The Best Sunglasses of 2018

Wherever your cold-weather escape trajectory leads, these best-in-class shades improve the view.

sunski-plover_h.jpg(Courtesy Sunski)Sunski Plover ($58)

Sunski, as ever, delivers quality and style that could easily cost twice as much. The Plover’s synthetic lenses are both polarized and mirrored—often premium upgrades. We put the optics to the test on a relentlessly sunny weekend on and next to the Pacific, where inferior lenses would have left our eyes fried.

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spy-cyrus-whitewall_h.jpg(Courtesy Spy)Spy Cyrus Whitewall ($130)

Aggro, loud, some screamingly unnatural red-orange color—you may not love such things in your president, but we dare you to ignore the flaming-hot lens mirroring and black-and-white frames that pay homage to vintage car tires. While it puts on a show for everybody else, it aids your eyes with a wide, crisp view through polycarbonate lenses with a color-neutral tint.

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crap-eyewear-the-velvet-mirror-gloss-sapphire-blue-grey-gradient-lens-front_h.jpg(Courtesy Crap Eyewear)Crap Eyewear Velvet Mirror ($58)

This fashion number is as provocative and pretty as $600 glasses from high-end designers—just at a tenth the price. The women-specific style is both funny and sexy. Heavy, slick plastic frames are a no-go for sports, but the gray gradient synthetic lenses are fine for sunny days around town, where you will surely turn heads.

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oakley-crossrange_h.jpg(Courtesy Oakley)Oakley Crossrange ($180)

These shades have the same rosy tint as some of Oakley’s most venerable goggles. That color—along with those supersharp synthetic lenses—pumps up detail and depth, even in flat light, while mirroring mitigates glare. It comes with swappable temple and nose pieces—one set more heavily rubberized for sport, one toned down for the street.

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kaenon-leadbetter_h.jpg(Courtesy Kaenon)Kaenon Leadbetter ($229)

Behold the world through Kaenon’s grand luxe polarized resin lenses. These are all-day sunglasses, thanks to a brown tint that enhances clarity in low light while dimming harsh direct rays. We love the slick green frames, which are designed more for style than play but will work for light activities.

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hobie-polarized-phin_h.jpg(Courtesy Hobie)Hobie Polarized Phin ($100)

Hobie’s saltwater shades shelter eyes from wind, spray, and hellacious glare. The lenses provide excellent cover, curving back without looking like a cringey sports-shades wrap. The view is cool and clear through light blue lenses that are polarized to stifle bright rays. A bar of sticky rubber stops water from trickling down onto your face.

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