Woman Almost Lost Her Eyesight To Contact Lens Solution, Daughter Warns The Public To Beware

These days, many of us love to wear colored contact lenses , besides online, we buy them from accessories stores in shopping malls. But we constantly hear our mothers nagging about taking care of our eyes and never buy from unlicensed stores as we only have a pair of eyes and once we risk infection, we may lose our eyesight.

However, this time that is not the case. An Australian woman has been severely temporarily disabled as her daughter puts it by a product from chemist warehouse called RE-NU Fresh Multipurpose contact lens solution.

The victim’s daughter, Lauren Turtles took it to Facebook to warn her friends, family, and the public of the dangers this contact lens solution it caused her mom.

“My mother has been wearing contact lenses for 17 years, and using the same contact lens solution for as long as she can remember… Possibly since her first set of contacts arrived.”

About 4 weeks ago  Lauren’s mother purchased a batch of RE-NU Fresh Multipurpose solution in a pack of 3 (355ml per bottle), the expiry date is November 2018 and the batch number is: AU355X3-67L238.

As per usual, her mother opened the product and used it correctly as advised. However, she was hospitalized the following day and diagnosed with Keratitis, an eye condition that can lead to permanent loss of vision if not treated quickly.

Being in extreme pain, cannot see because she couldn’t open her eyes, of course, she’d be terrified and upset. The doctors put her on high doses of pain killers and antibiotics for the infection, on top of that, she constantly needs to apply eye drops to flush her eyes.

According to Lauren, Bausch + Lomb has recalled their lens product in the past due to causing dangerous numbers of Keratits and the evidence is all over the internet. So for now, the manufacturer is investigating the product and batch number.

Now, Lauren’s mother is resting at home bedridden as she cannot open her eyes due to the pain,

“When she does she can only see fuzzy lights, but no objects.”

She is still on strong pain killers as they wear off at the end of each 4-hour dose causing extreme pain again. Because of the infection, she is unable to do daily tasks like cook dinner and shower, neither can she read or respond to emails and texts, not to mention watch TV or drive her car.

Her freedom has been completely stripped off due to the manufacturer’s lack of quality control.

Although we are a little distance from Australia, it is still important for us to look at our product’s batch number. If by any chance you have one that matches Lauren’s mother’s, never use it, contact Bausch + Lomb immediately. 

I urge all of you who own a bottle or bottles of contact lens solution especially Bausch + Lomb ones, to check your batch number right away! It is for the safety of your eyes!

(Source: Facebook)

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