on Architecture, Art, Fashion and Style]

Sunny San Diego & La Jolla

museum washingtondc smithsonian dc dcist billclinton saxophone smithsonianinstitution smithsonianinstitute museumofamericanhistory nationalmuseumofamericanhistory nmah theamericanpresidency theamericanpresidencyagloriousburden Photo by wallyg on Flickr

Thanks to El Nino, the Berkeley winter was cold and rainy, something we were quite not used to. So there was no better way than to head toward La Jolla, a lovely seaside town with an immaculate sand-white beach, near San Diego. Discovering La Jolla La Jolla Shores Hotel. We indulged ourselves by booking a room in La Jolla Shores Hotel , literally located on the beach and with all the nice commodities : sea views balconies, hot jacuzzi, and inside pool. During the day, we visited La Jolla Village, a small seaside and bourgeois town. As always, sea lions played the locals stars in Children’s Pool , a natural alcove where they piled on rocks to warm up. La Jolla coastline also sheltered many natural coves and.

[via Camille by the bay]

[11/18/15, via AOL]
Zoo penguins' adorable escape attempt goes viral Penguins are adorable, but they can also be mischievous. A group of them attempting to break out of a Denmark zoo was caught in the act and on camera. Their unique footprints gave them away. A keeper at the Odense Zoo spotted the webbed impressions on the ... [...]

[10/11/15, via Watertown Daily Times]
Danish zoo plans to publicly dissect year-old lion COPENHAGEN, Denmark — A Danish zoo is planning to publicly dissect a year-old lion that it killed to avoid inbreeding — a year after another Danish zoo triggered massive online protests for killing a healthy young giraffe, dissecting it and feeding it ... [...]

[08/19/15, via Reuters]
Former Subway pitchman seeks to plead guilty to child pornography, sex charges He stored explicit images of children as young as six, prosecutors said. Fogle traveled to New York City at least twice between 2010 and 2013 seeking sex with minors, and paid for sex acts with a girl he knew to be 17 years old and another girl younger ... [...]

[07/26/15, via]
Watch: Just a pug sleeping in a bath, snoring and wearing sunglasses We miss the weekend. And the sun. And sleeping. This guy just has the life. He knows how it should be done. Excuse us while we go look up flights to somewhere with actual summer weather and buy a paddling pool. Bonus points if you hear the fart at 13 seconds. [...]

[07/13/15, via USA Today]
Your Take: Share your silhouettes in our photo challenge A fading sunset outlines trees in Port St. Joe, Fla. (Photo: Steve Dycus, Your Take) Attention, creative photographers! Are you ready to break the rules? For our next challenge, we want you to focus your lens toward the light and capture outlined subjects ... [...]

Things To Do In New York City During The Holidays

Oh, : It's perhaps the only city in the world that, during the holidays, is immersed in its own typical hustle and a serene sense of seasonal magic. The Big Apple has been featured in countless holiday movies and TV shows - so much, in fact, that those who don't live in the city often feel like they've spent each Christmas gazing at the Rockefeller Center tree, ice skating in Central Park or window shopping on Fifth Avenue (or, of course, if you're Kevin McCallister from "Home Alone 2: Lost...

Jurors in soccer bribery trial head home for weekend

Published: Tuesday, December 05, 2017 @ 6:42 PMUpdated: Saturday, December 23, 2017 @ 9:39 AMBy: Joe Gross and Eric Webb, American-Statesman — Here is the thing to keep in mind about the depressing Christmas song, which is a category of craft unto itself: Some are absolute garbage and some are actually really good songs. Here are 10 of both kinds.>> Read more trending news[embedded content]Band Aid, “Do They Know It’s...

Alka Pradhan v. Gitmo

The Galaxy 19 is a communications satellite that orbits over North America, beaming free-to-air programming to hundreds of thousands of households. It also happens to be the way detainees at Guantánamo Bay get their television. The satellite carries a wealth of religious programming, from “Bible Explorations” to “God’s Learning Channel” to “Global Buddhist Network” — not a lineup well tailored to the particular viewing interests of the Gitmo demographic. What detainees tend to be most...