How To Buy Cheap Wine Glasses (VIDEO)

One of the many simple luxuries in life, wine glasses are great accessories for the home that, unfortunately, can often be a little too expensive. That's because the highest quality wine glasses are made of 100% crystal, and while it's nice to entertain the idea of owning a full set of crystal stemware it's definitely not within most people's budget. But the truth is that stylish and sturdy wine glasses are available at lower price points, and it's just a matter of knowing where to look for them.

Before anything, know that wine glass prices have a tendency to vary from retailer to retailer, so take some time to research prices online to know what you should have your eye out for. When you're ready to really start shopping, start with a few upscale manufacturers as they usually offer more price-friendly wine glass collections in addition to their fancier lines.

A few minor differences between cost-effective wine glasses and their crystal counterparts to keep in mind are that the cheaper options are usually made of just 24% crystal and have handblown bowls and machine-made stems. However, function-wise -- the handblown bowls are just as good for aerating wine -- and price-wise, more cost-effective wine glasses actually win out as a better (and smarter) investment for your entertaining needs (or at least we definitely think so given that ours have lasted for years).

Another excellent place to look for quality wine glasses that won't break the bank is to head to restaurant supply stores where sometimes you can purchase two dozen of them at a bargain. If you're lucky you may even find actual crystal wine glasses that are marked down significantly.

Finally, if you're looking for something that's a lot simpler, fuss-free and absolutely durable, opt for wine glasses made from high-tech plastics, which actually keep the pieces from clouding up or scratching. And what's more is that plastic vessels are also great for outdoor use during the warmer seasons.

Not sure what's really worth your money and consideration in the marketplace right now? Check out this article on everything you need to know about shopping for wine glasses.

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